MAC All About Orange Lipsticks - MAC Swatches, Haul, and Review

June 26, 2021

MAC All About Orange Collection - MAC Lipstick Swatches 
MAC All About Orange - L Razzledazzler, Sweet & Sour, Tangerine Dream R
Mackenzie's Notes:
MAC recently released a new collection for summer, "All About Orange" - this MAC collection contains seven lipsticks, three lipglasses, three blushes, three nail polishes and one eyeshadow quad.  I was so excited for this collection since I wear a variety of orange and coral hues in my daily makeup routine, be it a pretty peachy pink blush, a pop of bright eye shadow or a striking orange creme lipstick.  Orange complements my yellow skin tone beautifully, and looks great with or without a tan, (even on many other complexions). This All About Orange lipstick collection does contain some true orange colors as well some pinker leaning colors, in a variety of finishes.  The lipsticks retail at $15 a piece and you can find them in store at Macy's or stand alone counters; this collection is also available on Mac's website as well as Nordstroms.  The three MAC lipsticks I picked up were: Razzledazzler (Lustre finish), Sweet & Sour (Cremesheen finish) and Tangerine Dream (Lustre finish).  

I will include both face and lip swatches (paired with a smokey grey look inspired by the MAC All About Orange quad) and provide small reviews on each of these lipsticks.  I would recommend checking out this collection and trying on some pretty oranges, as they are on trend and can look chic and flattering on everyone!
The colors on aren't similar to what they look like in the tube so I strongly recommend you try these on if you get a chance to
The classic MAC packaging; I was a little disappointing they didn't debut a special packaging for this collection (just think of all the possibilities)
MAC All About Orange Swatches - L Razzledazzler, Sweet & Sour, Tangerine Dream R
1. MAC Razzledazzler - A Lustre creme finish, but quite pigmented, feels very comfortable and moisturizing on lips.  Coral is a soft orange coral leaning pink.  Razzledazzler is a very wearable color and it is the one that I reach for most, flatters my light/medium skin tone beautifully!

2. MAC Sweet & Sour - A Cremesheen finish, so it is a more pigmented and thicker formula than the Lustre finish.  The color is similar to Razzledazzler but much lighter, and white based.  Could be worn as a pretty nude with orangey pink notes.  I wear it with a darker lip liner as it is slightly too light for my skin tone, but this color looked beautiful on my sister who has a lighter skin tone (so she kept this one!).  

Miranda's Notes: If you still haven't found that perfect lipstick for the smokey eye look, MAC Sweet and Sour should be the winning pick.  I absolutely love this shade and feel very glam when wearing it. 

3. MAC Tangerine Dream - A Lustre finish, less pigmented than Razzledazzler but still very moisturizing and lightweight formula.  The color is definitely unique, as it is a yellow based orange; the color can be layered an intensified.  I was most excited for this color as it is very unique and it does look great on a medium yellow based skin tone, but I find it difficult to wear due to its yellow tint.
L MAC Razzledazzler, MAC Sweet & Sour, MAC Tangerine Dream R

Readers' Recommendations:  Were you able to try anything from this collection and what are your thoughts on it?  What's your favorite lipstick from the MAC All About Orange line?


  1. these look amazing!

    if i thought i would actually wear them i would have totally hunted them down haha. but the colors compliment your skin tone beautifully :)

  2. these look amazing, especially sweet and sour, I hope they bring it back some time :') xx

  3. These are all so pretty, I think I like Razzledazzler the best but it's a hard choice! x

  4. The orange color is actually very flattering! I sill need to get this collection, orange tones, I think are gorgeous. Sof ar based on swatches I am loving Sweet & Sour

    Thanks for sharing

    xo, Janelle @ GlamorousMama

  5. All of them are so pretty

  6. Whoa, tangerine looks SO much better on the lips than swatched. Glad you showed the difference!

  7. I love coral lipstick they are by far my go to colour and these shades are so nice! I especially like the tangerine dream!

  8. Sweet & Sour looks amazing! I need it in my life! xx

  9. Gorgeous blog, and lovely post! Really like the look of razzledazzler! xx

  10. I really wanted Sweet & Sour, so gorgeous x

  11. I'm in love with Sweet & Sour, but I guess that's the most normal of the 3, haha. Tangerine Dream is kind of tempting tho...

  12. Razzledazzler and Sweet and Sour are gorgeous! Thanks for this post, great swatches and views of the products :)

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed them :)


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