Beauty Blender Dupe Comparison - Beauty Blender Review

No one likes to hear “I told you so” but if that’s what it takes to discover and experience something new, then so be it. With that somewhat confusing introduction, let me walk you through how to get a flawless, photoshopped makeup look (I do realize this is now even more confusing).

Chances are you’ve seen or at least heard of the Beauty Blender - and like me, chances are you didn’t purchase it because the Beauty Blender is just a sponge, is nothing special, is expensive, and is over hyped.  So, you probably walked right past the Beauty Blender and tried a foundation brush, a stippling brush, or some kind of a much cheaper Beauty Blender dupe.

In a comparison with any other foundation tools, the Beauty Blender is the absolute best tool to apply foundation (I know that’s a strong statement, but I fully stand behind it!). The Beauty Blender shape and material lend themselves to a flawless foundation application on any and every kind of skin type - because the Beauty Blender has to first be wet, the final look also looks luminous and dewy (and becomes a smooth, matte finish). The Beauty Blender is easy to clean with its own cleanser or liquid soap, so unlike a brush, you apply clean makeup on a clean face.  I’ve tried other purported dupes like the Sonia Kashuk Beauty Sponge, and the comparison isn’t even worth the time - the Beauty Blender is still superior to any other kind of makeup sponge.  I’ve also tested several popular foundation brushes and found that the bristles of the brushes emphasized dry skin and left streaks and marks of foundation. The Beauty Blender size is perfect for all angles, provides full coverage without showing imperfections, and works with almost every kind of foundation or BB cream. Reader Maria Cardoza commented that you can also wait for coupon releases or a store sale to receive the Beauty Blender at a discount (for example, Sephora 20% storewide or Cherry Culture which also sell value packs).

My sister, Mackenzie, was the one who ultimately bought me the Beauty Blender and convinced me to try it - the results are absolutely impressive (I could go on and on why this product is worth its cost). So, go out and invest in the Beauty Blender, and once you realize how beautiful your makeup looks, I’ll probably confirm it with “I told you so.”

Stay Pretty, Miranda M.
  • Maria Cardoza

    I have a beauty blender pro which is the black beauty blender and the first time I bought it was on Cherry Culture with a coupon code so it was totally worth it because it came with the solid BB cleanser which is like $16 on it’s own. I say that the beauty blender is a great investment when it comes to makeup, but I think it’s also good to be smart about your money, so I normally wait ’till cherry culture has a coupon code or when Sephora has an awesome deal like they did during the holidays.

    • Pretty Squared

      Thank you for the recommendation Maria! I added your comment to the post :)