Pretty in Blush - How to Change Makeup from Day to Night

Transforming your makeup doesn’t have to be complicated - you don’t need a thousand and one products, and you don’t need any special skills to transition your look from day to night.  I am a full time graduate student and my sisters is an attorney, so we often find ourselves (at the end of a long day) having to go to additional evening events and gatherings.  And because makeup doesn’t tend to last longer than eight hours (especially after a long day of errands), it’s important to keep a few products handy. For an evening makeup look, I emphasize the eyes and add a pop of color for the lips.  Again, there’s no need to carry false lashes or a whole eyeshadow palette - small changes can make a big difference.
Day look makeup products used: Milani Rose D’Oro blush,  Maybelline Stormy Sahara Buff Lipstick, Bare Minerals eyeshadow pigment in “Heart.”  Milani Rose D’Oro adds glow to the skin while Maybelline Stormy Sahara buff lipstick creates a day-appropriate pink nude lip shade.  Bare Minerals Heart (swatch above), brightens the eyes and ads definition without looking too “done up.”
Night look makeup products used: Milani Luminoso blush, Too Faced Marshmallow Bunny La Creme Lipstick, and Bare Minerals eyeshadow pigment in “Never too Rich Brown.” Too Faced Marshmallow Bunny is a bubblegum pink that compliments the peach shades in the Milani Luminoso blush. The darker Bare Minerals eye shadow lends itself for a shimmery yet conservative smokey eye.  
Bare Minerals pigments are easy to use because depending on application, pigments create a dimensional and pretty look in a few minutes. Bare Minerals eye shadows have strong pigmentation, adhere easily with no need for primer, and are long lasting without creasing. By layering the pigments, you can vary the intensity of the eye makeup (and if you use with a wet brush, the Bare Minerals pigments can mimic an eyeliner).
No matter  what your every day schedule is, you’ll likely find yourself having to transition your makeup from day to night.  By carrying multi-use products in the same color range, you’ll be ready for any impromptu happy hour or dinner date. 

Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M.  
  • kfc

    Yesss ! I love the Stormy Sahara lipstick color !

  • Miranda Lamb

    Love your choices and I totally agree you don’t need a lot to change looks. I like to keep it simple so this this is totally something I would do!

    Oh and you look gorgeous!

  • drinkcitra

    Love this! It’s so true that you don’t need a lot of products to go from day to night 😀 You look amazing!

  • casuallyawkward

    I loved this post! So helpful and lovely photos (:
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin’

    • Pretty Squared

      Thank you Stefanie!

  • Jade CosmeticEffect

    I’m always looking for easy ways to amp up my makeup or touch it up for evening wear and this post laid it out nicely for me. I love how you do your little heart swatches- too cute!

    • Pretty Squared

      Glad we could help, so frustrating to see these kind of tutorials with about 10 products (nobody got time for that haha!)

  • Coco N

    Wonderful post! You look beautiful x

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      thank you Coco!

  • Violette

    Great post! I really want to try that milani blush and bare minerals eye shadow.

    • Pretty Squared

      They’re all wonderful products, you definitely should!

  • Brittany Messner

    I loooove that Too Faced lipstick! I have it in Juicy Melons and it is one of my favourites, such a lovely formula 😉

    xx -b.

    • Pretty Squared

      I love Too Faced lipsticks too, I’m surprised they’re not more popular!