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If you would like to promote your business or blog, offer discounts to readers, host sponsored giveaways, publish sponsored posts, or send products for review, please contact us at for more information and a media kit. 

Pretty Squared receives over 17,000 + Unique Monthly Visitors (per Google Analytics) - that's at least 17,000 unique individuals that see our blog every month.  Pretty Squared also receives over 30,000+ page views a month. 

The number itself may be too big or too small but we're proud of our content and all of our work (and all of our hopefully helpful advice!). Ad rates are below and payment is completed via PayPal or card. 


Blog content reflects our own personal opinions, and we are not influenced by any third party (with the exception of our mom...she's a third party that will always influence our blog, she'll be sure of that!).

Please be aware that we will always focus on our readers' best interests. And because as sisters we are each other's readers, we'll focus on giving the absolute best (or close to best) advice. We write posts that are pretty, beneficial, and informational. We will only offer honest product reviews and will let our readers know whenever we received the product directly from a company by using the "c/o" (courtesy of) label.

Quick note, because I'm an attorney, I thought of using fancy words like FTC regulations, material connection, endorsement, clear and conspicuous, and "knew or should have reason to know"...but to put it clearly (and because I'm starting a new trend where lawyers don't use legal jargon), you'll know when we receive a sample and be assured we'll give our honest review.

Stay Pretty, Miranda M. and Mackenzie M.

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