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The Makeup Show NYC - Makeup Show Information and Show Wishlist

I can always guess when I’m watching a dream sequence in a movie because things are just too good. Let me set that scene for you - a montage of shopping, beautiful clothes twirling, whimsical creatures floating about, smiles from everyone, and vibrant colors set against an even more vibrant city. While some events are truly part of the imaginary, the scene I just described is very much real and very much happening on May 4th and 5th in New York City.

The Makeup Show is a professionals only event open to all those ‘dreamers’ in the beauty and fashion industry. True to its name, The Makeup Show is focused toward makeup artists, hairstylists, estheticians, cosmetologists, agents, models, and stylists.  Continuing on its nine year tradition, the Show features hands-on workshops with expert makeup artists (and that’s “artist” in every sense of the word!), keynote speakers from throughout the beauty industry, and kit building series. An array of makeup and beauty brands, from Beautylish to Kevyn Aucoin, are also available to interact with the attendees and introduce new collections. The whole event is meant to be an industry experience where individuals learn from each other and gain inspiration in a creative setting.

My sister and I will have the wonderful opportunity of attending The Makeup Show in a press capacity - we’ll be documenting all the makeup news, expert tricks and tips, and of course, the shopping (our Makeup Show wishlist is inspired by the best products and the brightest of shades). As your “women on the inside,” feel free to let us know in the comments if you’re looking for any specific coverage or wish to learn more about  the brands exhibiting at The Makeup Show. 

Visit The Makeup Show for ticket information, frequently asked questions, and blog updates from the Show’s organizers (Shelly Taggar, the owner of The Makeup Show, is the brains and brawn behind the whole event and her enthusiasm and dedication are simply contagious).
Finally, let’s talk about our beauty wishes. NARS and MAC makeup on sale? Legendary makeup artists creating out of this world looks? Swatching every possible color and falling in love with brand new products? A girl can dream… (or a girl can get herself tickets to the Makeup Show this weekend).

And in the most fitting of clichés, my sister and I declare that it’s time to get this Show started!

Stay Pretty, Miranda and Mackenzie M.

Flowers and Lace Nail Art with Nail Art Gems

With nail art, it’s the little things that count (the really tiny, teeny little things).

For this flowers and lace nail art design, I kept the color palette simple and the shapes clean. Using Essie Mademoiselle, I drew delicate cherry blossom flowers that complemented the baby blue Sally Hasen base. I added lace nail art designs throughout to make the final look cohesive (lace is quite easy to draw on but if you’re still skeptical be sure try our step by step nail art tutorial).

And now, for a bit of edge and a bit sparkle, I added these bar rhinestones from Tmart as accents. The rhinestones are quite miniature so application has to be more precise (however, I like the smaller size as the gems do not overwhelm the overall design). When my sister was visiting this past weekend, she asked how the gems are actually staying on (which made me realize that some may not have experience with how to apply rhinestones to nails).  To apply gems, I dab a small dot of Seche Vite on the nail and using tweezers or nail art tools I pick up the gem and apply each individually (you can add a top coat for good measure, but this may cause the luster finish to dull). Be sure to wait long enough to allow the base to dry and the rhinestones will stay on safely until time for removal.

Tmart carries a wide and affordable selection of nail art tools and nail art rhinestones - I used the small silver glitter gems as I wanted to create a subtle 3D effect. My nail ornament wheel, which cost only $3.50, includes basic shapes such as flowers, half moons, stars, circles, rectangle bars, and teardrops (next on my wish list are these lovely pastel pearls).

If you like simple nail designs, consider adding nail art rhinestones and gems for just the right amount of shine.

Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M. 

Limited Edition Baby Lips - Mad for Magenta and Rose Rush Baby Lips Swatches

This on-the-go Baby Lips review seemed appropriate for this past whirlwind of a week. Both my sister and I have been extremely busy with grad school finals and full time work, so we’re ready to enjoy a blog-centric weekend.

