Lighting Sky and Gold Aztec Nails

This summer, my sister and I both visited home in Texas and relaxed with our family before starting work and school. Texas summer weather is unpredictable and yet somehow expected if you’ve lived there before - it could be mid-afternoon and the sky is black with a thunderstorm, and ten minutes later, it’d be nice and sunny.  Inspired by this constantly changing weather, I created a thunder nail art design with bright Aztec gold accents.  The stormy sky background is based on our Galaxy nails tutorial and the gold nail accents are based on this geometric striped pattern.

For geometric nail art, I love having the natural nails peek through so the pattern is not too distracting (plus, this adds dimension to the design).  The more tricky part of this nail art is creating the lighting effect - using an opaque white nail polish carefully outline and blend in the lighting strike (add dabs of glitter to imitate a starry sky).  Because I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the quality of Sally Hansen polishes, I used all Sally Hansen products (Sally Hansen Water Color #570 Complete Salon Manicure swatch, Sally Hansen Wedding Glitters #110 Complete Salon Manicure swatch, and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color).

Stormy skies and gold Aztec patterns may not be what first comes to mind when creating nail art, but I absolutely love the edginess of this design.

Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M. 
  • The Nail Snail

    These are stunning! The lightning looks perfect, and I love the colors you used for the Aztec design!

  • My Nail Polish Online

    Very pretty!

  • Ashleigh Carr

    These look amazing :) x

  • Jules

    Love it! Love the color and designs of the lighting sky. Great job!

    • Miranda M.

      Thank you Jules!! Happy you like it :)

  • kfc

    This is so beautiful! I just saw the galaxy nail tutorial and can’t wait to try it out. I love the lighting design you added combined with the aztec tribal vibe.

    • Miranda M.

      Thank you! You should really try the Galaxy tutorial it’s easy and you could make it look however you want. thanks for stopping by again :)

  • Coco

    This is STUNNING!

    • Miranda M.

      Thank you :) !!