Winter Necessities - Cold Weather Skincare and Beauty Favorites

The winter in New York has been eventful - we’ve had quite a bit of snow and cold days, and we’re expecting more to come.  But, the calmness of watching snowflakes fall makes the bitter cold a little more worth it, right (right!)? In this post, I wanted to share with you the few winter necessities I have been using these cold months to make sure I keep my skin healthy and my mood lifted.

I have noticed this winter season that my hands were really suffering from the dry and cold air.  Carrying groceries through New York and often using my iPhone for directions (and Instagram, ahem) took its toll on my skin.  I carry a small tube of lotion in my purse and whenever I get a chance on the subway, you bet you’ll find me applying some.  I’ve been loving this sample tube of the Nourish Organic Coconut and Argan Lotion - this coconut argan lotion is moisturizing because of the its natural oils and absorbs into the skin very fast.  The scent is quite unusual and reminds me of peppercorns (weird, I know), but I grew accustomed to its original and surprisingly pleasant scent.

For my night routine, I also apply the Burt’s Bees Hand Salve (costs only $6.00) to repair any damage or redness from the winter cold.  This Burt’s Bees lotion is a very emollient and thick solution so I recommend applying it before bed as a night nourishing step instead of during day (you’d have lots of greasy door handles around!).  Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil is a perfect solution for your entire body, as it contains extra remedies compared to a lotion (Vitamin E); the Palmer’s Oil soaks in quickly and a little bit of it goes a long way (as a note, the therapy oil has a strong cocoa scent). With freezing wind and lots of hats, hoodies, and beanies, Psst Instant Dry Shampoo Spray is perfect to fix and tame messy hair.

To keep my face moisturized and exfoliated, I’ve been making sure to apply a gentle mask twice a week. The Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic mask is perfect (and not only because of the fitting name), but because this Lush mask is formulated with natural ingredients and is perfect for sensitive skin during these cold months.  When applying my foundation, I’ve been steering towards my Beauty Blender to incorporate more hydration and to be more gentle on my skin during my makeup routine.  The Nars Oasis blush has been the perfect fall color for my cheeks to give my skin some natural flush - Nars Oasis is a mauve color with red hints and golden shimmer running throughout.

Lips are very sensitive to the cold weather, so I’ve been trying to make sure my lips are protected at all times. You can always find an EOS lip balm in my purse, and I promise you it gets a lot of love from me: EOS balms are moisturizing, have natural ingredients and apply easy on the go (I’ve even made my boyfriend a believer).  For my night time routine, I use Lush Popcorn lip scrub to exfoliate my lips, and I apply the  Malin+Goetz Mojito lip balm before bed as a little treat to myself.  The Mojito lip balm can be cumbersome to apply on the go, and I like to savor the scent as I’m relaxing in bed reading by a candle.

Speaking of candles, this is prime time candle season - every night can be a little more magical if you light a scented candle by your bedside.  The Woodwick Vanilla Bean candle smells yummy and has a crackling sound effect as it burns, perfectly conveying a cozy winter night.

Winter and cold weather always seem to last forever so you have to be prepared in your skincare and beauty routine - hope this post was helpful and be sure to keep warm. Let me know in the comments if you have any winter necessities favorites!

Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M.
  • Claire

    Ooh Nars Oasis blush is gorgeous, I’ve not heard that much about this one :)
    xxx Claire

  • Miranda

    Lovin all your picks! I need to try a lush mask SO badly!! I always hear great things!

  • Alyssa Claerhout

    The Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask is my favourite! I’ve been using hand cream and lip balm religiously the past weeks, it really makes all the difference for when I’m going outside.

  • Erin Bailey

    The blush is so pretty! I love the Lush lip scrubs too :)

  • SheerBeauty (Kayla)

    The Nars blush is really pretty! Something I think I’m going to have to check out in person at Sephora :)

    Sheer Beauty Blog

  • jess buckley

    omg I need to try the beauty blender! It’s definitely on my birthday wishlist!

  • Coco N

    Oasis is such a beautiful color. The Mojito lip balm sounds very nice x

  • Kaelyn Hrabak

    I would love to try the Burt’s Bees salve for my hands (they get a little scaly come winter time), as for cold weather essentials, candles are also a necessity as well as a good skin care routine with lots of moisturizer, nourishing and healing lip balm, and a good full coverage foundation (my favorite being the Tarte Amazonian Clay 24 Hour Liquid Foundation). I want spring to come so desperately though… :-(

    • Pretty Squared

      I’m feeling you on the scaly hands bit :( I think oils and lotions are so important, I’ll always be reminding people and giving them lotion sporadically lol I’ll have to try that Tarte Foundation, the foundation search is never over. And I’m with you on Spring - it’s going to be glorious when it does arrive :) xo

  • Arielle Thibodeaux

    I love the Pssst!, too. It’s such a life saver. I also agree that the Malin is a bit cumbersome but it works great :)

    • Pretty Squared

      I remember seeing your post on it and I agree it smells so good and doesn’t feel icky when applied (for lack of a better term lol). And glad you agree about the Malin it feels so unique on the lips I love it :) xo

  • Olga

    the blush looks amazing! I am also a big fan of Lush lip scrubs, I am using Santa’s at the moment :)

    • Pretty Squared

      I might have to try that one, curious about what it smells and tastes like! I’m still going through my Popcorn one, it’s been lasting me a bit :)

  • Tamira Alison

    That NARS blush is absolutely beautiful, I’d never seen that colour before. I keep seeing these Woodwick candles everywhere and they look gorgeous - really want to try one! T xx

    • Pretty Squared

      It’s a lovely natural shade that looks great on warm undertoned skin types - pinks don’t look so hot on me but they mauvey red shades do. And the Woodwick candles are pretty cool they have a different way of burning through wood wicks to last longer and they smell delicious :) xo

  • Sara Passing

    Love Nars blushes, my fav is Deep throat but would love to try out Oasis :)

    • Pretty Squared

      I will have to buy that one soon - I’ve been eyeing it quite a bit 😉 I think Nars blushes are so worth investing in and that might be the next one I add to my collection xo

  • casuallyawkward

    You can always find an EOS lip balm in my purse as well!

    • Pretty Squared

      For sure! I gave one to my boyfriend for Christmas and he’s totally into it now too lol it’s one of the best and affordable lip balms out there xo

  • Celina

    NARS Oasis looks lovely! I’ve been using NARS Sin for the past month and it’s just such a fantastic plum shade! I simply adore NARS blushes and I’m starting to venture into the rest of their products too!
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

    • Pretty Squared

      I’ve been loving Sin too! That’s so cool that you love it too :) Oasis is more red toned and it reads more natural on the skin but they’ve both been staples this winter xo

  • Beyond Blush

    I love that Lush mask & NARS Oasis looks beautiful! :)


    • Pretty Squared

      The Lush was a gift from my sister and it’s been such a treat! Thanks for stopping by :) xo