Evil Mermaid Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Products Used: Esqido Lashes | the Balm Pallete | BlackUp Lipstick |Rhinestones | Manic Panic White Foundation

If you have no costume picked out for Halloween (and many of us don’t, let’s be honest with our busy selves), you can still go out and celebrate in style.  In fact, you may be better off because you now have all the options in the world for a unique and creative costume.  Halloween is the ideal time to bring out old and new makeup, odds and ends around the house, ribbons and sequins, and those clothes you never wear because the seam and texture is just funny.

Not having a costume means I have to be creative and most importantly, I can try the outlandish beauty trends I could never wear for everyday.  This Halloween, I opted for an evil mermaid DYI costume.  I initially wanted to create a simple mermaid costume, but it’s Halloween, so adding spooky or evil into the mix felt spooktacular (hey!).

The key to any mermaid costume is the placement and application of the scales - thankfully, creating scales is easy with a mesh material, a makeup sponge, and powder eye shadow (similar to stenciling, simply place the mesh where you want the appearance of scales and tap the eye shadow over the mesh).

Color wise, I chose dark jewel tones and contrasting shades that make an impact (be sure to pick long lasting product or use a face and eye primer).  Dramatic lashes are a must for this type of Halloween costume, and I love the natural look and comfortable feel of Esqido lashes (I used Esqido Lashmopolitan). For accessories, I used a net sweater (which, I didn’t even knew I owned!) and a metal scales headband.

For more details about my evil mermaid Halloween makeup, be sure to follow the tutorial above and share your looks and inspiration (I’m a strong believer that the best costumes are the ones that are created spur of the moment!). Happy Halloween!

Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M.

  • http://www.vintagemelissa.co.uk Mel Zia

    love this look! it really is perfect for Halloween :)

    Melissa || http://www.vintagemelissa.co.uk x x

    • http://prettysquared.com/ Pretty Squared

      Thank you Melissa! It is quite easy and still packs a punch, I hope you try it! :) Thank you for your comment xo

  • http://www.mynewestaddiction.com/ Laura

    Great look girl!

    • http://prettysquared.com/ Pretty Squared

      Thank you!! :) xo

  • http://www.beyondthevelvet.blogspot.co.uk/ Leah and Rachel Collins

    I had GOT to try this look out! It looks amazing. Thank you for sharing :)


    • http://prettysquared.com/ Pretty Squared

      You’re so sweet, thanks! I will probably go for an even creepier look on the actual day of Halloween but my sister didn’t want to see me in bloody makeup on the blog lol Have a Happy Halloween! xo