Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara Review - Revlon Flash Your Lash

Mascaras are like a box full of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get.  As the most sold item in any beauty collection (it’s true, research it!), we sure love trying our mascaras.  And not surprisingly, companies introduce millions and millions of mascara variations every few years (umm, don’t research that number but you get the idea).  It seems there are always new mascara releases and each one offers something different and promises new results.  With Revlon Bold Lacquer, the chocolate turned out to be delicious but with unique flavors (disclaimer not needed, but don’t eat the Revlon Bold Lacquer).

Part of the Grow Luscious line, the Revlon Bold Lacquer (c/o) is meant to create glossy volume and length. With a cylinder-shaped, large wand, the mascara delivers beautiful length - after only two coats, my lashes appeared soft, fluttery, and all around lovely.  My lashes still looked natural but better.  And to make things better, unlike other drugstore mascaras I’ve tried, this Revlon mascara did not smudge or create fallout at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, the Bold Lacquer does not really create much volume - combined with the wet formula and the shape of the wand, the final look is defined with separate lashes (as opposed to voluminous, spidery lashes).  However, as I tend to gravitate toward less dramatic makeup that is work appropriate, the Bold Lacquer is a new product I quickly added to my routine.

The Revlon Bold Lacquer is a perfect pick for everyday makeup.  Long lasting, beautifully pigmented, and naturally lengthening, this affordable Revlon mascara is a delicious pick.

Stay Pretty, Miranda M.

  • Pretty Squared

    I really liked the Revlon Grow Luscious in the purple tube because of how natural it is and how good it was for every day. If I didn’t already have so much more mascara to try out, I would probably pick it up! Maybe when its on sale…haha

  • Pretty Squared

    Nice post. I never was a fan of Revlon mascaras but for a work appropriate look I think I might try it.

  • Pretty Squared

    I love natural mascara I’ll definitely be trying this out!