Pink Chevron - Altair Beauty Brushes

The secret behind great makeup is usually great brushes.  Add a dash of creativity and pinch of patience, and the right makeup brush can make a tremendous difference in a beauty routine (think of it as a good-makeup day, everyday).

A few years ago, as I was just begging my love affair with makeup, I made some novice mistakes - I would invest in the absolute best products but would end up applying my makeup with random left-over makeup sponges and the occasional miniature sponge tip eyeshadow applicator (that’s right, you know exactly what I’m talking about!). With a bit of research, I realized that by investing in the correct brushes and tools both my technique and final look improved. Whether you are makeup beginner or a skilled professional, Altair Accessories brushes are the perfect pick for affordable brushes that are of high quality (add in the the absolutely lovely pink chevron design, and these brushes are simply wonderful!).  With brushes purchases, I always consider the bottom line - are these tools worth purchasing and will these tools help? In the case of Altair, the answer is a resounding “yes.”  Ranging from $5 to $16 cost, Altair products are priced for all types of budgets - in fact, the full nine piece brush set, which contains all types of brushes, is currently priced at $25 (can you tell I’m obsessing over the investment aspect?).

Quality wise, the Altair pink chevron brushes helped make my makeup routine quick and easy.  Altair brushes are vegan with all synthetic, no animal hair.  The brushes do not shed, are extremely soft, and aid with application by picking up just the right amount of product.  The bristles of the brushes are bundled in the right amount of density as to easily glide and blend.  For the blending blushes, I also found the brush construction on point (nothing worse than overly large blush brushes that create the 80s-blush-in-hair look).  I would love to see the line expand and for Altair to include more variety for the eye brushes.  However, overall, the chevron Altair brushes are beautiful, effective, and affordable.

The Altair Kabuki Brush Set, priced currently at $17, was another “why didn’t I own this before?!” kind of a product.  The malleable and soft bristles are perfect for applying foundation and blending eye shadows (also, pastel purple will always win me over).  The Altair Kabuki set also includes a free mini-brush cleaner tool, but I’m saving that little beauty for a favorites post.

If you are looking to add a few more brushes to your collection (and your vanity!), I recommend considering Altair brushes.  In the current market, it’s tough to find that balance of a great brush at an affordable price, but Altair delivers just that.

Stay Pretty, Miranda M.

  • Katy Mairs

    Oh my, those brushes are so pretty and seem to be great quality. I hope they ship to the UK, I’d love to try them. Your photos are absolutely beautiful too!

    • Pretty Squared

      thank you Katy! they’re great, there’s very little hair fallout and they’re soft those are my biggest pet peeves with brushes haha. thank you for stopping by :)

  • Jenn Erin L

    I’ve never heard of this brand before but they look so soft and they look like really good quality! A bonus is that they’re super cute and pretty too!

    • Pretty Squared

      hi Jenn! it’s tough to find a good balance (I’ve seen good brushes for over 100$ each gah!) but I love these. thank you for stopping by!

  • Sara

    Agreed on the design of this blog, its absolutely lovely and well put together. As for the brushes, regardless of how the quality is I’m still sold on the design haha!

    Great post..


    • Pretty Squared

      thank you for the lovely compliment Sara! hehe sometimes packaging trumps it all haha

  • Altair Beauty

    Im so absolutely happy you’re enjoying the brushes. It was touch work getting the quality and price just right, but Im glad I did. And can we just talk about the design of your website? Absolutely gorgeous! xoxo Nyasia - Altair Beauty

    • Pretty Squared

      Hi Nyasia, still using the brushes and still loving them hehe happy weekend!

  • Marianna Neal

    Those are absolutely adorable! Good to hear they are great quality too.
    Also, I store my brushes in that IKEA cup as well 😀

    • Hanh

      I agree Marianna :) I have those IKEA pots as well xx


      • Pretty Squared

        so, I was skeptical at first about those IKEA pots and I said I wasn’t going to follow the hype but they’re awesome for a reason. Easy to clean and pretty and good height haha I do need to get more grr! thanks for stopping by ladies :)

  • nueyork

    These are too cute! I love when brushes have personality.

    • Pretty Squared

      I agree, even the little dust bag is full of girl power lol!