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Sweater Weather


As I was packing my luggage for my visit to New York City for this Thanksgiving holiday, I realized that my list was sweaters and more sweaters.  It’s the first time my sister, Mackenzie, is hosting Thanksgiving at her new apartment, so I am excited for a prolonged weekend in New York.  And when I thought of walking down the avenues and braving the freezing wind (and the crowds, and the chilly subways), I re-evaluated my packing list.  I needed something comfortable, something warm, and something presentable.  Of course, while I always I think I’ll wear that one asymmetric silk top with the detail bows and sequin, I continuously opt for the casual comfort of a sweater.  My favorite sweaters are well crafted and well tailored and easy to care for - sweaters may be basic but during this cold weather, they’re essential.

With holiday sales coming up, I’m ready to bolster my sweater collection and I’m taking recommendations - what’s your favorite fall staple? Share below!

Stay Pretty