Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial - Pretty Skull Makeup

I adore Halloween celebrations because it gives me a chance to play with makeup and come up with exciting, fun costumes (plus, going out with friends and my boyfriend is another perk!).  I will say this though - deciding on one costume only is a tough decision and it involves lots of Pinterest research. This Halloween, I created a two-face makeup look featuring a pretty skull and a glamorous Lana del Rey look (from her Young and Beautiful video). And because a flower crown ads the finishing touches, I pinned a ribbon in my hair to emulate red rosettes and styled soft hair waves.  Picking a Halloween costume is much easier when you create a two dimension makeup look. Happy Halloween from Pretty Squared!

Skull Makeup 

Materials - White face paint (purchased from Rite Aid), MICA Beauty Black Gel Liner, Wet n Wild White Eyeliner pencil, Johnson’s Baby Powder, Elf Foundation Brush, Catwalk Glamour angled eyeliner brush.

1.  Using a white pencil, lightly draw a skull image on one half of the face.  I was inspired by this lovely editorial image here.
2.  Using your fingers, spread the white face paint evenly on the white areas of your face. Afterwards, using a large brush, set the white face paint with baby powder (or a white eyeshadow).
3.  Using an small brush and black gel eyeliner, fill in the dark areas on your skull.
4.  Using a fluffy middle sized brush, I spread out the gel eyeliner and using the same brush I created shading for the teeth, cheek bones etc.  This way the shadows will be soft and easily blend into the white for a more realistic look.
5.  Set the black areas with a black eyeshadow to ensure a long lasting skull!

Lana del Rey Makeup 

Materials - MAC Studio Fix Foundation, L’Oreal True Match Naturale Powder Foundation, The Balm Meet Matte Palette, Wet n Wild Black Liquid eyeliner, L’Oreal False Fiber Voluminous Mascara, Wet n Wild White eyeliner pencil, Too Faced “Chocolate Soleil” bronzer, Rimmel Powder Blush “Pink”, NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil “Cruella”, Elf Liquid Gel Glitter liner, Diamond nail gems.

1.  Apply a full coverage matte foundation all over the face.  Conceal further if necessary for brightness under the eyes.  Set foundation with a matte powder.
2.  Apply a matte bronzer and matte mauvey pink hued blush.
3.  For the eyes, create a dramatic 50’s inspired look.  I used a dark grey shadow to create a cut crease and blended that out with a warm brown to warm up the look.  Apply a light matte shadow on the lids, inner eye and brow bone.  Draw a heavy cat eyeliner using a precise liner.  Using a white pencil, fill your waterline in to make your eyes look bigger and doll like.
4. Fill your eyebrows in, in a slightly arched yet still flat shape.  Lana’s brows are full and the flatter arches give her that Lolita glamorous look.
5.  Draw two tears under your eye with a black liner, and apply a dab of a clear gel (or eyelash glue).  Place three diamonds in the tear shapes in a pyramid shape.
6.  Fill your lips in with a red liner and lipstick and voila, you’re done! Enjoy your frightfully pretty skull makeup!

Stay Pretty (Spooky), Mackenzie M. 
  • Adela

    This is amazing! Well done you.
    Adela x

  • Hannah Frances

    Brilliant makeup!! Bookmarked this post for Thursday evening!
    I am going as a full face skeleton with lace around my eyes :)


  • Maddy

    I love this look, it is so clever and effective! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD