Benefit Rockateur Cheek Powder - Rockateur Review and Swatches

Not sure if you’ve heard through the makeup grapevine, but Benefit has released a new addition to their popular boxed powders. Benefit Rockateur is a new rose gold cheek powder with a slight golden sheen that I couldn’t wait to try. I am a lover of Nars’ Sin, and I was looking for a more mauve, peachy shade that would look more natural and that would be perfect for daily wear. Cool toned pinks tend to look muddy on my skin tone, and coral blushes tend to emphasize redness as coral can pick up on the natural discoloration of the skin. So a natural rose gold cheek powder should have adressed all my needs, right?

Unfortunately (I know, sad face…), even though I wanted a light wash of color, at $28 USD, I couldn’t really get over how sheer this product applied onto the cheeks. My sister purchased Benefit’s Dandelion (review here) and I was expecting some good things - but when I opened the box, I was surprised at how little product there was included (exactly 5g to be exact!). The powder was beautifully engraved and had a slight glitter spray that disappears after first few uses; there is also a brush included which is very soft and tapered for better application. The packaging is a bit bulky but Benefit-cute nonetheless and seems quite sturdy. Also, Rockateur has a slight rosy, floral scent to it which was very pleasant. The color swatched peachier than I had imagined it to be (since it was advertised as a rose gold), but all was well until I actually applied it on my cheeks and there was very little pigmentation.

Benefit Rockateur may work well for paler skin tones because it may come off more intense and not require so much product layering (majority of Sephora reviews mention “natural looking”). The color is pretty, the packaging is creative, and the scent is light and lovely - but I think Rockateur does not win on the value front. If you are searching for a similar color, Milani Luminoso Baked Blush is a Benefit Rockateur dupe and costs only $10 at the drugstore (can purchase cheaper on Amazon). What are your thoughts on Benefit’s Rockateur, have you had better luck with this Benefit product? Leave your thoughts and other blush recommendations in the comments below, as this girl is still on the hunt for the perfect cold-weather-everyday blush.

Stay pretty, Mackenzie M.
  • Deja Eva

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  • Miranda

    I loved the looks of this blush but when I went and swatched it in store I thought the same thing about the pigmentation. Sucks cause it could be such a beautiful shade!

    • Pretty Squared

      I agree! I was hoping things would be different when I applied it to my cheeks but yeah..not so much lol xo

  • Kirsty

    It’s so disappointing that there isn’t much product and that the shimmer disappears after a few uses. I’ve wanted to try this because it looked gorgeously glowy in the photos I’ve seen but if it’s just sheer then I think I might not bother! x

    • Pretty Squared

      The glow you see in the pan really sheers out when applied! I’d go with the Luminoso as that is a little more glowy than Rocketeur :) xo

  • Amber Hunter

    I haven’t tried this product but it does have a really interesting rose gold color. I’m not sure if I’d buy this because as you said there are other dupes!
    Lovely Notions

    • Pretty Squared

      The rose gold definitely pulled me in - too bad I couldn’t see it on my skin xD Depends on your how light your skin tone is, but I’d pass on it xo

  • Rena Blank

    Love Benefit products. I haven’t tried this blush yet but so unfortunate about the pigmentation. xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

    • Pretty Squared

      Yes they do have some nice products I love their Erase Paste! xo

  • The Agoraphobic Fashionista

    Had a bit of a rant during a review of their Fake Up yesterday myself. Seems Benefit are fast falling out of favour. Overpriced! xx

    • Pretty Squared

      I just read your post - and I feel you. I wanted to try their Gimme Brows product and it was 28 US dollars (eeep!) for a tiny little tube so I passed on it. But yeah…overpriced galore. I wish they were on Hautelook because I do like some of their products! xo

  • Chantel

    Nice powder. I love the packaging.

    • Pretty Squared

      Yes they have really cute packaging! :)

  • Miss Louise

    It worked well for me (but then again I’m super duper pale!), though I will agree this isn’t a very pigmented blusher!

    • Pretty Squared

      My sister is fairer than me and she loved Benefit’s Dandelion and I agree these blushes look wonderful on fair skin! :)

  • kfc

    I’m not much of a blush person, but I know that price point is a little too much for me, especially for something you can find similar too in the drugstores. Unless it was a ‘must have’ but I’m glad to see more of a negative review on this since I feel this item was so hyped up and everyone seemed to say this item worked out so well on them. I couldn’t even give you recommendations on a good cold weather blush, since I am lacking in the blush department, but I hope you can find that perfect color soon ! =P

    k.f.c. =P

    • Pretty Squared

      I know I watched countless Youtube videos with demos and everyone was really into it! lol Oh well… thinking about trying Tarte’s Exposed.. heard a lot about that one too, hope it’s with better luck xD Thank you for taking the time to comment! xo

  • Melissa B

    I totally agree, you can get the milani blushes for so much cheaper and they are just as gorgeous!

    • Pretty Squared

      Yes! I totally love the Elf baked blushes too and those are extremely inexpensive too :)

  • vicki bruce

    Oh no - this looks so pretty in the box too. All peachy & glitzy. Shame the colour didn’t translate. Its quite pricey too

    • Pretty Squared

      You pretty much summarized it in the best way possible lol it was a bit of a disappointment, I think I’ll go for a Nars blush instead :)