Fresh Blooms with Bouqs

Flowers make every day better and brighter.  With the holiday season coming up and all the ensuing celebrations, I adore sending flowers to all my friends and family (fresh blooms arriving at the doorstep is simply wonderful!).

Because I rely on online flower delivery services, I’ve tried several, as in many, companies before finding a service I actually like and value.  Before I let you know about the good, I’ll have to briefly explain the bad.  For many companies, the products shown online are not what will be delivered; be sure to check, there is almost always a disclaimer - as an anecdote, one of my last orders was delivered in a cup instead of the vase shown in the catalogue (le sigh). Additionally, the quality of the flowers is often lacking and flowers last for no more than two days because of the actual stems or because of packaging issues (can you tell I feel quite strongly about this?).

I approached the Bouqs company with the same reserved doubts about the actual service and product.  Now for the good - the Bouqs manages to mail fresh flowers, as shown online, with no hidden fees or delivery issues.  I take my flowers seriously, and thus, my expectations were high - fortunately, the Bouqs company fully delivered (double entendre, for the win).

The Bouqs company offers elegant and simple arrangements that would be suited for any occasion and would put a smile on anyone’s face.  The bouquet arrangements feature minimal designs full of color-coordinated blooms and healthy stems. All Bouqs flowers are sourced from sustainable farm, are grown in mineral-rich volcanic soils, and are packaged just four days after being cut.  I received the flowers on Tuesday and took the photos for the blog post on Saturday - the quality of the roses was that impressive (plus, the roses bloomed wonderfully which I find doesn’t happen often with chemically-treated roses). Lastly, all Bouqs bouquets cost $40 for one dozen stems, and the cost includes shipping.

Bouqs flowers are absolutely lovely and the service is outstanding. Go ahead and bookmark, pin, write down, or do anything to remember the Bouqs site, you’ll definitely need it next time you order a bouquet of flowers.

Stay Pretty, Miranda M.

  • Coco

    They sound great, I’ll keep them in mind next time I need to send some x

    • Pretty Squared

      they’re awesome, logistics wise, I had no issues with ordering or hidden fees (or the actual product). I have a bouquet picked already for thanksgiving we’ll be sending to my mom :)