Form Over Substance - Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi Colour Review

chanelpowder21 It’s not often that strongly dislike a product, because I do my research beforehand, but when I do, I do. The Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi Colour powder (no. 1) is nothing but form over substances.  Beautiful pan shades, glorious packaging, sleek presentation and no substance to the actual product.  Released alongside the Chanel Les Beiges powder collection, the Limited Edition Multi Colour powder is promoted as a multi-stripe palette that acts as a highlighter, sculpting powder, bronzer and blush.  The Health Glow Multi Colour does all that with an alleged “sheer, natural finish and broad spectrum sun protection.”

Let me break down the uses of the Chanel Healthy Glow Multi Colour and my issues with the product (and why I returned the item back to the store).

In option one, I could swirl all the shades together to create the supposedly perfect, blurring multi-use powder.  I picked the Healthy Glow No. 1 which is better suited for fair skin as the middle powder was not as dark as Healthy glow No. 2. When I mixed all shades together and applied to my face, I became a hot mess of “how not to apply makeup.”  The highlighter translated to glitter sparkles and the blush and powder mixed to become an Oompa Loompa orange.  I then tried using as a bronzer on my temples and ended up with two round circles of a muddy brick-stone color (not the look I was going for).

Chanel, you can’t have blush mixed with a dark powder, and instruct the customer to apply all over the face (that’s how “oh, honey, no” comments happen).

In option two, I could try each of the shades individually.  Well, good luck with that because the stripes are about one milliliter and even the provided brush picks up at least two shades at the same time.  If I wanted the highlighter only, the brush would pick the darker powder thus negating the point of a highlighter. If I wanted to then just use the blush, the color was not pigmented or Chanel soft, and I ended up with tiny chalky lines on my cheeks.

I don’t understand this product, and I don’t understand how it could work for anyone.  I adore Chanel products because of the attention of detail that goes into each item, but the Chanel Les Beiges Health Glow Multi Colour was nothing but a pretty compact (at a $65 cost, nonetheless). I did not include a Healthy Glow Multi Colour swatch because none of the individual shades showed due to the poor pigmentation or showed as orange because the blush overpowered the rest of the shades.

On a positive note, Chanel delivers the perfect pink lipstick, the most colorful blushes, and the prettiest perfumes.

If you have tried the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi Colour powder, let me know of your experience in the comments below - was this a miss or a hit for you?

Stay Pretty, Miranda M.

  • Latasha JJ

    This sounds really disappointing! I totally understand what you mean though, how on earth could you use the shades individually, the sections are far too small to get a good feel for the product! What a shame, but Chanel definitely has a lot of makeup gems too :)

    Latasha xx |

    • Pretty Squared

      There’s a no. 2 shade that is all brown based and could act as a powder/bronzer but this no. 1 was more of a pretty product than useful product. I agree, I definitely have some Chanel favorites!