Ruby Wing Wicked West - Nail Art and Review


I am pretty easily mesmerized by anything that changes color in the sunlight.  And when that anything is nail polish, I’m even more excited. I was looking forward to trying the new Ruby Wing Wicket West summer collection as I think it’s a smart way to transition between summer and fall and indoor and outdoor. Be it be in the office or a fun-in-the-sun outing, Ruby Wing Wicket West has a shade for everyone and includes creme finishes, luster finish, and two glitter polishes.

Ruby Wing polishes retail for $10 which can seem pricey but could be justified as having two nail polishes due to the color changing ability (think of it as a two in one deal). Keep reading below for more details on each polish, but overall, I would recommend Ruby Wing to those that don’t have a large polish collection but like versatility, and for those who enjoy a bit of silly fun and surprise when it comes to their nails.

Starting on the left is Saloon Sweetheart swatch, a dusty red/coral, creme shade that turns into a vampy red when in sunlight.  This applied nicely, but I must say I like the color more when it is in the sunlight.

Rodeo is the bright pistachio green in a creme finish, which applied wonderfully as well.  This color didn’t change much in the sun, but I really like its freshness and vibrancy. Back on the Saddle consists of golden flakes in a clear jelly, which turns into a reddish orange when outside (word of caution, Saddle is somewhat difficult to apply because of the flakes texture).  This is a great color for situations when you want a really understated hue in indoor lighting but a pretty and bright color in the shade.

Wanted Dead or Alive is a sheer, frosty finish blue that leans teal; this polish didn’t have a drastic transformation in the sun, and just turned slightly darker.  While not my favorite pick of the bunch, this nail polish should appeal to those wanting a pearl and sheer formula.

Tumbleweeds is a yellow tinted green that changes into a much darker, forest green.  I prefer this color in indoor lighting, and this might be a tricky one to pull off due to its yellow undertones.  Nevertheless, Tumbleweeds (what an appropriate name!) has a great creamy formula and is opaque in two coats.

Ride ‘Em Cowgirl is the showstopper in the collection for me.  This Ruby Wing polish is a densely packed gold glitter that turns into a rose gold blush shade in the sunlight - it is a unique and beautiful color both indoors and outdoors.   You could really have some fun incorporating this into nail art for fun design dimension (if I would recommend picking any item from the Wicked West collection, it would definitely be Ride ‘Em Cowgirl).

So, what are your thoughts on color changing polish?  What are your favorites from the Wicked West Collection, and have you ever tried nail art with any of the color changing Ruby Wing polishes?  The nail art can be tricky, but the fun is in the surprise when you go outside (because yes, I’m easily entertained when it comes to nail polish).

Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M.