Limited Edition Baby Lips - Mad for Magenta and Rose Rush Baby Lips Swatches

April 25, 2021

This on-the-go Baby Lips review seemed appropriate for this past whirlwind of a week. Both my sister and I have been extremely busy with grad school finals and full time work, so we're ready to enjoy a blog-centric weekend.

Mad for Magenta 115 and Rose Rush 120 Baby Lips are part of the Maybelline Limited Edition Get Pink'ed collection. The Pink'ed collection has a total of five Baby Lips with various shades of pink (so, yes, if you collect Baby Lips this is your jackpot of pretty!).  I was able to only find Mad for Magenta and Rose Rush because of the limited release, but I know Maybelline will come up with even more must-have shades in the future.

Mad for Magenta Baby Lips is a very sheer pink shade with cooler undertones. Depending on the pigmentation of your lips, Mad for Magenta may not fully show it's colors - however (and surprisingly), this shade was my favorite out of the two Baby Lips.  The sheer color is perfect for any occasion and you can easily apply even in a rush.  If you're running from meeting to meeting or running between classes, Mad for Magenta is a lovely flush of color that hydrates and sends the message to the world that "hey, I may be a hot mess at the moment but I'm still looking fabulously chic." Mad for Magenta has a strawberry scent and lasts for approximately one hour.

Rose Rush Baby Lips is a pink and coral color that is not too bright or too 'neon' as some corals tend to be.  Unfortunately, I had issues with applying Rose Rush - this Baby Lips shade is streaky, somewhat watery, and applies with difficulty.  In the Rose Rush swatch above, you can notice how half of the swatch is more pigmented and uneven.  As I applied Rose Rush throughout the day, the product was smearing everywhere which prompted by sister to ask "why do your lips look chapped?" (oy, not quite the look I was going for).  This Baby Lips was a great color idea but the concept somewhat failed due to the hydrating nature of the balm. Rose Rush has a candy bubblegum scent and lasts no longer than two hours.

I admit I'm a Baby Lips addict  (for mostly the wrong reasons) - the adorable packaging, the sweet scent, and the sheer colors are a grown-up version of happy lip balm.  I'm looking forward to more Limited Edition releases to add to my collection (and to Maybelline, if you want to take over the world, create more collections based on colors, Disney princesses, ice cream, and everything else under the sun).

Stay Pretty, Miranda M. 


  1. These look so nice! I was disappointed with the Dr. Rescue formula, but I too am excited for more collections in the original xx

    boho vanity ♡

  2. I saw these the other day! I definitely need to try these out xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  3. These look cute, I am a sucker for a lip balm but Rose Rush looks really pretty

  4. I'm obsessed with Baby Lips too and need to stop myself from buying all the limited edition ones, but it is so hard because they're all so cute! An Ice cream or candy sweets (like Jolly Ranchers or Starbursts perhaps) themed collection would be fun if they came out with something like that. I've seen these at Ulta but made myself step away from the display haha, but Mad for Magenta is looking good to add to my collection.. haha

  5. Soooo awesome! In singapore we've only got a total of like 6 baby lips or 8 and we've only just received 2 or 3 new ones with color. Our baby lips aren't the same colors and packaging here! I really would like the lighter pink one!

  6. I love the layout of your photos on this post!

  7. Love these shades! lol the packaging really does suck you in! I love the packaging!