Honey Beeswax Candles Review - Pretty Random

May 29, 2021

Pretty Random - Lifestyle Beauty Post Wax Candles
Bees wax candles have a subtle scent (which makes them perfect for some bed time reading)
Miranda's Notes: 

Whenever I find myself shopping for our apartment, I always look for scented candles - somehow, candles are perfect for setting a wonderful atmosphere and can remind us of spring gardens, Hawaiian waters, and mountain-top wild flowers.

Although many stores currently sell candles, I prefer purchasing hand-poured candles from smaller businesses.  I do not like the smell of strong perfume which is irritating and am also apprehensive about the chemicals often found in some products - for example, some candles may contain paraffin or cheaply made wicks can contain trace amounts of lead.  While a candle may smell nice in the store, be sure to check the ingredients - the more natural, the better.  For the past few months, I've been using Kaufmann Mercantile candles.  Kaufmann Mercantile sells affordable bees wax candles made out of 100% pure beeswax produced in the United States, and the candles have 100% cotton wicks.

My favorite types of candles are pure bees wax candles - bees wax candles do not have added perfumes, but when burned, the scent is absolutely amazing.  Just imagine the smell of sweet honey and the subtle floral under tones - these instantly help me calm down!
All natural wax candles with cotton wicks 
Bees wax candles can burn up to 20 hours depending on size 

Stay Pretty, Miranda M.

Ipsy Monthly Subscription Glam Bag - May 2013 "Spring Fling"

May 25, 2021

Ipsy Glam Bag Review - Ipsy May Review 
"Spring Fling" Ipsy May bag - cute chevron make up bag in orange, blue and teal. Card includes company information and corresponding deals on back
Subscribe to Ipsy here (referral link)

Mackenzie's Notes:

For my birthday this year my boyfriend surprised me with a lovely three month subscription to Ipsy, a monthly beauty bag subscription which curates 5 deluxe and full sized beauty products (ranging from skin care, perfume, makeup, etc) to give beauty enthusiasts the opportunity to discover and try out new companies and products.  Ipsy, formerly known as MyGlam, was founded by Michelle Phan and other YouTube beauty gurus; after having a rocky start as MyGlam, Ipsy seems to have become a great subscription service with great products, an amazing value and wonderful customer service.

I have enjoyed having this service and chose to continue being subscribed to them as I have been a very happy customer!  I wanted to share with you the most recent bag in May 2013, "Spring Fling", since I was so happy with it and have officially become an Ipsy fan.  I will include mini reviews of the products and the prices for each.

You can subscribe to Ipsy monthly for $10 (excluding tax depending on your state), yearly or gift three months; your bag will be delivered to your front step free of charge.  It is easy to sign up and an introductory beauty quiz will decide what products you receive in your future bags.  You can visit the Ipsy website to learn more and click on our referral link here to sign up if you wish (when two people sign up we will get a bonus item in our next bag).  Hope this helped and I highly recommend this subscription service!

Ipsy May 2013 "Spring Fling" TOTAL - $51.49

All products included in the May 2013 Spring Fling bag (pretty bow excluded!) Pacifica Roll on perfume, Mirabella Sheer Colour Lipstick, NuMe Hair Serum, Yaby Concealer, Zoya Neely polish
Zoya polish - Neely Swatch - two coats applied, no topcoat
Zoya "Neely" - $8 (0.5 oz, full size) - Zoya Neely Swatch

I have never tried a Zoya polish, and I was so excited when this full size polish in "Neely" was included in my bag.  Zoya Neely is an antique mint color (leaning more green with hints of blue) from their Lovely Spring 2013 collectionFormula was opaque in two coats, had great shine, good consistency, but I thought the brush was a bit on the narrow side, making application a bit difficult.  All in all, love this Zoya polish for summer!

Mirabella Colour Sheer in "Daydream" - applied 3-4 coats for this opacity
Mirabella Colour Sheer "Daydream" - $22 (0.11 oz, full size)

The Mirabella Colour Sheer lipstick in "Daydream" is a lip product with a sheer, moisturizing formula based on mango butter which retails for $22 on mirabellabeauty.com.  The color is truly sheer, and is a cool pink tone with some slight shimmer.  I enjoy the formula and sturdy packaging, but the color is a bit too cool toned and frosty for my skin tone.  Also for the price, I wish the lipstick had more pigmentation.

