Striped Manicures - Neon Geisha and Pretty Aztec Nail Art

June 24, 2021

Busy Girl's Summer Nail Art Challenge - Striped Nail Art Challenge 
Busy Girl's Summer Nail Art Challenge - Stripes Nail Art #busygirlnails
Summer nail art means bright colors, lots of glitter, playful shapes, and all around experimentation with designs. When we found out about the Busy Girl's Summer Challenge, we knew we had to join - we have both been definitely busy lately and this challenge was perfect for some summer motivation! The rules for this challenge are simple and perfect for the busy blogger - follow different themes each week, post on any day of that week, and participate in as many or few weeks as you'd like (it doesn't get any easier than this!).  The weekly manicures can be shared on Instagram using the #busygirlnails tag or shared in a blog post.  

If you're still looking for inspiration, be sure to visit the talented and lovely hosts @beautybykrystal, @drinkcitra, @mirandasmakeup, and @beautybyarielle. For the stripes nail art theme, we picked completely different approaches - Mackenzie created a neon Geisha design and Miranda opted for a pretty Aztec pattern! 
Miranda's and Mackenzie's picks for the striped nails challenge 
Miranda - Aztec nail art using Essie pastel nail polish
Miranda's Notes: 
Because my technique is not that steady with direct stripes,  I chose to do an Aztec pattern where texture and lots of lines adds to the nail art (and because it's summer, I also opted for bright colors!).  I initially started with small, three level triangles at the top of the nails but feeling more adventurous, I built on the detail.  I like varying the base colors to create depth and I sought to balance the various accents.  Overall, I'm very happy with my pretty Aztec nail art - and no ultra straight lines required!

Quick tip on how to achieve straight lines (thank you for the reader comments!) - we used a Kiss Nail Art kit which is very affordable (available here).  The brush should have a really long end so you do do not have to actually drag the brush to create a line - just lie it on the nail and the straight stripe shape comes naturally.
Mackenzie - neon nail art using Color Club London Calling nail polish
Mackenzie's Notes: 
This stripes nail art challenge was a way for me to experiment with techniques I've been dying to try, and the outlined nail look was one of those!  I eventually chose outlined nails, some bold stripes in a sunshine pattern, and semi moon accent details in bold and fresh colors.  I think of stripes as being very dramatic and chic - I decided to really have fun with a graphic manicure inspired by geisha culture and bright, confident neon colors.

I've seen the outlined nail art turn out so beautiful and striking on long talon shaped nails, but no one said us short nailed girls couldn't try it out.  Just keep in mind to keep the outline very fine, maybe slightly thicker at the base of the nail to achieve that long nail effect.  If you're looking to be creative - think black roses, neon tips, and sunshine stripes - I hope you get inspired by this neon geisha nail art. 
Mackenzie used Color Club London Calling (swatch) and Miranda used Essie Muchi Muchi (swatch)


  1. love these, how do you get the lines so neat? xxx

    1. Thank you! I use the MASH 14 nail art kit, and I use the medium length striper brush (but those skinny brushes from polishes work well too!). Also try and keep a medium to heavy amount of polish on your brush, so you can have an opaque straight deposit of color in one go :)

      Hope that helps xo

  2. I LOVE how they turned out. I am so glad you joined us this week :)

  3. Love BOTH of the designs! If only I can paint my nails that neatly!

    The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  4. These look so pretty, you are both amazing at nail art! xxx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  5. Loving the designs! That Aztec style looks so pretty with the colors, I would have never thought to pair those up :)

  6. They are both lovely designs


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