Thursday, August 15, 2021

Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Contest - Part 1

I've lived in New York City for a long time now, but this summer, I had the opportunity to experience a different New York -  a more vibrant and exciting New York, full of absolutely wonderful people (who share my love of nail art!).

Out of 16,000 contests, along with 4 other participants, I was chosen as a finalist in the Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Contest.  As the first winner in the Sweetheart category, I was ecstatic - when my sister called to tell me I won and would go on to the final event, a screaming fest of happiness ensued. Because the prize also included a trip to New York City, I had to start an official countdown in anticipation of the competition.

Sally Hansen went above and beyond on hosting the I Heart Nail Art event.  From a stay at the historic Carlton Hotel, to a trip above the clouds in the Empire State Building, and a delicious dinner at award winning ABC Kitchen, I'd need pages and pages to describe the experience. The tour we were also given of the Sally Hansen headquarters was something out of a movie - bright lights, minimalist design, and glass displays of beauty products.  Sally Hansen representatives Catherine and Lauren were wonderful and clearly put a lot of work in hosting the event (and when I say a lot, I mean a tremendous lot with great attention to details!).

The three days I spent in New York with Sally Hansen were different from the time I've spent so far in the City - different in an amazing, always-tell-stories-about way!


  1. Sounds amazing. Good job and congrats~!


  2. Ooh, congrats! That's awesome!

    I never paid too much attention to Sally Hensen, but as of late, the Complete Salon Manicure polishes are my absolute favorite...such an amazing brush and formula!

  3. Wow, that sounds fantastic! Congrats! I love the photos :)

  4. Sounds so amazing, I love your photos! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  5. Congratulations, Miranda! So very exciting!


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