Yaby concealer in "Honey" - swatch on left, blended out on right
Yaby Concealer "Honey" - $4.85 (3.50 g, full size)

The Yaby concealer in Honey was the third item included.  As you can tell it is yellow based and too dark for my skin tone for a concealer.  I though the color would cancel out the blue in my under eye circles but it was just too dark even for that.  The formula seems quite pigmented (medium to full coverage) and is a matte finish and feels silky to the touch.

Pacifica perfume "Island Vanilla" - size of the perfume and roller ball, very user friendly and convenient
Pacifica Perfume "Island Vanilla" - $12 (.33 oz, full size)

This Pacifica roll on perfume has notes of vanilla, honey-jasmine, and a touch of fruitiness against a base of tea.  I usually can't wear perfume as it is too overpowering, but I love this scent!  The roll on allows you to control how much to wear and where to apply it.  Also it's a great size for traveling or  to throw in your purse, and 100% vegan.

NuMe Finishing Serum for 'polishing' hair
NuMe Finishing Serum - $4.79 (.33 oz, sample size)

This is a very generous sample size of a hair serum which is meant to condition and add shine to hair.  Packaging is nice as it comes with a dropper to apply to hands and then apply to hair.  Silky to the touch jelly consistency, but I need to use it more to test its abilities!

Reader's Recommendations: Have any of you tried this Ipsy subscription service, and how has your experience been so far?  Are you subscribed to any other service that you love? Let me know in the comments!

Volumizing Hair Powder - Got 2B Powder'ful Review

May 24, 2021

As part of a Bzz Agent campaign, I recently had the chance to try the got2b Powder'ful volumizing hair powder from Schwarzkopf.  My hair is thin and very fine, so if I ever have the chance to have big beautiful hair, be sure I'll try whatever product comes my way.  The got2b Powder'ful product advertises hair volume in 10 seconds - with such a bold claim, I was excited to see what this little powder could do!
Review of got2b volumizing styling powder
Miranda's Notes: 

Pros: The got2b Powder'ful product is a very strange chemical concoction - I'm imagining the product developers in white lab coats, surrounded by beakers and fog, saying "it's aliveee!" when creating the Powder'ful. The tube itself is light and the powder is similar to finely ground salt - but when you apply the product to your hair roots or in your palms, the powder turns into a liquid-like substance (I told you it's different).  Aside from my fascination with its texture, the got2b Powder'ful volumizing hair powder is perfect for creating big hair - the powder add strength to the hair follicle, raises the roots, and does not leave any white marks or residue.  When applying, I flip my hair upside down and add the product directly on the hair - the results are immediately visible.  I ended up giving my mom one of these because she has short hair and is always looking for more volume - she also absolutely loved it! 

Cons: The got2b hair powder helps with volume tremendously but within two hours, I noticed my hair becoming limp - while the results are still there, the effect is not that long lasting.  My biggest gripe with this product though, is that it tangles hair, and I have difficulty combing through after adding the powder. To solve for this, I recommend applying after you've set your hair style. 

Grade: 4/5
The got2b Powder'ful hair powder - adds texture without looking greasy and lifts roots for volume
The product is dispensed via a top sifter 
Disclosure: product sent for consideration, opinions are all our own.  

Top 7 Best Drugstore Blushes for Summer

May 23, 2021


Best Drugstore Blushes - Top 7 Blushes for an Affordable Price
Milani Blush, NYX Blush, Maybelline Blush, Wet n Wild Blush, ELF Blush, Physicians Formula Blush, Joe Fresh Blush

Miranda's Notes: 
My favorite beauty item for summer is a colorful and shimmery blush. I may skip mascara when humidity is at an all time high, I may forget to apply a lipstick, or I may not even fully use concealer - but I always remember to apply blush.  The correct blush color brightens the face, creates a flushed look, and adds to the simple and natural look for summer.  My criteria for picking a summer blush is a product that is colorful and sunny - think a pastel pink, a matte coral, or a shimmery peach.  Keeping in mind the dreaded heat (if you've ever lived in DC or NYC, you know what to expect!), I also opt for products that are pigmented, do not smudge easily, and are long lasting.

