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Olia Box - Jewelry Subscription Review & Try On

In the big, wide world of subscription boxes, I’m a picky customer. I love the idea of monthly gifts, but I also have high expectations that these gifts be pretty, useful, and worth the investment.  During my search for more lifestyle and fashion subscription boxes, I came across Olia Box.  With Olia (c/o), the concept is simple - for different price points (that work for all budgets), Olia delivers style-customized jewelry straight to your doorstep.

My expectations were high, and I’m happy to report that Olia Box delivered (a simple concept needs to be exceptionally executed, and in this case, Olia was on point!). The box was delivered on time, and the actual jewelry pieces were beautiful and of great quality.  From bohemian to rocker chic, each of the Olia subscriptions is geared toward personal style - subscribers complete a short survey to identify the type of accessories that are the best fit.

Product wise, Olia Box jewelry has a minimalist design with a statement impact. I’ve had my fair share of bad accessories (think New York shady markets with flimsy items), and I always look for pieces that are well-constructed. Both the $25 and the $35 boxes contained lovely items that were a great fit for me - a perfect mix of dainty bohemian and classic geometric shapes, I’ve worn every piece since starting the subscription. Given the quality of the accessories, I find the price is an appropriate investment for the return (I’ve learned my lesson from paying for “break-in-one-use” or “so-last” season items). Lastly, I appreciate that the colors of the accessories are neutral and that the items can be styled as needed for any occasion.

For anyone that loves accessories and is looking to add to her jewelry collection. you can’t go wrong with Olia Box (and this is coming from a picky gal!). If you would like to learn more about Olia Box and subscribe, be sure to visit the Olia Box site.  

Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M.

InStyle and Nine West - Georgetown Fall 2014 Collection Launch

Shoe shopping is the best kind of shopping. I’m always guaranteed to find a pair of shoes that is absolutely lovely and fits perfectly (and more often than not, is in my budget, depending on my splurge levels).  For those days when I’m not up to trying on skinny jeans or figuring out whether a shirt is a dress or a tunic (or a hot mess), I can always count on some retail therapy with shoe shopping.  The Cinderella factor is all too real - pretty shoes make me happy (and shopping for shoes is simply exciting all around!).

When I received the Nine West and InStyle Fall Collection Launch email, I was downright giddy.  Runway-inspired shoes? Check. Styling-tips party? Check. Historical Georgetown location? Check.  On Thursday, August 7, the InStyle for Nine West Collection will be launching in downtown DC, and we’ll all be able to celebrate and receive styling advice from the InStyle Accessories Director. Shoppers and attendees will also receive, with any $75 plus purchase, a gift bag full of InStyle selected must-haves (details in the invitation posted below).

As with the Spring Collection released a few months earlier, the Fall 2014 Collection is guaranteed to be a mix of excellent craftsmanship, beautiful details, and bold style statements (the sneak peek includes a black duffle bag and leopard strappy-heels). The limited-edition collection will be available in stores and online starting August 8 (hence, the store celebration). 

If you find yourself in DC and love shoe shopping (and I’ve already established that we all do), then be sure to RSVP to to attend the Nine West and InStyle launch party. Happy shopping!

Stay Pretty, Miranda M.


Breakups to Makeup Birthday Event - Love Raised Me, Lipstick Saved Me

“I would cry, but my mascara is designer.”  A makeup lover can identify with that motto.  From YSL to Chanel, designer mascaras cost way too much to be wasted on unhappy days.  And Breakups to Makeup gets that. With poignant statements and minimalist designs, Angelique Velez, the founder of Breakups to Makeup, has created accessories that proudly announce our love of makeup, our no-nonsense attitude, and our chic style choices.

Breakups to Makeup promotes makeup as an art form and a lifestyle - the mottos are simple but with a big impact.  From shirts to covers to makeup clutches, Breakups to Makeup caters to all makeup lovers (and to all those who had to overcome not-the-best of days in a relationship). I love all the high quality designs and adore the “lipstick saved me” makeup bag, it’s definitely a fan favorite! 

Last evening, I had the opportunity to celebrate the one year anniversary with Breakups to Makeup and had the chance to meet Angelique (whose passion for what she does is greatly apparent and contagious!).  I was able to catch up with and meet fellow beauty bloggers, all while sipping champagne and munching on cake pops.

Be sure to also visit these girls’ blogs as we can never have enough makeup on our reading list: Beauty101 Blog, The Fashion Beauty Junkie, Diva Makeup Queen, Barbie Baby MUA, LoveRoxie, and Miss Yanyi.

Happy Birthday to Breakups to Makeup, and we’re toasting to more lipstick and designer mascaras in your future!

Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M. 

Summer Outfits for Work - What to Wear to the Office during Summer

I’m an attorney, and I wear conservative work outfits. I’m in DC, and I have to make it through the hot and humid summer weather. Therefore, I’m picky about my office outfits in the summer, and I’ve perfected my clean-looking and not-swealtering-to-death fashion choices.

Legend has it that DC was built on a swamp, but no matter where you live, if the temperature goes above a balmy 75 degrees, you have to be prepared in terms of your wardrobe.  If you work in a conservative setting, the clothing options are even less present, and you absolutely must balance your personal comfort with the office dress code.  So, for all my fellow women, from partners to interns, I’ve put together a style guide for weathering (eh!) the summer.

Sunny Pastel - For shift dresses, I transition my dark navy and black dresses to lighter colors that do not attract the heat (these types of dresses have a snug fit, and I prefer to not feel like I’m in a sauna). Pastel blue is one of my favorite colors because it is summer-appropriate and also works with any color blazer.

Taupe Everything - I know there’s some rule out there about wearing white but whoever came up with it probably wasn’t commuting for 20 minutes in 90 degrees while carrying a laptop and workout gear. For a stylish, yet appropriate outfit, I love pairing khaki pants with a crisp white shirt.

Lace Details - Lace is an easy way to wear flowy, light, white tops without worrying about a see-through faux pax (no undershirt is needed).  You can’t go wrong with a lace blouse, and you can’t go wrong with white.

Chiffon Pleats - I tend to wear all my chiffon during the summer months -  a pleated chiffon dress is demure, comfortable, and office-appropriate (just make sure the length is at the knees as many stores carry shorter pleated dresses).

Light Florals - I feel most comfortable wearing floral prints during the warmer months (and by floral, think soft, minimalist imprints and not realistic roses kind-of florals).  Although I may be inside under fluorescent lights for 8-plus hours, floral prints are my way of celebrating spring and summer while still being office appropriate.

Simple Stripes - The easiest way to add flair to a taupe and white ensemble is by wearing a strong geometric pattern.  I love stripes, with the occasional polka dots, for those casual fridays when casual means be somewhat comfortable but still presentable.  A striped jacket (which is very much popular right now and thus available at all price points), can mean business without sacrificing personal style. And if your office is not  that daring, wear a striped top or light grey striped dress, the possibilities are endless!

For all office-worker-bees and cubicle-dwellers, the summer season can be a bit tricky in the outfit department but that doesn’t mean we can’t be fabulous and professional.

What are some of your personal tips and tricks for enduring the hot weather and wearing more conservative outfits? Share some of your advice and I’ll be sure to include it in this post.

Stay Pretty, Miranda M.