Laced with Edge - NARS Digital World Lip Pencil Set

nars_detail66It’s not often that a beauty brand has success with every release, but somehow, Nars manages to make everyone’s favorite list (every time!).  As part of the Laced with Edge Holiday Collection, Nars created a lip pencil coffret that’s all kinds of amazing.  Nars Digital World Set has different finishes, a range of colors, stunning packaging, and all around wonderful quality (basically, all we’ve come to expect from Nars).

The Nars Digital World Set (which is available at Sephora) contains five lip pencils priced at $49 (the lip pencils are 0.06 oz and are definitely worth the investment because a full sized pencil is over $25).  So, if there was any doubt in your mind about value, head over now to your nearest Sephora.

This Laced with Edge collection contains Cruella Velvet matte lip pencil (blue toned red), New Iberico matte lip pencil (intense coral), Yu satin lip pencil (bright pink), Descanso satin lip pencil (dusty, muted rose), and Torres Del Paine satin lip pencil (peach coral). Nars lip pencils are long lasting, pigmented, and have shade options to work for many skin tones - the set contains a good range from the glamorous red to the (very popular now-adays) nude brown.  And if that wasn’t enough, the beautiful lace packaging is the perfect keepsake box for the Digital World lip pencils.

Nars cosmetics are modern and iconic for a reason and continue to be a favorite with every single product and release. Now, go get yourself some!

Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M.

  • Monica

    Lovely pictures!

    I really like the look of Descanso and Torres de Paine!

  • Kiera :)

    Love the colours, Nars you have done it again

  • Jenn Erin L

    That is such a lovely set! The Cruella shade is my favourite! x

  • Brooke Elise

    this set is just gorgeous! i loved how you did the swatches.

    brooke | brooke elise beauty

    • Pretty Squared

      Thank you! :) it’s been a go to lately xo

  • Miri Weiss

    They are so lovely !
    I want the pink and the coral ones ♥

    • Pretty Squared

      The Iberico one (the one on my lips) is probably my favorite (aside Cruella which I’ve had)! It looks so fresh :)

  • newmoonmad

    Absolutely incredible colours! I hope these are available in the UK too. I own two NARS lipsticks and they’re great quality so I think these pencils would be a great addition to my collection especially due to the range in colours!

    • Pretty Squared

      The value is unbeatable for sure! Nars’ formula is truly wonderful. What lippies do you have? The Audacious ones? I’m a lover of matte lips so I haven’t gotten any yet because they’re creamy, but the colors are truly beautiful! xo

  • JustMelKate

    Gorgeous, I still need to get some of these! I love the way you swatched them with the hearts, so cute and creative.

    Mel x

    • Pretty Squared

      Aw that’s so sweet thank you! :)

  • Lily

    Lovely photographs. This set is gorgeous and I’d love to try every colour here x

    • Pretty Squared

      Thank you! I’ve been researching how they look on different skintones and there is a color in this set for everyone! xo

  • Celina

    These are absolutely gorgeous lip pencils! I love the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils as they are just so comfortable to wear. So tempted by the set but I still haven’t purchased it yet. It’s definitely hard to resist! xx

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

    • Pretty Squared

      I love matte finishes too, and the Nars Pencils are such a great formula! I wish this set was all matte lol but my lips couldn’t handle that! It’s a great variety of finishes and colors for many occasions. xo

  • nueyork

    This set is beyond stunning! I love each and every colour.

    • Pretty Squared

      It’s a beauty! :) Thanks for stopping by xo

  • Hannah Butterworth

    Gorgeous pictures! I was so tempted by this set but knew I wouldn’t have suited the coral/orange shades so it would have been a waste. The box alone was probably one of the things tempting me haha

    • Pretty Squared

      I know I’m already using it as storage, it’s so cute! And thank you, we work very hard to get them as perfect as we can for our readers :) xo

  • Coco

    This set tempted me so much. If only I didn’t already own Descanso I would have definitely picked it up x

    • Pretty Squared

      How do you like Descanso? I bet it looks gorgeous on you! I already had Cruella but I shared that one with my sister lol she needed it in her life anyway! xo

  • Antonia

    This is a gorgeous set! Cruella is one of my favourite shades, although they’re all lovely.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

    • Pretty Squared

      I love Cruella! It’s such an elegant and sexy red. I had the full size before I got this set ; )

    • Pretty Squared

      Cruella is my go to red! I agree it’s beautiful :) xo