For this post, I picked the top seven best drugstore blushes for summer - I've tried several brands but these are my absolute favorite and come at an even better price.
Best Blushes for Summer - Physicians Formula, Maybelline, Wet n Wild 
Best Drugstore Blushes: 
1. Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow Blush $13.95 
2. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush $6.45 (we recommend Rose Petal) 
3. Wet n Wild Color Icon Blusher $3.99 

Sometimes, it can be difficult to pick a blush color that works for your skin tone - there are many options available but be sure to first research the brand and look for swatches.  Keep in mind that the blush color in the pan may not be as bright and the sheerness can vary.  You should also decide ahead of time whether you are looking for a shimmer finish, glow, matte finish, or a powder or cream blush. Keep in mind that drugstores often allow returns even if an item has been swatched so you have the chance to purchase and try various products (just check with the retailer). Above all, pick a blush color that compliments your skin tone and makes you feel lovely in the summer sunshine!
Best Blushes for Summer - NYX, ELF, Milani, Joe Fresh 
Best Drugstore Blushes: 
4. NYX Powder Blush $5.50 
5. Milani Baked Blush $7.99 
6. Elf Studio Baked Blush $3.00 (we recommend Peachy Cheeky) 
7. Joe Fresh Cream Blush $8.00 (we recommend Melon) 

ELF Cosmetics Store - New York ELF Flagship Store

May 22, 2021

ELF Store New York Opening - ELF Flagship Store
In April, ELF Cosmetics opened a standalone flagship store where customers can swatch ELF products, peruse organized displays of makeup, enjoy complimentary make overs from professional makeup artists, and invest in quality makeup without spending one's life savings.  The new 50 square foot store is located in Manhattan at 741 Broadway near Astor Place and is easily accessible by subway.

When I came to New York a few weekends ago, my sister and I decided to visit the new ELF Cosmetics store and see if we could find some new must-have products.  For only a mere $25 USD we walked away with a  lot of makeup for both of us (posts coming up!) - see some store photos below and read our thoughts on ELF's grand opening of a flagship store.
ELF Studio Store entrance (for make up lovers, this is like staring at a bakery window display full of treats)
ELF Studio Store set up - organized aisles on either wall side and central island featuring ELF eye shadow palettes  
Mackenzie's Notes: 
I have not tried many products from ELF as they are mostly available at Target in store and online at eyeslipsface.com. I am not big on online shopping and Targets are rare in New York, so I was so excited to visit the new flagship store on Broadway and Astor Place in the East Village (which is steps away from my gym, making it so convenient to visit).  I finally got the chance to check out some of ELF's most popular items in person (such as blushes, brushes, and baked products) - even though these products are very inexpensive, I still like to know I am investing in quality items and this ELF store made it possible for me to do so.  I believe ELF has some wonderful products for their value and some misses - this store will steer you away from those misses.

While ELF had thousands of products listed on their website, the store carries more recent releases so do keep that in mind.  Also, they sell out of their best sellers and most popular shades quite fast and take two weeks to restock them (on Thursday, mind you, I asked!) - this can be a bit frustrating if you really are in a time crunch visiting NYC and want to grab your favorite product.  I loved some of the things I walked away with, have a new Holy Grail blush (Baked Blush in Peachy Cheeky) and foundation brush (Powder brush), as well as other lovely products for an incredible price.  I love the fact that the new ELF store gives the experience of a Sephora - that of swatching, trying on colors, and plain old having fun with make up.  While $20 might only get me one small makeup product at Sephora, I can walk out with a brand new make up routine to try and experiment with from the Elf store (that's what's so great about this brand and the new flagship store!). Go check it out, you may just find your favorite new product!

Miranda's Notes: 
How many times have you walked into a store, found something you loved, and walked away sadly (a la Arrested Development) because that something was too expensive? Yup, too many times. The new ELF store in Manhattan gives you the chance to discover something you love and actually buy it - prices range from $1 lip glosses to $3 blushes and $5 foundations.  With different sections set up on either side of the store, I had the opportunity to swatch various ELF products and did not have to wonder whether the product would work for me.  That evening, I bought the new ELF tinted lip balm with SPF, a rose blush, an eyelid primer, and a gel eye shadow - and I look forward to more affordable purchases.

I found the customer service representatives helpful, but I did notice the store was a bit short staffed.  Overall, the ELF store was clean and each section had sanitizing and cleansing products.  There was a "wall of fame" product display with eye shadow pencils and lip glosses but because of the packaging these could not be swatched (so do your blog research homework if you're interested in any of these).
ELF nail polish display and the ELF blushes display
Beautiful light fixtures and colorful check out counter 
The customize section allows you to pick and combine your own eye shadow colors (or you could just purchase some big and small ELF palettes) 
My sister and I both enjoyed our ELF Studio shopping experience and look forward to many more visits!

Rock Your Hair - Hair Products by Michael O'Rourke

May 21, 2021

Rock Your Hair - Hair Care Products Review  
Disclosure: product sent for consideration, opinions are all our own.  

