My Favorite Highlighter - Milani Eyeshadow Runway Eyes

You may be confused by the title.  How can the Milani Runway Eyes eye shadow be my favorite highlighter? Well, it’ a short story but you’ve read that right, if I can recommend any highlighter it would be these baked shadows. I was getting ready for an event and stopped at the drugstore to pick up some fast makeup (because I was late, of course).  I ran to the Milani display remembering they have beautiful highlighters, and in my rush, grabbed a compact with pink, glittery powder.  I thought the applicator was odd but didn’t really stop to think about it (again, the lateness).  Fast forward to a few days later, I realized this is an eye shadow but the product was doing wonders for my cheekbones (and voila, my favorite, best highlighter!)
Milani Runway Eyes has several neutral shades in this line and each is a baked, pearly, glitter fine goodness.  Milani Eye Shadow Runway Eyes #16 in Peaches and Cream is a soft peach color with a pearl finish - when I apply Peaches and Cream over my blush, the blush is warmer with an almost bronze finish.  Milani Eye Shadow in Girls Luv Pink is the best highlighter (I mean it!) - the pink color transfers lightly and all you see is a shimmery, almost wet finish.  No matter what color blush you are wearing, dabbing a bit of Milani Girls Luv Pink would add dimension and a gorgeous flush.  For the affordable price, both products also last very long due to their baked texture.
Keep in mind this Milani line is sparkle-central and long lasting so apply only a small amount. I’ve used this for more than a year almost daily and had no reaction or spots.  If you’re still looking for the best highlighter, think outside the box, be adventurous, and give Milani products a try (their actual highlighters are wonderful as well!).
Stay Pretty, Miranda M.
  • Leslie

    Hi there! I’m stopping by from the blog hop & I’m a new follower through Bloglovin. I love your bail polish. I also love the 2 colors you have here. I hope you have a great evening.

  • Brigita

    I love when I accidentally start to use something in other way than it was predicted to be used to! These colors are perfect both for eyes and for cheeks!


  • Chantel

    Gorgeous shadows!

  • Nicole

    Those are gorgeous! I’ll have to check them out next time I’m out!

  • Coco

    So shimmery and pretty xx

  • vicki

    I can see how these would make a pretty highlighter. The peach one is very pretty. I can imagine you’d need a light hand to apply.