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Physicians Formula Mineral Airbrushing Powder Kit Review

I wanted to share with you a newly discovered product that has quickly become my go-to in my summer daily foundation routine.  I was looking for a light powder foundation for the hot summer days, and well, a blush and bronzer were a bonus I wasn’t going to reject.  The Physicians Formula Mineral Airbrushing Powder Kit has been around for a little while but I have recently found mine at Walmart for $15.  Knowing that Physicians Formula tends to retail for higher prices (ahem, over $10 each), I grabbed this quickly as I thought it was a great value.

The Physicians Formula Mineral Airbrushing Powder Kit in the Light color, includes a face powder in Creamy Natural, a bronzer in Light Bronze and a blush in Natural. The powders are advertised as having SPF 30 (which is perfect for summer), talc free, hypoallergenic, fragrance free and non-comedogenic, which is great for acne prone skin.  All the powders are finely milled and all have a beautiful sheen, which I think gives off a very youthful glow and airbrushed finish.  That aspect of this Physicians Formula kit, along with the great pigmentation and effortless blendability, is something I’ve really enjoyed - my skin looks perfectly highlighted all the time.

I recommend applying the face powder with a big fluffy brush, and at most apply two layers, with a second layer on top of any areas that you would like any additional coverage.  Coverage wise, the Physicians Formula powder is light to medium coverage.  I’ve tried this face powder without any face primer and noticed that it emphasized my pores, so I tried it with a pore erasing primer (been loving the Maybelline Baby Skin primer) and it looked beautiful and lasted me all day.  All the powders last very long on my skin (at least 8 hrs and more) and they keep their pigmentation.  The Light Bronzer fit my skin tone perfectly, and the Natural blush is a pink rose color that looks natural but definitely adds a fresh pop of color to your complexion.     

I would strongly recommend you grab the Physicians Formula Mineral Airbrushing Powder kit and try these beautiful powders, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the healthy glow they’ll give your skin.  The colors are beautifully curated and my foundation routine is simple now and feels lighter than wearing liquid foundation – I apply the primer, some under eye concealer, swirl the powders on and I’m done.  On the flip side, if you’re looking for a matte finish and are looking for a fuller coverage foundation, I would pass on this kit.

Let me know if you’ve tried this yourself and how you like it, and what’s the way you apply it.  Do you have any other recommendations for the perfect powder foundation for summer?  Please leave them them in the comments, as we all appreciate any makeup tips to deal with this hot summer weather.

Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M. 


Ipsy June Glam Bag Review

Here are the goodies I received in my Ispy June bag, along with quick reviews of them.  I will give you a fast impression, and tell you that I was quite underwhelmed this month.  I have been subscribed to Ipsy for more than a year now, and I am honestly considering canceling because I have too many (yes, I admit it) tiny makeup samples floating about my already tiny New York apartment.  Ipsy is a lovely monthly surprise with (mostly) great bags with an amazing value - but I just cannot keep up with finishing the samples I’m receiving.  I would love to do a giveaway with them, but for review purposes, I do swatch most products, so I can’t pass the samples along afterwards.  So I’m in a makeup subscription bag rut!  
Let me know in the comments what you’re experience has been with subscription bags and how you’re keeping up with your samples.  I think Ipsy is a great option for people wanting to grow their makeup collection, who want to try new products along the way, so I do highly recommend it if you’re in the market for a monthly makeup subscription service.  Now on to the reviews!
NYX Butter Gloss in Eclair is a full size (5$), pinky nude gloss that is beautiful and extremely versatile, on its own or on top of pretty much any color lipstick.  I am very happy that Ipsy included this in the bag, but I was a little bummed because I already own this color.
Nicka K Shimmer Eyeliner in Green (5$, full size) is a beautifully pigmented, shimmery (duh) liquid eyeliner in a green teal color that would be perfect for a pop of color on the eyes.  The applicator is a very fine sponge tip applicator.  My only gripe about this product is that it stained my hand after swatching for about a day; I’m not feeling too adventurous with my eye area, so I probably won’t try this on my eyelids on its own, if ever.  If you want to try it I recommend layering it over a black liquid liner, as that will ensure easier removal and it will enhance the green color even more. 
Be A Bombshell Lash Out Mascara in Black (15$, full size) came to be in faulty packaging, and smelling a bit burnt rubbery.  The wand is a traditional bristle brush, and it separate my lashes fine enough.  The formula is not super black, and it gave my lashes medium length and volume.  What did really impress me about the Lash Out Mascara is that it did not flake one bit on me, even after 13 hours of wear.  
Dermadoctor DD Cream (deluxe sample) is a mineral based beauty balm with 30 SPF, formulated without parabens, sulfates or phthalates, intended as an all stop shop for your skin.  While that sounds good, this comes only in one shade, and that shade was too orangey pink for my skin tone.  Dermadoctor DD Cream felt slightly heavy on the skin and gave me a very ‘dewy’ appearance.  I wouldn’t recommend this, especially at the $38 price tag (and for summer, and for most skin tones). 
Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray (8$, full size) is meant to be sprayed onto the hair to give you tousled, wavy hair that mimics the look you get when you’re at the beach.  Sounds good, but this did not work for me.  I have very long, straight hair and this did not give me any waves, and instead made my hair feel crunchy and look frizzy.  This spray would work better for ladies that already have a natural wave or curl in their hair.  Oh, and it has a strong smell of coconut; some of you might enjoy it, and some might really not, but thought I’d mention it.
I hope that was helpful! Let me know what you thought of your bag this month in the comments, I’m curious to know.  
Subscribe to Ipsy here and receive glam bags for $10 a month (affiliate sign-up link)! 

Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M. 


Skincare Aisle Guide - How to pick the best skin care products

To say that buying skin care is difficult would be an understatement.  I’ve often found myself needing a new moisturizer, dragging feet into the skin care aisles, trying to decipher all the bottles and potions, becoming confused, and walking away with a new lipstick and no moisturizer.  The whole process of skin care purchasing is overwhelming and ranks up there with going to the dentist or working on a holiday, or any other “grr” moment you can think of.

For the past few year, I decided to learn more about skincare routines and skincare do’s and don’ts. From MakeupAlley reviews to actually researching completed studies, I wanted to become a more informed consumer.  This skin care info-graphic has been in the draft stage for a while and it’s now ready to share.  And because I’m an attorney where graphs and flowcharts reign supreme, I thought to may as well put my “analytical skills” to work (not to worry, lovely, pretty photos will resume after this post).

Now, let me walk you through using this skin care guide and how-to:

Step 1: Skin concern - In my research, I’ve found that “universal” products do not tend to actually work.  Skin care items that have targeted ingredients are more effective than the “do-all” items.  For example, I’d rather pick a moisturizer that combats dry skin and wrinkles because the ingredients will be formulated and concentrated to target those skin concerns (if a moisturizer combats redness, impurities, pores, anti-aging, and dry skin then you should be skeptical). For Step 1, pick one or up to two concerns you’d like to address.

Step 2: Stage in Routine - Here it is - the five steps in a skin care routine and the order in which to apply products (I needed it written down because I always forget).  To continue with our example above, know exactly what step in the routine you are trying to find a product for.  Are you looking for a treatment such as a serum or are you looking for a moisturizer? Skin care products are formulated based on a specific routine and their effectiveness depends on this routine.

Step 3: Personalize - This is an essential step with three major variables that will help narrow down your search. Consider price - if you have two products that fit step 1 and 2, pick the product that matches your budget.  Consider skin sensitivity - many products will state if formulated for sensitive skin (also watch for language on the packet that informs how strong the product will be).  Lastly, consider if you’ll be using for the day time or night time - for example, a day time moisturizer should have SPF and a night time exfoliant could be left on the skin overnight.

Step 4: Dos and Don’ts - The skin care market has a million and one products available - so narrowing down your best choice for you is the secret to finding the best skin care routine.  If you’ve gotten to Step 4, now is the time to make the final decision and walk to that register and walk out with a product. Consider the dos and don’ts above - if a product has fragrance and other doesn’t, pick the product without fragrance (sometimes listed as perfume) because fragrance is a known skin irritant.  If packaging differs, opt for the sealed, closed container product because ingredients are more likely to be stable and thus more effective.

Skin care is unique based on each individual but there is a universal code and method for picking the best skin care products.  Print this skin care aisle guide or pull it up on your phone next time you go shopping and the whole process will hopefully be much easier!

Do you have any other skin care process advice or tips or tricks when purchasing products? I’m still working on this chart and would love to update it in the future - let me know in the comments!

Stay Pretty, Miranda M.


Breakups to Makeup Birthday Event - Love Raised Me, Lipstick Saved Me

“I would cry, but my mascara is designer.”  A makeup lover can identify with that motto.  From YSL to Chanel, designer mascaras cost way too much to be wasted on unhappy days.  And Breakups to Makeup gets that. With poignant statements and minimalist designs, Angelique Velez, the founder of Breakups to Makeup, has created accessories that proudly announce our love of makeup, our no-nonsense attitude, and our chic style choices.

Breakups to Makeup promotes makeup as an art form and a lifestyle - the mottos are simple but with a big impact.  From shirts to covers to makeup clutches, Breakups to Makeup caters to all makeup lovers (and to all those who had to overcome not-the-best of days in a relationship). I love all the high quality designs and adore the “lipstick saved me” makeup bag, it’s definitely a fan favorite! 

Last evening, I had the opportunity to celebrate the one year anniversary with Breakups to Makeup and had the chance to meet Angelique (whose passion for what she does is greatly apparent and contagious!).  I was able to catch up with and meet fellow beauty bloggers, all while sipping champagne and munching on cake pops.

Be sure to also visit these girls’ blogs as we can never have enough makeup on our reading list: Beauty101 Blog, The Fashion Beauty Junkie, Diva Makeup Queen, Barbie Baby MUA, LoveRoxie, and Miss Yanyi.

Happy Birthday to Breakups to Makeup, and we’re toasting to more lipstick and designer mascaras in your future!

Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M.