Beautiful and bold packaging - pink and rhinestones
Miranda's Notes: 
We've all had bad hair days - those days when hair is messy even though we washed it the night before, bangs are all over the place, frizzy-ness sets in, and everything we do, just makes the whole look worse.  Yep, those kind of days.  Thankfully, there's always available products that can help fix bad hair and just make our day better.  For the past month, my sister and I had the opportunity to try several products from Rock Your Hair.  Rock Your Hair is a brand developed by Michael O'Rourke who also created Big Sexy Hair.  From the products' formula to the bright pink packaging and the wonderful customer service, the whole philosophy behind Rock Your Hair is having big, bold hair - all while using affordable, professional-grade hair care items.

We both definitely found some favorites and look forward to using more Rock Your Hair products because who doesn't love voluminous, bouncy, shiny hair!  Keep posted because next week my sister will be featuring Rock Your Products in a hair style tutorial.
Sulfate-free and paraben-free hair care 
Rock Your Hair Big Hair Rocks Shampoo and Rock Your Hair Big Hair Rocks Conditioner Available for $17.00 / 10.5 oz 
These two Rock Your Hair products, available online, were absolutely amazing - my hair was soft, shiny, bouncy, had more definition, and overall looked healthier.  Whenever I try different shampoo or conditioner products, I notice a lot of dandruff (the horror!) - in fact, I've stopped using drugstore brand shampoos because my hair is a mess after using the products.  These two Rock Your Hair products had no negative effects on my scalp or hair - I was thoroughly impressed on how my fine hair appeared less thin and flat.  Added bonus, Rock Your Shampoo and Conditioner have no sulfates or parabens so the formula is safe for all hair types.  If you're still on the look-out for a shampoo that actually does the job at cleansing, makes hair healthier, and also works with sensitive scalp, you should definitely try these two products.
Grade: 5/5
Rock Your Hair Bombshell Big Hair Powder Available for $17.00 / 0.9 oz
The Rock Your Hair Bombshell Powder, available here, is a talc and micah based powder that is meant to provide boost, shine, and texture.  The powder can be applied directly to the hair roots or worked through with your hands.  I actually found that this did not add volume to my hair and also made my bangs stick together - but one woman's problem is another's solution, so this powder is better suited to provide texture. When I used this Rock Your Hair powder on my hair ends, my hair had that messy on-the-beach look to it.  This powder doesn't turn hair white, is lightweight, and is perfect for definition.
Grade: 4/5
Rock Your Hair Miracle Leave in Conditioner Weightless Detangler Available $20.00 / 7.5 oz.
The Rock Your Hair Leave in Conditioner is formulated with soy, wheat, and oat proteins in order to reinforce hair from shaft to the ends while providing moisture and shine.  Unfortunately, this was my least favorite product - the product made my hair sticky and greasy. I did not notice any detangle benefits, and my hair felt more heavy and slick (big no, no!).  Lastly, this product also has a strange, strong smell that lasted quite a bit - I saw some improvement in split-ends but the negatives outweigh the positives for this product.
Grade: 2/5
Rock Your Hair Size Matters Big Volume Root Lift Available for $20.00 / 13 oz 
The Rock Your Hair Root Lift, available here, was a welcomed addition to my arsenal of hair care products - using this product before blow drying helped my hair be less frizzy, have definition, and have volume as well. While the product doesn't seem to last as long - think a couple of hours - the Rock Your Hair Root Lift would be perfect for an event where you have to sport that big, voluminous hairdo. 
Grade: 4/5

Rock Your Hair Spray It Hard Big Volume Hairspray Available for $22.00 / 10 oz 
Remember when I mentioned earlier I found a new favorite hair care product? Well, that favorite product is the Rock Your Hair Spray It Hard Big Volume Hairspray.  This Rock Your Hair hairspray, available here, is a product you discover and know you'll use for a long time to come.  The hairspray does it all - it holds hair together without looking like you have hairspray on, it doesn't leave behind white residue (beauty pet peeve of mine!), is long lasting, and has no flacking or stiffness. If you use this on your hair to hold it a certain way, be sure that your hair will stay that way flawlessly.  Because my hair is very fine and wispy, Rock Your Hair hairspray provides flexibility to the hair and tames fly-aways while also adding intense volume.  If you try anything from Rock Your Hair, I definitely recommend this product. 
Grade: 5/5
See more available products by visiting Rock Your Hair

Disclosure: product sent for consideration, opinions are all our own.  

