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Stila Field of Florals Convertible Color Dual Lip and Cheek Palette

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Field of flowers.  Stila couldn’t have picked a better name and a better product.  The new, limited-edition release of the Stila Field of Florals palette features twelves blush shades that were inspired by a flower.  Field of Florals is a compilation of Stila’s dual lip and cheek creams which means that Stila curated one of their most popular items in a lovely array of colors.

As with the previous Stila releases, Stila Field of Florals features bleandable, lightweight creams which translate to a petal-soft texture and dewy finish.  All palette shades are long lasting and can be easily applied using a small lip brush and/or stippling brush (my favorite is the affordable Elf stippling brush).  Although the individual pots holding the product are on the smaller side, the product is easy to pick up and a little goes a long way (for a cream finish, the longevity is definitely there!).

The best part of the Stila Field of Florals is the range  and variety of included colors - from peony, tulips, gerbera, and magnolias, each radiant shade is reminiscent of a flower and accordingly, all colors are unique, natural, and flattering. Because this palette is a dual blush and lip palette, a whole makeup look can easily be coordinated (without having to worry about contrasting lipstick and blush shades, which is definitely ‘a thing’).  As a note, while the product is creamy and easy to apply, I recommend wearing  lip balm prior to applying on the lips to help with moisturizing.  Lastly, the minimalist, sleek packaging is perfectly suited for travel and makes Field of Florals a favorite for seamless touch-ups.

I’ve been wearing this Stila palette every day since purchasing from Sephora, and I love discovering all the shade nuances.  Blush and lipstick are the fun parts of a makeup routine and Field of Florals definitely makes getting ready fun!

Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M.

Lilac and Pink Galaxy - Nail Art

galaxy2essie copynails3polish copyIs it me, or has nail art seemed to slow down a bit?  With such a busy beginning of the year and the semester, I’ve barely had time to add a coat of polish to my nails; however, this past weekend, I had a few minutes to create some easy, sparkly, girly nail art (no shame in the nail art game when NYC has minus two degrees weather).

One of the easiest (and most time efficient) nail art designs is galaxy - pick two or three colors, dab them on with a sponge, and voila!, galaxy nails.  Galaxy design is a tried and true favorite (as evidenced in this post and this post) - the design can be customized with your own color palette and can be transformed with other applied designs.  As I was still in the Valentine’s Day mind set, I created a pink and lilac galaxy design with a striped heart accent (and a glitter top coat because …stars!).  The polishes I used are Deborah Lippmann Lilac Wine, Essie Lilacism, and Essie French Affair - these polishes are well suited for nail art designs because they are opaque, have a creme finish, and dry easily but not too quick.

Although few us have the time to sit down and create intricate nail art, the galaxy design is a chic way to dress up your nails in just a few easy steps.  Be sure to follow our tutorial if you need an inspiration nudge.

 Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M.

XOXO - Valentine’s Day and Best Date Lipsticks


Here’s a few reasons why I love Valentine’s Day: discount chocolate, heart shaped baked goods, restaurant specials, and the excuse to wear pink in the middle of winter (but yes, most of the reasons are chocolate-based!).  No matter popular opinion on Valentine’s Day, I’m always looking forward to celebrating with pink and red during a very non-celebratory (read: frigid) Northeast winter.  With the arrival of Valentine’s Day, I’ve been excitedly debating what lipstick shade to sport for the day and our evening date.  New York always celebrates Valentine’s Day with beautiful bouquets of flowers and gorgeous outfits all around - plus, everyone just seems in a little better mood which means a lot for the City.

My favorite date lipsticks make me feel confident, beautiful, daring, and cute (and happy that I get to play with lipstick!).  My top four picks represent a variety of shades, depending on your mood, and different finishes, depending on your whimsy.

Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Marshmallow Bunny is a creamy lipstick with great pigmentation, slightly alluring gloss, and the most delicious of scents.  Marshmallow  Bunny is a peachy pale, pink nude that would pair perfectly with a sultry, smokey eye makeup look.

Mac Candy Yum Yum, a notorious color in the makeup world, is a bright, cool toned, fluorescent pink.  Candy Yum Yum looks absolutely gorgeous on brunettes (ahem!) and pretty much on anyone with a bit of attitude. This matte Mac lipstick leave a strong stain which, considering all the delicious Valentine’s day treats, could come in handy.

Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet is what put Lime Crime on the beauty map, and let me just say, this shade and formula is amazing (Lime Crime currently sells at Urban Outfitters).  This Velvetine is the longest lasting liquid lipstick and has the most matte finish - the Red Velvet shade is ‘literally’ that Snow White blue-red that will transport you into the fairytale, princess beauty realm.

Mac Diva, the perfect mix of burgundy red and muted plum, is the sultry, sexy color pick of the bunch.  Mac Diva is an elegant shade that will give off just the right amount of mystery in a candle-lit date.

With Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with any red or pink lipstick - just think of all the options!  Let me know your favorite Valentine’s Day lipstick, and go forth and celebrate, relax, and wear happy colors (bonus points if chocolate is involved). xoxo.

Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M.

Neutral Couleurs - Dior Eyeshadow Cuir Cannage

flower22dior....22dior2 copyhand2 copymakeuplook3There’ s a million and one neutral eye shadow options out there, but Dior’s 5 Couleurs palettes are in a league of their own.  Per usual, Dior’s products are simple, beautiful, practical, and of quality - Dior Cuir Cannage is no exception.  This eye shadow set is a warm neutrals extravaganza.  From cashmere beige to rich burgundy, Dior Cuir Cannage manages to include variety in a sleek package.   Some may see this product as a treat because of it’s high price (cost $62); however, I chose to use this as an every-day eye shadow because of the longevity and shade wearability.

Dior Cuir Cannage (796) contains a total of five shades that range from satin finish to iridescent glitter and matte finish.  The colors are well curated and include a red and black plum, a neutral beige, a medium dark chocolate brown, and a golden shimmer brown.  All shades are rich and warm toned so if you’re looking for a cooler based palette I recommend Dior Montaigne (646) or Dior Femme-Fleur (156) - actually,  I recommend all Dior eye shadows but our wallets wouldn’t be too happy.

The only issue with this Dior quint (funny word, yes, I researched it) is the minimal pigmentation of the product.  The shadows easily blend due to their ultra soft texture and are long lasting, but surprisingly, the shadows are somewhat muted when applied on the eye lid (hand swatches are stronger but the product just doesn’t transfer the same on the eye). Despite the lacking pigmentation, Dior Cuir Cannage is still a great pick for a top quality every-day neutral palette.

If you’re saving and are in the market for new eye shadows (or if you’re looking to spend your Sephora gift cards and VIB discounts), Dior’s products should be in the list of top contenders (seriously, how beautiful is this palette?).

Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M.