Rediscovering Classics with the Selfie Challenge

selfie_favoritesselfie_favorites2When I was in Times Square a few days ago, I saw a bright billboard for the new ABC show Selfie. The tagline “enjoy living in the moment” was splashed across the front of the sign and encouraged all viewers below to a social cleanse challenge.  Surrounded by a myriad of colorful screens, I considered the irony of the situation, but as I’m not one to turn down a challenge, I was ready to put away all my beloved tech devices for a full 48 hours (because realistically, 48 hours is a lifetime in terms of no-internet time).

The rules for my “Selfie”cleanse were simple: no Instagram or Twitter, no random game playing, and no shopping apps (basically, none of the guilty pleasures).  As soon as the day got started, I was surprised that the first thing I reached for was my phone to check Instagram.  Throughout my commute, I wanted to scroll through Twitter, and by the end of the first day, I was itching to just indulge in a few moments of social media.

I’m happy to report that I completed the challenge successfully and not only survived, but thrived in the “Selfie” cleanse. I used my new-found free time to rediscover the classics and savor the experience of reading and carrying a physical book (because an e-book just doesn’t cut it).  From Nabokov’s “Lolita” to Joyce’s “Portrait of an Artist,” I immersed myself in fantastical stories, witty insights, and positive learning. So, as simple as it may sound, I chose to forgo the constant iPhone updates for a relaxing day of reading popular classics.

If you had thirty minutes extra each day, what would you spend it on? I challenge you to undergo a social media cleanse and focus (even for a little bit) on hobbies that don’t involve hashtags.

Selfie premiers on ABC network on Tuesday, September 30th at 8/7 pm Central Time.

Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by ABC through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about ABC Selfie, all opinions are my own.

  • Hanh

    I recently starting reading on my Kindle and spending less time on social media on my commute to work and it’s much more fun! When I get home in the evenings I tend to switch off from the internet in general, I leave my phone on silent in my room and just relax

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

    • Pretty Squared

      I stressed out just reading “switch off the internet” haha! I don’t know how I feel into this routine but I’m constantly connected with my devices (ipad, iphone, TV, computer) and I’m always checking social media - it was eye opening to see how much time I saved and had to pursue other hobbies (blogging included hehe!). Thank you for your comment

  • Marianna Neal

    I love the idea of this! It can be hard to “disconnect” from the internet and constant updates popping up on the phone. If I were to try this challenge, I would definitely immerse myself in reading—my favorite way to spend time.

    Marianna |

    • Pretty Squared

      Yup, all the updates (the never ending updates!). I love reading your book reviews, maybe now that I’ll have more time, I’ll find some new ones to read

      • Marianna Neal

        Aww, thank you! So many interesting books out there

  • nueyork

    This is such a great idea and something that I’ve wanted to try for a long, long time. I really need to make the extra effort and just do it, because I can tell it would be so rewarding.

    • Pretty Squared

      that’s the reason I totally did this post, I needed a motivator because it’s so tough to just disconnect (but very worth it!). thank you for stopping by!