Staying Colorful in August - Monthly Beauty Favorites

Let me preface this post by reminding everyone that it’s still technically summer.  While we’ll have enough time to enjoy pumpkin spiced lattes and cozy knits, there is still the smallest linger of warm weather and sunshine.  And because of this observation, I’ve chosen to continue to embrace bright colors and floral scents.  Each more vibrant than the other, the August Monthly Favorites were daily staple products that worked for during the work week and for night-out happy hours.

Nars Amour Blush is like every other iconic Nars blush. Soft, pigmented, and shimmery, Nars Amour adds a bit of peachy love (eh!) to your cheeks.

Makeup For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara (which is a Sephora Birthday Gift freebie) creates voluminous, lengthy lashes without the dreaded spidery look.  I love the Smoky Extravagant Mascara because, despite the heat and humidity of DC, the mascara did not smudge or flake (and it’s not even waterproof which is another plus).

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb perfume is a mini perfume bottle from a Sephora kit. Easy to carry and completely adorable, this particular product remains sealed and does not open accidentally (which is a big deal when placed in my black-hole of a purse). Flowerbomb stays true to its name with a lovely combination of jasmine, rose, orchid, and freesia scents.

Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is an absolute favorite of mine (and you’ll see it featured over and over).  The Rapid Tone repair is perfect for all types of skin (this moisturizer doesn’t break out or create dry flakes) and contains a good amount of SPF.  The Rapid Tone Repair is lightweight and absorbs easily which are ideal attributes for hot days.

Remember how I said I was going to embrace color? Well, Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Beauty Lipstick Duo delivered just the right amount of bright, happy shades. Bite Beauty Palomino is a neon fuchsia, and Bite Beauty Violet is vibrant purple that is perfect for lip staining. Created with natural and food-grade ingredients, Bite Beauty lip products are a girl’s best friend (my Bite Beauty collection is growing, so I’m a full convert).

My parting advice to you is to savor the remaining days of warm weather - embrace bright colors and floral scents to add a bit of sunshine to the every day.

Stay Pretty, Miranda M.

  • nueyork

    I like to stay colourful too! All of these are perfect pops of colour.

  • Marianna Neal

    I just got that Bite Lipstick duo as well and I love these shades! I’ve been looking at the neutral version of it too, but I may just buy a couple of full size lipsticks instead—the quality is great.

    Marianna |

    • Pretty Squared

      I agree about the quality, so glad that Sephora carries them. I have their creamy pencils and they’re wonderful!

      • Marianna Neal

        Do you prefer them to the lipsticks? I was trying to decide at Sephora the other day and couldn’t figure out if I wanted to get the pencils of the lipsticks. Important decisions over here haha :)

        • Pretty Squared

          well they’re still pricey so I think it is an important decision haha! I like a more natural look so I prefer the soft pencils because they’re creamy and I can use them as a stain. The lipsticks are insanely pigmented (I think a la MAC) and I don’t wear a strong lip color as often. But did you see their matte pencils? I swatched them at Sephora on the go about two weeks ago and they’re beautttiful!! Let me know what you pick, I love that Bite is organic (I have to add more natural products to my collection).

          • Marianna Neal

            Yes, I saw the matte ones—pretty exciting! Perfect for this time of year too, a matte berry stain on the lips is a must :) I’m basically waiting for the sale and then I’ll try not to go too crazy. I’m also thinking about incorporating more natural products—it’s great that there are more and more choices with that these days! Thanks for the suggestions :)

  • Kaelyn Zielinski

    I’ve been debating about getting the Bite duo ended color for awhile now. I have the one that has the neutral colored ends and I love it, but this one looks so wonderful too!

    • Pretty Squared

      it’s funny I was eyeing the neutral one but decided on the bright duo because I have way too many nudes haha. I love both of the shades so I highly recommend them!

      • Kaelyn Zielinski

        And I highly recommended grabbing up the nude one too the next time you get the chance, they’re divine!

  • Cheri Schultz

    I absolutely love the Flowerbomb perfume. It has a very sensual fragrance and the jasmine that radiates from this perfume is beautiful.

    • Pretty Squared

      It lives up to its name and I like that it’s not too strong or cloying, sensual is the perfect description of it!

  • Life of Verity

    That lipstick duo is so different, I love both of the shades though xxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

    • Pretty Squared

      different is good! haha it’s really good to carry along because you get the option of two lipsticks in one (and both are really pretty and different shades)

  • Coco

    Amour is so pretty. Gorgeous photography btw x

    • Pretty Squared

      I just keep amassing Nars blushes haha thank you Coco :)

  • Amy

    Beautiful photos. Amour looks lovely and I can’t wait to try out Bite Beauty when I place my first Sephora order for my birthday!

    • Pretty Squared

      Thank you, Amy! I can’t recommend Bite Beauty enough, their lipsticks are organic and food grade and the pigmentation is crazy. The lipstick duo from Sephora (that’s in this post) was also only $12 which is a great deal :) happy early birthday hehe