Jouer Cosmetics Review - Jouer Peach Bouquet Blush Swatches

Let me explain (in a roundabout way) why I love Jouer cosmetics. Some of my favorite stories are from Jane Austen - everything from the characters, the dialogue, the beautiful dresses, and of course, the ever-after happy endings.  I’m always fond of the lovely imagery from the Victorian era, and I’ll randomly daydream about the picturesque English countryside. Now, if Jane Austen heroines wore any brand makeup, it would have to be Jouer.  Jouer Cosmetics carries romantic colors that enhance natural beauty with flattering, lightweight formulas. If you take a look through the Jouer website, you’ll notice that every item is wearable and very natural looking (think timeless beauty!).  My favorite products from Jouer are the blushes and the lip glosses - thanks to the Birchbox store, I was able to try several Jouer products and was instantly in love (notice the romantic theme in this whole post).

Jouer Peach Bouquet is a pink based coral and warm peach mineral blush that refreshes the complexion with a soft touch of color.  Peach Bouquet itself is highly pigmented and long lasting, but somehow this Jouer blush manages to create a fresh, flushed look - the blush also has slight golden shimmer that almost translates as a highlighter.  As with some of my other mineral blushes, I had difficulty blending Jouer Peach Bouquet and experienced slight patching, but after using the Real Techniques angled Blush Brush, application was much smoother.  I also liked that this Jouer blush had no fallout and was fairly long lasting for approximately five to six hours. Aside from the beautiful packaging and a wide range of colors, Jouer blushes (including Peach Bouquet) are paraben free.

The philosophy behind Jouer, which translates as “play” in French, is to create a cosmetic line with key items that can be personalized.  The Jouer website and blog provide more inspiration for different looks and for using other products (next on my list is the Jouer tint for lips and cheeks).  Jouer blushes retail for $24 and are sold online and at the Birchbox store. 

If you want a lovely romantic and yet natural flushed look, try a product from Jouer, it’s Jane Austen approved* (disclaimer, it’s mostly me-approved on behalf of Jane Austen).

Stay Pretty, Miranda M.
  • R Day

    That color is absolutely stunning! I haven’t ever tried Jouer products but the more I see of them, the more I am thinking that I might just have to!

    xo, Rebecca

  • Claire

    Oooh that blush is stunning, you can’t beat a peachy pick colour, love the earrings too so pretty


    earrings are amazing


  • thriftylilpixie

    Such a pretty color!!

  • Nicola Robinson

    Wow these are gorgeous.. your nails looks fab too

    • Pretty Squared

      thank you so much!

  • Natalie Loves Beauty

    Jouer blushes are high up on my wishlist. This shade is beautiful!

    • Pretty Squared

      Definitely recommend them! and they’re not that expensive either some of the drugstore blushes are 15$ and don’t come up to Jouer quality

  • Amber Hunter

    Pride & Prejudice is pretty much my favorite book ever so that whole Jane Austen introduction pretty much stole my heart. The review was lovely too haha! I hope to try Jouer in the future!
    Lovely Notions

    • Pretty Squared

      ahhhh that book is just ah-mazing I can literally read it every time and still love it or be excited and not know what happens next haha I’m glad the review was helpful, I can’t stress it enough the color was so lovely very ball-dancing in London kind of a color haha

  • Boho Vanity

    This color is so pretty, I also love the natural yet luxurious vibe of the Jouer brand xx

    • Pretty Squared

      it’s a perfect balance! I wish I could better capture it but it’s vibrant and muted at the same time

  • Sharlynn Ng

    Love the simple and classic look of their products. This definitely is a super beautiful easy to pair shade! I’ve never seen or bought anything from them before but would love to check somethings out!

    • Pretty Squared

      I didn’t explain it too much in the post but the Jouer packaging is super cute - it’s all dark, simple, sleek, and surprisingly small so easy to carry. Their shades are all flattering and just lovely - I def knew I was picking this up with my Birchbox points.

  • Brianna

    That blush is so pretty! I’ve been hearing so many great things about Jouer, I need to try them!

    • Pretty Squared

      Their blush colors are gorgeous, there’s other blogs with swatches and each color is unique but still pretty. I think Jouer is picking up in popularity, I saw some celebrities wearing more of their products.

  • Chantel

    Gorgeous blush!

    • Pretty Squared

      thank you Chantel! glad to see your supportive comments again

  • Miss Louise

    haha love the connection you made there
    I think that blusher looks gorgeous! I really want to pick up some jouer goodies now :)!

    • Pretty Squared

      every piece of makeup reminds me of something, it just matters what mood I’m in haha let me know if you pick anything, I’m on the lookout for a nude lipstick

  • kfc

    I’ve never tried any Jouer cosmetics but the blushes seem like it would give a very flushed and natural look. I’d love to see swatches and a review on the lip glosses as well (my weakness!) Really like both pairs of the earrings too! They look super classy and glam =P

    k.f.c. =P

    • Pretty Squared

      I tried to take a face swatch photo but the color didn’t show correctly, it’s very natural but still pigmented (it doesn’t look like you applied blush on but you look rosy haha). thanks you and hope you can grab some lip glosses, Birchbox usually has great deals!

  • Brittany Messner

    Hahaha, I am a huuuge Austen fan myself! If you haven’t watched Lost in Austen yet, you definitely should

    Time to pick myself up some Jouer!

    xx -b.

    • Pretty Squared

      I’ve heard about it but haven’t watched it…sounds pretty awesome though, nothing like some Jane Austen to pick up a dreary day (also… cheesy CW shows haha!)

      Let me know what you pick, there’s never enough swatches out there.

  • Isabelle NailsAndCupcakes

    Love the pictures & the funky manicure! I didn’t know until Jouer until quite recently, when some British bloggers started featuring the brand quite often. My curiosity is sparked & I’ll go and check the brand out when I’m in London!

    • Pretty Squared

      thank you! you definetely should, they’re the definition of “lovely” haha Birchbox has a mini joeur lip gloss set with an adorable bag, it may be my next purchase.