IMATS NYC 2014 - IMATS Tips and IMATS Haul

My sister and I attended IMATS NYC this past weekend and we can’t wait to share our experience, our IMATS haul, and tips for future conference events. If you’re not sure what IMATS is all about, let me describe it to you - imagine an enormous place with dozens of makeup booths, product discounts, whimsical costume makeup, beauty samples, edgy fashion, and live presentations by renowned makeup artists. Add some frenzied shopping and lots of photo taking and you’ve officially arrived at IMATS.

As this was our first year attending, we did not know what to expect.  Somehow, our non-knowledge and blissful ignorance resulted in an absolutely amazing event where everything worked out and we completed everything on our itinerary (and wish list!). As we were unwinding at dinner and re-hashing and re-living the moments from IMATS, we came to the realization as to why IMATS was so amazing.  Every single person there, from teens shopping with their parents to groups of best friends, absolutely loved makeup and wanted to be there.  You could see it in everyone’s energy - we were all primped up, we were ready to shop, we loved swatching, and we loved debating shades with the strangers next to us. The makeup and beauty lovers camaraderie was in full force and contributed to a wonderful event. 

My sister, Mackenzie, brought up that we’ve never actually shared a haul (what with actual budgeting and all), so we’re happy to have our first haul post come from IMATS. We varied our products and purchased items that were on our wishlist and are not as easy to locate. For the China Glaze haul, we picked six colorful summer shades (cost $20.00 with no taxes). I went on an eyeliner binge and purchased the Stila Waterproof Eyeliner Alloy (priced $13.00) and Lime Crime Blue Milk Liquid eyeliner (priced $10.00). Mackenzie found the perfect coral shades in this Inglot eye shadow palette (priced $36.00) and replenished her lip product stash with NYX lip butters and Lime Crime Coquette nude lipstick. We both needed specialized makeup brushes so we opted for the affordable Morphe brushes (prices ranged from $3.00 to $9.00).

If you ever have the opportunity to attend, we highly recommend going to IMATS - if you love makeup, it’s a must! Stay tuned for our next post featuring swatches and a tips and tricks list for surviving IMATS.

Stay Pretty, Mackenzie and Miranda M.
  • Miranda Lamb

    loving everything you got! so jealous that you were there. I want to go someday SO bad!

  • Claire

    Wow you picked up some lovely things, love the China Glaze polishes, the neon colours always get me :)
    xxx Claire

  • 1reddiva83

    I love IMATS in NYC because its close but I want to go IMATS LA next year. Weren’t the lines at Limecrime and NYX crazy?!

    • Pretty Squared

      I did see the IMATS LA exhibitor list and was a bit jealous haha the lines were so ridiculous, did you wait the whole time? we waited until 4:30 pm to get in line to Limecrime otherwise we would have wasted hours and hours. we were very lucky to grab these goodies haha

  • drinkcitra

    Such a wonderful haul! Someday I will be going to an IMATS event! 😀

    • Pretty Squared

      we’re quite enamored with our haul haha! you definitely should it’s a ton of fun


    cool pics and great products :)

    fashion blog

    • Pretty Squared

      thank you!

  • Coco N

    Aw, would have loved to see you at IMATS!

    • Pretty Squared

      I know!! I wish we would have as well..but it really was way too crazy out there haha good crazy

  • kfc

    I would love to experience IMATS at least once! haha I love convention type things and just love how everything (almost) is in one place! I loved the items you picked out especially the lippies and nail polish. 6 polishes for $20 is such a good deal!


    • Pretty Squared

      I didn’t know I loved conventions until I got there haha it’s just buzzing with people that love makeup. we had so much fun picking up the haul, and when we passed by the nail polish we said we can’t walk away haha

  • Sara Passing

    Oh man, I love everything you picked <3 CG has some amazing neon colors too¨!

    • Pretty Squared

      haha I know we were so excited!

  • Lys ModestMix

    I have a Lime Crime lipstick too and I LOVE it!

    • Pretty Squared

      haven’t tried it yet as I need to photograph it first but when I swatched it at IMATS it was wonderful!

  • DrugStoreDreamer

    Love your haul! NYX Butter Glosses are amazing! I have never tried anything from Lime Crime but hopefully soon Ill make a purchase!

    • Pretty Squared

      I love nyx butter glosses and they taste so yummy too haha