Venus Snap at Target - Mini-razor on the Go

We all use products that we take for granted but are absolute essentials in our beauty routines.  A good razor is tough to find - just take a look at all the online reviews and forums dedicated to the various razors on the market and you’ll realize we’re quite serious about our grooming products.  Think about this, how many times have your traveled somewhere, discovered that you forgot to pack your razor, and went into a no-razor-meltdown? (Seriously though, I always have to remind myself to pack it because I inadvertently need it for whatever occasion).
When I had the opportunity to review the Gillette Venus Embrace Snap Razor, I didn’t hesitate for one bit.  The Snap Razor is a tiny little product that comes with a cute compact case and is easily portable. Despite its miniature size, the razor performs as well as every other Gillette Venus product - the Snap Razor has a rubber handle that is easy to grip, has a water activated moisture ribbon for smooth glide, and has an easy to maneuver pivoting top. Oh, and it’s perfect for shaving! The compact blue case is also a big plus - gone are the days of wrapping razors in paper towels as the case ensures the razor is safely stored.
I started writing this post to describe my work desk beauty tool essentials (hence the photo above), but quickly realized that the Snap Razor is actually suited for any and every event. Whether traveling abroad, going out of town, working out at the gym, staying at friend’s overnight, or going to the beach, this Gillette razor is effective and easy to carry.  Priced at $10.00 at Target, the Snap Razor is worth the investment as it can use refillable cartridges. Since shaving razors are a part of our beauty routine, the Snap Razor is a welcomed addition (plus, it’s so cute!). 

Gillette Venus markets the Snap Razor as smoothness-on-the-go and I couldn’t agree more!

Stay Pretty, Miranda M. 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.
  • drinkcitra

    Aw this is the cutest razor ever! I need to get this for traveling! This would have been great on my last trip where I was trying to take as little as possible and minimizing bulk.

    • Pretty Squared

      the handle is very tiny, aka very cute haha It’s perfect for traveling because of its size but the thing is, it actually works as a normal sized razor so it’s definitely worth it

  • Jessica

    It’s so precious! I’m going on a few trips soon so you’ve throughly convinced me through your photos alone that I need this! Razors don’t take up too much space but having a small portable case like this means I can transport it safely and actually remember to grab it!

    • Pretty Squared

      haha glad we could help! I totally forgot to add that to the post - it really is safe to transport and not bulky at all (adding that observation now :))

  • Lenka Moravcikova

    This is such amazing idea, I travel a lot and would become my stable in seconds!:-) I really like that it also has and travel case which is very useful!

    • Pretty Squared

      that’s so great you travel a lot! if so, then this is perfect for you, it’s so easy to carry around. I’m surprised more companies didn’t think about it because it’s been a life saver.