Color Club and Ruby Wing Nail Polish

With fall collections titled “Girl About Town” and “Cupcakes and Champagne,” we couldn’t contain our giddiness over the new Color Club and Ruby Wing releases.   If you like glitter and coral (as if it needs to be said!), you should probably stick around for this review because we’re about to discuss some beautiful nail polish shades. 
Color Club  East Austin (c/o) is a white based, coral creme color that depending on your skin tone, tends to be almost neon and glowing.  Color Club The Uptown (c/o) is a dark purple jelly base with multi-colored gold flakes that reflect the surrounding light.  The Uptown reminded me of snake skin - changing shades, brilliant shine that somehow subdues, and tons of dimension.  Between a surprisingly pretty coral and a seductive dark glitter, the Girl About Town collection has some lovely surprises - this collection is definitely not predicable and could be suited for various occasions.  Color Club sells affordable two packs with colors that are quite timeless.
Formula wise, Color Club East Austin was a bit watery when first applied but a second coat evened everything (I’d pick a thin formula over streak-central any day).  For the Color Club The Uptown swatch I used three coats because I wanted a deeper, darker purple - but you can easily manipulate this color however you’d like, I researched some other swatches and they all looked different.  I find Color Club polishes do not chip as easily because of the formula but this depends on how many coats you apply - a top coat of Seche Vite should help it last even longer. 
You know how you used to love some things as a kid only to rediscover them again? That’s what happened with the Ruby Wing color changing polishes - I was skeptical at first but once I applied Sweet Cream and Chocolate Mousse, my sister and I stared at my nails the whole day.  Ruby Wing Chocolate Mousse (c/o) and Ruby Wing Sweet Cream (c/o) apply as almost clear, translucent bases but when sunlight is involved, these turn into a rich smokey purple (expect lots of “whoa, no way” comments).  Ruby Wing swatches are difficult to photograph because these are so sensitive to sunlight - Mackenzie is planning a nail art design for these, and we’ll show you side by side comparison.  While Ruby Wing Sweet Cream had perfect formula, Ruby Wing Chocolate Mousse was somewhat difficult to apply because of the glitter speckles.  Ruby Wing is selling a pack of 4 mini Cupcakes and Champagne bottles so if you’re ready to play with color changing polish be sure to visit the Ruby Wing site.
I’m was pleasantly surprised with all of these polishes - from stunning colors to fun textures and shades, these are definitely worth an investment (bonus points for puzzling my fiance with my Ruby Wing nails!).  And because it’s officially chilly on the East Coast, I’m ready to embrace fall nail polish collections.  
Stay Pretty, Miranda M. 
  • Betzy Carmona

    Before anything I really am loving your new layout, I wish I was this creative.
    I love the textures of those polishes

    • Miranda M.

      Thank you so much Betzy!! We’re so happy to have changed everything, my sister’s art skills are coming to the rescue haha

      Texture is really good b/c of the glitter but it can also be smoothed down via a top coat.

  • Miraclewhip

    wow, these are fab! love them!

    • Miranda M.

      the whole collection is on spot! thank you for your comment!

  • Shell Senseless

    wow, these are seriously lovely! :)

    • Miranda M.

      thank you! they are :)

  • jackie leung

    ohmigosh! I need to have this and I mean NEEED! hehehehe thanks for this review I will keep my eye out on this set now =)

    • Miranda M.

      Color Club is one of the most affordable brands and the quality is worth investing in, they have an offwhite polish in this collection that’s also one of my favorites!

  • Confessions Of A City Girl

    That purple sparkle! Loves it!

    Confessions Of A City Girl / Enerjiee

    • Miranda M.

      it’s very pretty! the Ruby Wing colors turn the same rich purple, they’re lovely

  • Maddy

    Beautiful colours, I love the sparkly ones so much! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

    • Miranda M.

      Thanks Maddy! I’m a sucker for glitter especially during the colder months

  • Chantel

    Gorgeous nail polishes.

    • Miranda M.

      Thanks Chantel! they really are very pretty :)

  • Nicole

    Those color club polishes are awesome!

    • Miranda M.

      and affordable too! the whole collection is so beautiful they have a gorgeous penny metal color too

  • Sarah N

    These all look so gorgeous… The purple looks so perfect for autumn :)

    Sarah | Some Sparkle and Shine

    • Miranda M.

      Thanks Sarah! They really do, I’m so excited to wear them