The Perfect Pink: Chanel Candeur Review - Chanel Candeur Swatch

I’m not a sales person, but I’m about to try and sell this Chanel lipstick to all of you. Why? Because this is one of my favorite lipsticks, I wholeheartedly recommend it, and while costly, it’s more than worth the investment. 
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Candeur (Coco Shine 68) is a hydrating Chanel lipstick that delivers vibrant color, strong pigmentation, a touch of sparkle, and a ton of shine.  The Coco Shine formula helps moisturize lips and also makes lips appear fuller. Chanel Candeur is a combination pink and peach shade that creates the perfect pink pout.  What makes this lipstick unique is the perfect balance of everything - hydrating while not too sticky, shimmery without actual glitter, pigmented but still wearable, and natural while also a bit seductive. 
The balm-like formula does not last very long (think about an hour or so), but your lips will look their absolute best the whole time you are wearing the Chanel Coco Shine (insert “or your money back” phrase here). Because I still have to be realistic about my budget, I tend to use Chanel Candeur only for special occasions or events (but girl, do I feel awesome on those special occasions!). Candeur is my perfect pink, and as long as Chanel will make it, I’ll be buying it.  
Everything from the texture to the rose scent and the absolutely beautiful Chanel packaging makes this lipstick worth its ($35.00) value - so head over to the Chanel counter and find your favorite shade from the Coco Shine collection (there are over thirty options so everyone has a choice).  So, do you need this? Yes, yes you do. 

Stay Pretty, Miranda M. 

  • Claire

    Gorgeous shade, I think there is definitely a Chanel shades hole in my make up collection :)
    xxx Claire

  • Confessions Of A City Girl

    What a beautiful color! Hmmm, may have to go swatch this

    Confessions Of A City Girl

    • Pretty Squared

      you definitely should, they have a ton of colors too so if you want something more colorful for spring, I bet you can find it

  • Miss Louise

    Soooo pretty! I’ve actually never been to interested in Chanel products..but this post has definitely sparked some interest 😉

    • Pretty Squared

      you should try at least one product, like I said, it’s so balanced and so worth it I bet you’ll love it!

  • drinkcitra

    It’s gorgeous! I love the look of that shade!

    • Pretty Squared

      thank you, the shade is really pretty!

  • jess buckley

    Ahh this is so pretty, I’ve always wanted to try a Chanel lippie!

    • Pretty Squared

      give it a try! (or at least sample them at the Chanel stand, you may just find one you love)

  • kfc

    Rose scented?! That alone has me sold…lolz, perhaps I’ll treat myself in another couple months..i have been wanting a Chanel product for some time now..this line seems right up my alley! Thanks for sharing =)

    • Pretty Squared

      I know …the packaging is what sold me initially! you definitely should, I just budget for it by not buying drugstore stuff for a month let me know what shade you get, I may want a darker red one.