Nude Wear Physician’s Formula Swatch and Review - Nude Wear Blush

If I were to sum up my makeup loves in a few words, they’d be “bow,” “rose gold,” “pink” and “blush.” Physicians Formula managed to combine all these in the Nude Wear Spring 2014 Collection but the product somehow left me wanting more.

The Physicians Formula Glowing Nude Blush in Rose is a blush made-up of four mutli-colored palettes that are meant to brighten and enhance skin tone while adding a natural touch of color.  Nude Wear Rose contains a blue based pink, a soft almost white peach, a darker peach rose shade, and a bright pink shade. In the swatch photo above, the right swatch shows Nude Wear blended and the other swatches show each individual color. The words “Nude Wear” are dusted with shimmer but the overlay is removed on first use - Rose does contain slight shimmer, but overall, the blush is matte. Packaging wise, the whole Nude Wear collection is absolutely beautiful and this product can easily rival higher end makeup packaging (the included brush and mirror are surprisingly handy and useful). 

Let’s talk about the issues with this (adorable looking) blush - priced at over $14.00, the Nude Wear quality is lacking and is not comparable to the usual Physicians Formula Mood Boosting formula.  The blush is barely pigmented and it takes several brush swipes to make the product visible.  The formula itself is highly powdery and is thus difficult to blend and apply. Because of the texture, the blush does not last and fades within a few hours.  Nude Wear advertises perfecting nude pigments for a skin glowing finish but even if you try to use this product as a face powder, you’ll have difficulty (plus, the shades are too dark).

The makeup lover in me was disappointed when I first used Nude Wear Rose - the blush is stunning and has beautiful shades but the quality of the product is not up to par (compare to our review of Happy Booster blush).  Physicians Formula is a more expensive brand at the drugstore so prior to purchasing their products I recommend always reading reviews.  Physicians Formula has some absolutely great products that I use daily and are actually worth the investment (products linked below).

I considered purchasing the Nude Wear Touch of Glow highlighter pen but have not found it in drugstores yet. Have you tried anything from the Nude Wear Spring collection - what has been your experience with this collection?

Stay Pretty, Miranda M.

  • Arielle Thibodeaux

    Wow, that’ really sad how not good it was. I also thing $14 is a bit steep for the drugstore. I love the happiness booster, too.

  • Miss Louise

    I’ve always been weary of their cheek products because I find this lacking formula to be a trend with them! However, a lot of reviews were positive and there were some great deals going around…I was tempted to pick one up! Thank you for reminding me why I don’t like most of their cheek products!!

  • Brittany Messner

    Yep, this packaging was MADE for you! It’s soooo pretty and girly.

    Too bad the colour payoff is such s fail! Maybe they’ll get it right next time 😉

    xx -b.

  • Sharlynn Ng

    It looks soooooo pretty but really the pigmentation overall is a let down! If it had more punch in terms of color it would be beautiful! I haven’t got the happy booster blush but would love to have it!

  • Pretty Squared

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  • vicki bruce

    This looks like it should be amazing but is sounds like it was a little disappointing. Such a shame

    • Pretty Squared

      I tried to wear it different ways and used primer but the longevity just wasn’t there. I would try different blushes from them I love the Mood Boosting blush.

  • Martha Woods

    I’m so glad I read your review-I was going to buy this as a spring treat for myself, but it doesn’t sound nearly worth the price tag! How disappointing.

    • Pretty Squared

      For the $15 it costs, you could get yourself a MAC lipstick and be assured it would be great quality. The quality just isn’t worth the price tag. Glad we could help!

  • Ellie

    oh, this product sounds really dissapointing :( Such a shame, the packaging is so lovely! Thanks for the post


    • Pretty Squared

      I hope it helped, especially because of the price (I’m keeping the product because of the packaging but I would have returned it if packaging was so pretty)