Mad for Magenta 115 and Rose Rush 120 Baby Lips are part of the Maybelline Limited Edition Get Pink’ed collection. The Pink’ed collection has a total of five Baby Lips with various shades of pink (so, yes, if you collect Baby Lips this is your jackpot of pretty!).  I was able to only find Mad for Magenta and Rose Rush because of the limited release, but I know Maybelline will come up with even more must-have shades in the future.

Mad for Magenta Baby Lips is a very sheer pink shade with cooler undertones. Depending on the pigmentation of your lips, Mad for Magenta may not fully show it’s colors - however (and surprisingly), this shade was my favorite out of the two Baby Lips.  The sheer color is perfect for any occasion and you can easily apply even in a rush.  If you’re running from meeting to meeting or running between classes, Mad for Magenta is a lovely flush of color that hydrates and sends the message to the world that “hey, I may be a hot mess at the moment but I’m still looking fabulously chic.” Mad for Magenta has a strawberry scent and lasts for approximately one hour.

Rose Rush Baby Lips is a pink and coral color that is not too bright or too ‘neon’ as some corals tend to be.  Unfortunately, I had issues with applying Rose Rush - this Baby Lips shade is streaky, somewhat watery, and applies with difficulty.  In the Rose Rush swatch above, you can notice how half of the swatch is more pigmented and uneven.  As I applied Rose Rush throughout the day, the product was smearing everywhere which prompted by sister to ask “why do your lips look chapped?” (oy, not quite the look I was going for).  This Baby Lips was a great color idea but the concept somewhat failed due to the hydrating nature of the balm. Rose Rush has a candy bubblegum scent and lasts no longer than two hours.

I admit I’m a Baby Lips addict  (for mostly the wrong reasons) - the adorable packaging, the sweet scent, and the sheer colors are a grown-up version of happy lip balm.  I’m looking forward to more Limited Edition releases to add to my collection (and to Maybelline, if you want to take over the world, create more collections based on colors, Disney princesses, ice cream, and everything else under the sun).

Stay Pretty, Miranda M. 

He Texted Book Launch Event - He Texted: The Ultimate Guide to Decoding Guys

If I were to become stranded on an island and I could only bring one item with me, I’d take my phone (that decision would be made easily, with no hesitation).  From nail art to online shopping to Kindle books and cat videos, my phone would fulfill all my stranded needs (oh, did I not mention my island has unlimited, high speed wireless internet connection?).

Among some of my favorite sites to visit is where girls can give and get advice on decoding perplexing guy texts (because everyone who owns a phone has received at least one ‘wth’ text). The website is essentially a relationship forum that allows for unbiased conversations on dating questions or dilemmas.  And if you’re like me and you’re looking for the spark notes version of the web site, you should probably run to your nearest Barnes and Nobles or Amazon account and check out the “He Texted: The Ultimate Guide to Decoding Guys” book.  Authored by Lisa Winning and Carrie Henderson McDermott, the founders of the HeTexed website, this book is an easy and fun read with valuable advice and real-life scenarios that are bound to ring a bell or bring back some what-was-I-thinking memories.

As part of the Her Campus network, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the HeTexted book launch event at the Nicole Miller boutique in Soho. With its feminine decor and splashes of color, the Nicole Miller boutique was the perfect setting for the HeTexted launch party. The authors were absolutely lovely, the store was lined with awe-inspiring prints, and the hosts were great company (and cupcakes were served, if there was any doubt on how much fun I had). At the end of the evening, HerCampus generously provided gift bags that included a copy of HeTexted. As you can probably already tell, I was inspired to create candy nail art based on the cover, and I spent the weekend reading more than halfway through the book.

Thank you to HeTexted, Her Campus, and Nicole Miller for an absolutely wonderful evening (and if I were to be stranded in the Nicole Miller shop with a copy of HeTexted, I’d accept and resign to my fate of fun prose and bright fashion).

He Texted: The Ultimate Guide to Decoding Guys is currently available to purchase online and in stores at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M.