Neutral Couleurs - Dior Eyeshadow Cuir Cannage

flower22dior....22dior2 copyhand2 copymakeuplook3There’ s a million and one neutral eye shadow options out there, but Dior’s 5 Couleurs palettes are in a league of their own.  Per usual, Dior’s products are simple, beautiful, practical, and of quality - Dior Cuir Cannage is no exception.  This eye shadow set is a warm neutrals extravaganza.  From cashmere beige to rich burgundy, Dior Cuir Cannage manages to include variety in a sleek package.   Some may see this product as a treat because of it’s high price (cost $62); however, I chose to use this as an every-day eye shadow because of the longevity and shade wearability.

Dior Cuir Cannage (796) contains a total of five shades that range from satin finish to iridescent glitter and matte finish.  The colors are well curated and include a red and black plum, a neutral beige, a medium dark chocolate brown, and a golden shimmer brown.  All shades are rich and warm toned so if you’re looking for a cooler based palette I recommend Dior Montaigne (646) or Dior Femme-Fleur (156) - actually,  I recommend all Dior eye shadows but our wallets wouldn’t be too happy.

The only issue with this Dior quint (funny word, yes, I researched it) is the minimal pigmentation of the product.  The shadows easily blend due to their ultra soft texture and are long lasting, but surprisingly, the shadows are somewhat muted when applied on the eye lid (hand swatches are stronger but the product just doesn’t transfer the same on the eye). Despite the lacking pigmentation, Dior Cuir Cannage is still a great pick for a top quality every-day neutral palette.

If you’re saving and are in the market for new eye shadows (or if you’re looking to spend your Sephora gift cards and VIB discounts), Dior’s products should be in the list of top contenders (seriously, how beautiful is this palette?).

Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M.

  • nueyork

    This palette is so, so beautiful and definitely something you will get a ton of wear out of.

    • Pretty Squared

      I have been wearing it daily, you’re right! Do you have one of them? xo