We are two sisters who love all things pretty and enjoy sharing our opinions with each other (and with you!)


I am the older sister…which translates to wiser (I’d like to think).  I recently graduated from law school and started work as a government attorney.  Although reading some pretty dense 1800s material makes my day all bright and sunny, my hobby is anything beauty and fashion related.  Fun beauty products make me feel more relaxed, pampered, and ready to start the day and all that comes with it (think of it like sports for girls version).  My favorite beauty products include rose lip balms,  white nail polishes, and girly perfumes.  I hope you enjoy this blog as much as we do - be sure we work very hard on it and are slowly becoming html and photo-taking gurus. Plus, we’re having fun and that’s all that matters!


I am the younger sister (only by one year!) so consider me wise too.  I am an artist living and working in New York City and am currently attending graduate school.  I find inspiration in everything that surrounds us daily and appreciate the beauty and creativity of everyone.  After a day filled with studio work, art critiques, and instructor work, I like to relax and unwind by experimenting with products and putting together pretty eye looks and dramatic makeup. My favorite beauty products include violet blushes, highlighting and contouring powders, and dramatic lipsticks.  I hope you find all our blog information helpful, easily accessible, and useful in your beauty adventure!

Hope you enjoy our posts and our content - also, feel free to ask us anything and provide comments. My sister and I constantly give each other advice on how to improve our beauty tips, tutorials, and reviews.  We have so much fun writing this blog and have enjoyed getting to know all of our readers!


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Stay Pretty, Miranda M. and Mackenzie M.