Revlon Parfumerie Review - Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish Swatch

Let’s talk about the products in the beauty aisle that make us giddy with excitement and put a big, bright happy smile on our faces. Collect adorable packaging? Yup. Looking for a great bargain? Always. Buy all colors for all occasions? Clearly. Swoon over whimsical scents? Of course. Love nail polish? Check and double check.

Revlon Parfumerie nail polishes are a combination of all the things we love and expect from a beauty favorite - great quality, lots of colors, and the added fun element of scented nail polish. If you’re a skeptic, I highly recommend purchasing at least one Revlon Parfumerie in your favorite scent (the light perfume just makes the whole nail polish experience even better, as if that needed to be improved!). The Revlon Parfumerie Nail Enamel collection has over 20 polishes in three categories: fruits and florals, freshes, and sweets and spices - the color selection is accordingly large, and there’s a shade for everyone.

Revlon Parfumerie in Espresso (c/o PR sample)  is the reason why I more than recommend trying one of these nail enamels.  Revlon Espresso is a rich dark color with gorgeous depth and shine - in the swatch photo above, I only applied two coats and there is no top coat (Revlon’s not messing around with the shine on this one).  The formula is initially thin on first application, but it dries easily and very smooth. Scent wise, this nail polish reminds me of bitter chocolate and coffee beans (in other words, delicious!).  Due to the thinner formula, I experienced no major chipping, and the polish wore beautifully. 

Revlon Parfumerie in Fresh Linen (c/o PR sample) is a frosty white with a metallic and pearl finish. Due to the finish, application was streaky and somewhat difficult to even out.  Unless you actually prefer pearl polishes, I think a creme polish is a better pick out of the Parfumerie collection (a matte top coat could transform this color while preserving the scent). I applied three coats for full opacity but some streaks are still visible. The lovely Fresh Linen scent was definitely present without being overpowering and the perfume lasted a few days before fading. Overall, the Revlon Parfumerie packaging is smaller than the regular Revlon polishes, and the wand is easy to maneuver even with a dome shape.

Revlon Parfumerie nail polishes are available for $4.99 at drugstores, Ulta, and Target. So, I mean it when I say it that these little bottles are giddy worthy - from the adorable perfume inspired packaging to the vibrant colors, you owe it to your nail-polish-loving-self to try Revlon Parfumerie.

Stay Pretty, Miranda M.
  • destiny1sept

    I put a top coat over mine and it didn’t make a difference, I could still smell the scent. :)

  • Nichola Jayne

    I’ve bought heaps of these and love them to death, your review was one of the first I read on them which helped push me to get them! Love Pink Pineapple and American Tea Rose, I *kinda* liked Fresh Linen but I’m not a white/pale polish person, yet to get enough courage to go Espresso!

    They’re $16 AUD here which SUCKS, but on-par with Revlon pricing here.

    I do have a question… have you tried top coats over these? How does it affect the perfume and the effect of the polish, i’m too scared to try, was wondering if they change at all? xx xx

  • Hilary

    I have the colour Bordeaux, and it’s a stunner! Lasts forever on my nails!

    Hilary | MakeupByHilary

    • Pretty Squared

      I know, I had Espresso for at least 3 days with no chips, great quality! I’ll have to check bordeaux looks right up my alley haha

  • vicki bruce

    These look pretty & I like that they’re perfumed, although i wonder if i would like the scent.
    Gorgeous packaging too

    • Pretty Squared

      the scent isn’t really that strong unless you move it close to your nose, so if scent bothers you then you should still give them a try!

  • Coco N

    Absolutely gorgeous x

    • Pretty Squared

      Thank you coco! :)

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  • Celina

    I’m keeping my eyes out for these. It sounds good and the colours look quite nice as well.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

    • Pretty Squared

      I think these will become part of the permanent collection so I’m sure you’ll be able to find some! thank you for taking the time to comment!

  • kfc

    Ooh I was a bit sceptical about the polishes being scented but from your reviews, I think I need to try them now! I have seen some of the colors in the drugstores and they really are very pretty. Good to know the formula on them is nice too! Nice review.

    k.f.c. =P

    • Pretty Squared

      thank you! I hope you try them and let us know when you review as well. the packaging is indeed gorgeous haha

  • Claire

    So pretty, I’m going to pick up a few of these polishes just for the bottles alone, they will looks so cute sat on my dressing table :)

    • Pretty Squared

      they remind me of vintage French bottles, they’re really cute! Let me know what colors you’ll pick, I’m still deciding on my next picks.

  • Glazed Over

    I seriously love the packaging on these! I’ve picked up just one (Autumn Spice) but always find myself drifting towards them in the drugstore!

    xo Glazed Over

    • Pretty Squared

      I’ve heard great things about Autumn Spice, the swatches are beautiful! I agree, the price is just making it easier for me to add to the collection