Shopping in Marfa, Texas

Chances are you’ve probably never heard of Marfa, Texas.  A small town in far West Texas, Marfa is surrounded by desert, mountains, freight trains, adobe style houses, and millions worth of Judd artwork. Because both Mackenzie and my fiance are artists, we decided to travel to Marfa for our summer vacation. Between sixteen hours of driving and random Dairy Queen “sundae” stops along the way, Marfa was ultimately the fully relaxing, awe-inspiring break we were looking for.

Despite being able to see the end of the city line from the main street, Marfa, Texas offers coffee shops, a large bookstore, food trucks, clothing stores, restaurants, and various other boutiques.  My sister and I shopped at Freda Lifestyle Store (visit here) and Tienda M (visit here) where we found beautifully curated items, local artisan jewelry, organic makeup, and vintage fashion pieces.  Our favorite pieces included a silver talon claw bracelet (sold here), white minimalist pottery sets, and round kaleidoscope eye glasses.

The whole allure and aura around Marfa, Texas is difficult to understand but Marfa’s slogan says it best: “Marfa: Tough to get to. Tougher to explain. But once  you get here, you get it.”

Stay Pretty, Miranda and Mackenzie M. 
  • Martha Woods

    So many cool things! I love little shops like these. Thanks for sharing your pictures :)

    • Mackenzie M.

      I especially loved those kaleidoscope glasses and I’ve never seen such a fancy pair lol. Thank you for visiting and leaving a lovely comment :)

  • Maddy

    Such a beautiful shop, I love the jewellery! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

    • Mackenzie M.

      Yes we wanted to buy everything! These little shops always have some hidden gems. The jewelry was a little pricey because they are hand made, of valued material, had a unique design and overall just gorgeous, but I hope to be able to buy some pieces from them.