Top 10 Beauty Myths Busted

Beauty Myth 1: Expensive products are always better than inexpensive (drugstore) products.

This one’s number one because drugstore versus non-drugstore debate will always exist (with strong opinions on either side).  The reality is of course a happy middle ground - best products come from both the drugstore aisle as well as from the Nordstrom counters - it’s only a matter of identifying the best and brightest in the lineup of a cosmetic brand.

Beauty Myth 2: Those with oily skin types do not need to moisturize.

Some may doubt this, but even oily skin types need the benefits that come with a moisturizer. While the strength of the moisturizer may vary, hydration is strongly recommended for any skin type (consider using a gel moisturizer with priming and mattefying qualities).

Beauty Myth 3: Use hairspray on your face to set your makeup.

I remember reading this “tip” on AOL pages back in the day (and wondering “why didn’t I think of that!”).   The reason why I didn’t think of it is because hairspray is terrible for your skin, hair, makeup, eyes, the spray, and everyone else involved.  There are several great setting-spray products that can make your makeup last longer (and are skin-safe!).Beauty Myth 4: You can shrink and make your pores disappear.

I went to law school because I’m not good with science (ha!), but even I know that pores are genetically determined and there’s no getting rid of them.  There is no product out there that will make your pores go “poof!” and disappear (and suddenly, photoshopped model skin appears).  It’s best to embrace your skin type and your pores, and use products that can help shrink, minimize, and blur pores - all while accepting that pores will still be somewhat visible.

Beauty Myth 5: Makeup products have no expiration date.

Makeup has an expiration date - there, I said it clearly for everyone that is dearly holding on to makeup from middle school and the way back when.  While it may not be visible to us, makeup ingredients degrade over time and accumulate bacteria that should in no way be touching skin, eyes, or lips - for more information about makeup expiration dates, be sure to read this helpful Refinery 29 post.

Beauty Myth 6: You should match your makeup colors with your outfit colors.

This “gem” made the list because I heard someone say this very recently (yes, as in, this happened!).  I’m happy to announce that there are no rules with makeup colors - the sky’s the limit and anyone can be as creative and picky as they wish.  Yes, sometimes a makeup look is better suited for various events and outfits but in no way should you feel forced to wear yellow eyeshadow to match your yellow top.

beauty myths top tenBeauty Myth 7: Use only all-natural makeup and skincare for your skin to be in the best condition.

I realize this will be somewhat debated, but I find absolutes to often be, well, wrong.  I tried undergoing an all natural routine, and my skin was not very happy. Just because a product is advertised as all natural does not mean that that product is appropriate for your skin - many individuals have allergic reactions to natural ingredients and skin may be irritated no matter how organic the product is (fragrant oils, I’m looking at you!).  This is a myth because it simply isn’t true - be sure to research your products’ claims and ingredients and always do a skin test.

Beauty Myth 8: When doing your makeup, always apply concealer first and under foundation.

Whether concealer goes before or after is a chicken versus egg debate - no one knows the answer but everyone tries to convince others of the correct order.  In reality, concealer application depends on types of products used, coverage area, and problematic spots - it’s all really up to your personal preference.

Beauty Myth 9: Eyebrows should not be filled in and/or plucked from above and/or should match hair color and/or any other eyebrow advice. 

Eyebrow game is real, people! And because eyebrows are like snowflakes, different techniques and looks work for different people.  Depending on hair density, width, length, hair color, and face shape, the best eyebrows are a result of a customized grooming approach.

MascaraMistakesBeauty Myth 10:  There are set beauty rules that have to be followed.

There may be guidelines in the world of beauty, but beauty rules are meant to be broken. Makeup allows us to be creative, spontaneous, traditional, happy, bright, and everything else in between.

Stay Pretty, Miranda M. and Mackenzie M.

  • Magpie Jasmine

    Totally agree with these! My eyebrows are naturally really ashy - almost grey. No way am I rocking that look haha xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

    • Pretty Squared

      haha! I mean…you know what looks best! I don’t know why there are so many dos and donts for brows when everyone’s look is so different. thank you for stopping by!

  • Daisy Churchward

    I’ve had large pores for years and years and so does my mum, I know I won’t be able to change them, it’s just finding the products that minimise them isn’t it!

    • Pretty Squared

      I agree! pore minimizing does work, I see the difference just when I splash some cold water on my face and my skin just looks tighter. Plus, primer is awesome for large pores haha

  • Hanh

    I’ve learn to embrace myth 4! My pores are a lot more controllable when I started looking after my skin care properly and stop believing they would ever shrink!

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

    • Pretty Squared

      I know, for the longest time I couldn’t figure out why pore “disappearing” products weren’t working ha! but you’re spot on with the skincare advice, if you take care of skin, it’ll show (pores or no pores!).

  • nueyork

    The eyebrow ones bother me so much because they go against everything that I do. The colouring one especially, darker brows than your natural colour can look amazing!

    • Pretty Squared

      yup! you know what looks best on you, clearly! there may be some general guidelines but when it comes to brows, it’s all about the individual.