Top 7 Best Drugstore Blushes for Summer

Best Drugstore Blushes - Top 7 Blushes for an Affordable Price

Milani Blush, NYX Blush, Maybelline Blush, Wet n Wild Blush, ELF Blush, Physicians Formula Blush, Joe Fresh Blush 

My favorite beauty item for summer is a colorful and shimmery blush. I may skip mascara when humidity is at an all time high, I may forget to apply a lipstick, or I may not even fully use concealer - but I always remember to apply blush.  The correct blush color brightens the face, creates a flushed look, and adds to the simple and natural look for summer.  My criteria for picking a summer blush is a product that is colorful and sunny - think a pastel pink, a matte coral, or a shimmery peach.  Keeping in mind the dreaded heat (if you’ve ever lived in DC or NYC, you know what to expect!), I also opt for products that are pigmented, do not smudge easily, and are long lasting.

For this post, I picked the top seven best drugstore blushes for summer - I’ve tried several brands but these are my absolute favorite and come at an even better price.

Best Blushes for Summer - Physicians Formula, Maybelline, Wet n Wild 

Best Drugstore Blushes: 
1. Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow Blush $13.95 
2. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush $6.45 (we recommend Rose Petal) 
3. Wet n Wild Color Icon Blusher $3.99 

Sometimes, it can be difficult to pick a blush color that works for your skin tone - there are many options available but be sure to first research the brand and look for swatches.  Keep in mind that the blush color in the pan may not be as bright and the sheerness can vary.  You should also decide ahead of time whether you are looking for a shimmer finish, glow, matte finish, or a powder or cream blush. Keep in mind that drugstores often allow returns even if an item has been swatched so you have the chance to purchase and try various products (just check with the retailer). Above all, pick a blush color that compliments your skin tone and makes you feel lovely in the summer sunshine!

Best Blushes for Summer - NYX, ELF, Milani, Joe Fresh

Best Drugstore Blushes: 
4. NYX Powder Blush $5.50 
5. Milani Baked Blush $7.99 
6. Elf Studio Baked Blush $3.00 (we recommend Peachy Cheeky) 
7. Joe Fresh Cream Blush $8.00 (we recommend Melon) 

Stay Pretty, Miranda M.


  • Martha Woods

    Great picks, and I love that most of these are cruelty-free! I might have to finally cave and try that PF blush, if nothing else the packaging is so cute. :)

  • Anonymous

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  • Vicki

    Loving your picks! We must have similar taste as I picked a few of the same. I really want to try some Milani Baked Blushes and the Wet n Wild one looks very pretty

  • Gaby Fauchon

    I love Milani Baked Blushes, awesome for the price!

  • Chantel

    Great choices!

  • Shang J.

    Oh the NYX Powder Blushes are really awesome. I just did a mini review on ‘Peach’ on my blog. x

    Shang J.| The Feminine Crusade

  • Kate

    Totally agree with you on the blusher front, blusher makes you pretty :) also how gorgeous is the physicians formula one??? So wish this was available in the UK.