Top Ten Best Beauty Apps via Walmart Family Mobile Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans

March 17, 2021

 This "Top Ten" post was sponsored by the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community.
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With the sheer number of beauty applications available for our smart phones, beauty advice, tutorials, and reviews are easily at our fingertips. Because our time (and phone storage) is valuable, I put together a list of the top ten 'must-have' beauty apps. As part of the Collective Bias community, I had the opportunity to purchase the WalMart Family Mobile Plan and Galaxy Exhibit Phone.  I was excited to participate in this campaign as I do in fact use (and fully recommend!) the unlimited talk, text, and data plan from Family Mobile.  The Family Mobile service is easy to use, is low cost, and is compatible with many smart phones.  Overall, WalMart Family Mobile services allow for saving money via their lowest priced unlimited plans, using affordable smart phones, and having a customizable plan with no set contract. The Galaxy Exhibit Phone retails for only $98.88 (and can easily be purchased using your tax return!).  The top ten beauty apps featured below are also compatible with the Galaxy Exhibit android phone platform. Now, let's get to downloading!

Beautylish (Inspiration Central) - This app has it all: shop, get inspired, upload your own photos, and participate in the forums. Beautilish is easy to use and delivers pretty photo overload from makeup artists to makeup aficionados. 

Makeup Alley (Most Useful) - If you shop for any type of makeup or skincare, you should do it with Makeup Alley by your side.  This application has numerous reviews for every product you can think of and ratings that are always spot on.

Instagram (Real Time Pretty) - From bloggers to brands, Instagram has a ton of hashtags that can help you find products, swatches, makeup looks, and nail art tutorials. 

Flipboard Beauty (Smart Beauty Reads) - Set your categories based on your preferences, and you can start reading magazine articles, blog posts, social commentary, and everything and anything written about beauty.

Sephora to Go (Most Popular) - This application requires no introduction. It's Sephora. Download it. Enjoy it. (You're welcome!).

Pretty in My Pocket (Most Versatile) - Pretty in My Pocket has become increasingly popular as the PRIMP beauty community has grown.  This application delivers product reviews and associated tutorials on how to use a product. Featured content and personalized recommendations ensure that your beauty picks are customized to your wishes.

Glamzy Pro and Nail Art Salon (Most Fun) - Using a MAC face chart, Glamzy allows you to create your own makeup using real products from various brands such as MAC, YSL, L'Oreal, and more. Similarly, with Nail Art Salon, you can experiment with pretty nail art designs.  If you want to experiment with makeup looks and nail art without actually doing the work, these apps should already be on your smartphone.

Good Guide (Best of Green Beauty) - By directly scanning bar codes, Good Guide helps you purchase safe, healthy, and green products using expert ratings and descriptions (as a bonus, Good Guide also helps with food, household, and electronics purchases). 

Beauty Craft (DIy Destination) - This app teaches you how to make all natural and effective beauty and skincare products using ingredients from your pantry. With photo step by step instructions, Beauty Craft recipes are perfect for pure and natural beauty lovers. 

Stay Pretty, Miranda M.

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