Strawberry Nail Art - Essie Nail Polish

May 17, 2021

Strawberry Nail Art - Essie Spring Collection 2013 Essie Madison Ave-Hue Swatch, Essie Resort Collection 2013 Essie First Timer Swatch, Essie Snap Happy Swatch
Strawberry Nail Art - I used pink and red but feel free to alternate different colors 
Miranda's Notes: 

When my sister, Mackenzie, visited a few weekends ago, I asked her to help me with some cute nail art ideas -  my nails were short so I didn't have much to work with but wanted to use my new nail polish colors from the Essie Spring Collection and the Essie Resort Collection. Just in time for warmer weather and outside activities, my sister recommended fruit inspired nail art.  These adorable strawberry and cherry nails are easy to create, are perfect for shorter nails, and can be done with any color combination.   

Essie polishes dry fast and are overall easy to work with when creating nail art.  Essie Madison Ave-Hue and Essie First Timer were some of my favorites because of the unique colors and sparkly finish.   My colorful strawberry and cherry nails were the "cherry on top" to a lovely weekend! 
Nail art for short nails - emphasize length by using simple designs 
Tutorial on creating strawberry design:
1. Apply a base color polish that will be the main color of the strawberry - I picked red and pink (but who says we can't have purple and yellow strawberries). 
2. Draw the leaf design at the base by combining different green polishes - vary the designs to add depth to the nail art. 
3. To create the strawberry seeds, add several mismatched elongated black dots. 
4. Wait for the nail art to dry, and apply a long lasting top coat like Seche Vite 
5. Optional: go strawberry picking with your strawberry nails!
Essie Snap Happy swatch, Essie First Timer swatch, Essie Madison Ave-Hue swatch (Essie Madison Ave-Hue has tiny glitter particles) 
Use the thumb as an accent nail by including a different fruit nail art 
Strawberry and cherry nail art using Essie nail polish

Stila Countless Color Pigments - "Acoustic" Swatches, Makeup Look and Review

May 13, 2021


Stila's Countless Color Pigment in "Acoustic" gives you a variety of color range between golds, reds and browns
Mackenzie's Notes:
I was visiting my sister in DC a few weeks ago, and lo and behold, it was also Sephora's 15% sale during Chic Week, so you know we stopped by and treated ourselves to some goodies.  My sister decided on a beautiful lilac Illamasqua blush, and I decided to try out a new release from Stila, as I am a big fan of their Stila Convertible Colors and wanted to try more products from the brand.  I purchased the Stila Countless Color pigment in the shade Acoustic (0.1 oz) from their Festival of Colors Summer 2013 collection for $22.  There are ten shades in total, including vibrant corals, pinks, greens and blues.  As I am a bit color shy I decided to go with Stila Countless Color Acoustic because of its two neutral colors but I was excited to try the coral red shade since I've seen several coral inspired makeup looks on the runway.  Stila's Acoustic includes three distinct colors: a golden warm vanilla shade (satin finish), a red orangey shade (matte finish), and a warm, plumy toned medium brown (the most pigmented shade, satin finish).

Stila Countless Color Pigments shadows are pressed and baked pigments, swirled together to achieve a variety of custom colors for many uses.  You can use each color individually as eyeshadow, mix two or swirl all three for custom colors in your daily makeup routine.  I enjoy mixing the red and golden shade to achieve a beautiful red toned blush and creating an ombre eyeshadow makeup look with the individual colors.  Stila recommends you apply the pigments with your finger or a sponge tip applicator,  and doesn't recommend wetting the pigments.  If the shadows get mixed together, swirl a fluffy brush over them and this will restore the colors back to their original intact state.

I will include my opinions on this product and an eyeshadow look I created using Stila's Countless Color Pigment in Acoustic.  I definitely had fun with this product and despite its cons, I will continue using it and enjoying it.
The Stila Pigments colors are divided relatively equally, but I recommend you check each compact's colors as they are all originals
The colors you can achieve using this Stila Acoustic compact (wearing Gel Polish IBD in Juliet)
Pros:  I enjoy the colors in the Stila Countless Color Pigments collection, as they are very fun and cool, and I especially enjoy the fact that I have three coordinating shades in one compact place.  This Countless Color collection contains a variety of colors, including several neutrals and more colorful colors.  The packaging is simple and easy to carry and I enjoy the idea of mixing the shades to achieve various colors.  I also enjoyed having the chance to use the pigments as eye shadows and also blush (or bronzer if I'm feeling bold).  I'm glad Stila included a variety of finishes in each compact to keep the looks dimensional.  This specific color combination is lovely, as it is understated enough to wear to work and during the day but with a subtle kick of sexy that people will notice.

