The Diptyque Experience (and a Confession)

baies baies2This is an honest Diptyque review and also, somewhat, an experience confession.  My sister and I both work and thus value the notion of budgeting and exercising fiscal responsibility.  While it may be easy to go out and buy anything and everything featured on many-a-blogs, it’s not a realistic option.

For the longest time, I have seen Diptyque be featured in magazines, blog posts, and countless instagrams.  And, for the exact same long time, I have chosen not to purchase a Diptyque candle because of the cost.  A 6.65 oz Diptyque candle retails for $60.00 and a 2.4 oz Diptyque candle retails for $30.00 (these costs do not include tax or the Diptyque Limited Edition releases which often are marked-up).  It’s tough to justify a 30-dollar candle and it’s even tougher when that candle costs over 60 dollars.  However, after reading several reviews online, my sister and I decided to save and invest in a smaller Diptyque candle (while realizing that yes, we are paying over $30 on a candle).

Now, for the review, these Parisian Diptyque candles have a cult-like following for a reason and have managed to remain popular despite fleeting trends in the blog-sphere.  Ditpyque candles are luxe, beautiful, aromatic, and most definitely the definition of extravagant. I purchased Diptyque Baies because it is the perfect “starter” scent - Baies contains notes of blackcurrant leaves and Bulgarian roses and the undertones remind me of mysterious, delicious berries.  Baies is subtle, not over powering or intoxicating, but still able to freshen the air with elusive notes.  The candles are long lasting, and the scent has reach as even a mini Diptyque can fill a large space.  With its beautiful trademark lettering and black and white label, Diptyque candles would fit any home and any decor and would make wonderful gifts.

I always try to end a post by addressing the “bottom line” - are Diptyque candles worth it? While Diptyque products are of amazing quality and design, Diptyque is an indulgence for the wallet (and that’s my confession!).

If you’ve ever spent money on a luxury product, share your experience and whether the product was worth it (…and worth the investment).

Stay Pretty, Miranda M.

  • Jenn Erin L

    I think one day I will eventually cave in, but right now, I just can’t do it!

    • Pretty Squared

      I agree, that was our frame of thought too (we saved some and were read to try it). But again, if you have other items on your wish list like a chanel lipstick (which is about the same price), I’d go for that first. (ps: I apologize for the late reply!)

  • Marianna Neal

    Thank you for sharing your review. I’ve heard from others that Diptyque candles have a much longer burn time, which supposedly justifies the price. Would you say that’s true?

    • Pretty Squared

      Hi Marianna! I would say that that is somewhat true - as you burn the candle, the top layer of the candle turns into liquid and that gives off a pretty good scent for a longer time (so it does not burn unevenly or it does not cave in). However, the reason for this is you have to always shorten the wick (and you can do the same with other candles to elongate their shelf life). I think people may also be thinking of the scent - the scent is long lasting long after you turn off the candle so that also makes it “last longer.” I recommend to give the mini a try (it’s 30$) and I hope that helps with deciding. (ps: sorry for the late reply)

  • Magpie Jasmine

    Thank you for this review - I just don’t know if I could ever justify spending so much on a candle! xx

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    • Pretty Squared

      yeap, it’s really a matter of balancing what’s important for you and your budget (some favor candles and scent while I’d rather have a gorgeous lipstick or piece of jewelry hehe). I hope the review helped :) (ps: sorry for the late reply, happy new year!)

  • nueyork

    I have never had the impulse to buy one of these. The scents are lovely and they make amazing gifts, but definitely not something I could see myself splurging on for me.

    • Pretty Squared

      I’m glad I tried it but the review speaks of the experience (it must be really something you want otherwise the price is exorbitant). But you have a good point, these make great “hostess” gifts or celebration gifts (I’ll be sure to add that to the review, it’s an important observation). Happy New Year (and sorry for the delayed response)

  • Laura

    Great review. I feel like I just can’t do it. I will stick to my 2 for $22 BBW sales <3

    • Pretty Squared

      ohhhh BBW sales are just such an awesome deal (and so much variety!) add in some coupons and you’re set with candles lol I’m glad I tried them so I don’t regret the purchase but I’m also not running out to get the full size haha happy new year (ps: sorry for the late, late reply)