Cons: Unfortunately, I expected the Stila Countless Color Pigments to be very pigmented or pigmented enough to show up well, but I was disappointed in their saturation.  I am afraid this will not be up to par for many of you lovely ladies (especially for this high price), as you might have other dupes to substitute for these colors.  The packaging is small, so each color is relatively small and hard to access in its pure state, especially in the recommended ways.  I wish I could use a brush to pick up the colors and wet them for extra pigmentation and efficiency, and it is a bit annoying and cumbersome since I can't do that. 

Grade: 3/5

A pretty simple look I wore to work and received many compliments on it!
Stila swatches on eye primer: (L) All shades mixed, Gold shadow, Gold mixed with Red, Red, Red mixed with Brown, Brown, Brown mixed with Gold
After mixing the shadows, you can swirl a brush to return the pigments back to their original state (This wastes a bit of product but I rarely have to do this)

Reader's Recommendations: Have you tried this product, and how do you use it? Do you recommend any colors that I should try?

Summer Glow Benefit, Essie, YSL Giveaway

May 13, 2021

Essie Giveaway, YSL Giveaway, Benefit Giveaway

Miranda's and Mackenzie's Notes: 
My sister and I have picked some lovely giveaway products for a summer glow beauty routine. Our blog has grown over the past few months, and we've recently had over 100,000 views (which makes us very happy!).  Thank you to everyone for your support and let's celebrate with a wonderful giveaway! Enter via Rafflecopter below (open internationally).
Pretty Squared Summer Glow Giveaway featuring YSL, Essie, and Benefit 
Essie Giveaway, YSL Giveaway 

YSL Coral Divin Nail Polish 
YSL Mysterious Red Rouge Volupte 
Essie Madison Ave-Hue Spring Collection
Stila Mini Peony Convertible Color 
Benefit Girl Meets Pearl 
Benefit Benetint Lip and Cheek Stain 
Benefit They're Real Mini Mascara 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher Orange Cookie

May 11, 2021

Etude House Cookie Blush Review - Etude House Orange Cookie Blush Swatch
The cutest blush - Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in Orange Cookie 
Miranda's Notes: 

Time for a confession everyone - for how much contouring is promoted and lauded, I actually don't contour at all.  My sister is always telling me to try it for every day makeup and a few times, she's even given me a little makeover and tips on how to highlight and contour.  I am fair skinned so using bronzer doesn't look flattering on me, it looks more like a mismatched foundation shade (unless of course my sister does it, and then I look like Angelina Jolie...but who has the time and skills for that).  So based on this little confession, you can understand why I absolutely adore wearing blush - blush is shimmery (yay glitter!), blush is pink and coral (yay pretty colors!), and blush makes me look awake and refreshed (yay presentable!).
The soft applicator fits in the compact - the applicator is small so it's a bit difficult to handle 
I picked up the Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in Orange Cookie because I adore the packaging of Etude House products, and because I wanted a unique orange blush color.  As you'll look through these photos, let's just accept that Etude House has the cutest and most frilly packaging - Pink Sith has the perfect explanation of what goes on at Etude House in creating Etude House products (it involves puppies, bows, bubbles, and hugs).

Pros: Etude House Cookie Blusher has a soft and fine texture that is easy to apply and easy to blend. While the adorable puff applicator is helpful, I found that an actual brush picked up the color and glitter sparkles much better. This Etude House color gives off a lovely bronzed glow and is likely to fit any skin tones.  The Orange Cookie color is surprisingly not that orange - this blush has pink undertones and the orange definition comes more from the gold glitter (see swatch below).  As I openly welcome and accept glitter in my life, this Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher is just perfect.

Cons: Because of the finely milled texture, Etude House blushes are not that pigmented and do not wear for a long time (neohh!).  Within three or four hours, I noticed the color was almost gone and I had to re-apply. The Orange Cookie compact is fairly small and easy to carry so I recommend having it nearby for some extra applications.

Grade: 3.5/5

Etude House blush - Etude House Orange Cookie swatch (quick note, I'm wearing CND Shellac in Studio White)
Etude House products are also affordable - I bought this on Amazon for 6.00$ USD with free shipping
Etude House blush in the sunlight - Orange Cookie has a ton of sparkle
Etude House - lovely blush for a soft glow