Stila Countless Color Pigments - “Acoustic” Swatches, Makeup Look and Review

Stila’s Countless Color Pigment in “Acoustic” gives you a variety of color range between golds, reds and browns

Mackenzie’s Notes:
I was visiting my sister in DC a few weeks ago, and lo and behold, it was also Sephora’s 15% sale during Chic Week, so you know we stopped by and treated ourselves to some goodies.  My sister decided on a beautiful lilac Illamasqua blush, and I decided to try out a new release from Stila, as I am a big fan of their Stila Convertible Colors and wanted to try more products from the brand.  I purchased the Stila Countless Color pigment in the shade Acoustic (0.1 oz) from their Festival of Colors Summer 2013 collection for $22.  There are ten shades in total, including vibrant corals, pinks, greens and blues.  As I am a bit color shy I decided to go with Stila Countless Color Acoustic because of its two neutral colors but I was excited to try the coral red shade since I’ve seen several coral inspired makeup looks on the runway.  Stila’s Acoustic includes three distinct colors: a golden warm vanilla shade (satin finish), a red orangey shade (matte finish), and a warm, plumy toned medium brown (the most pigmented shade, satin finish).

Stila Countless Color Pigments shadows are pressed and baked pigments, swirled together to achieve a variety of custom colors for many uses.  You can use each color individually as eyeshadow, mix two or swirl all three for custom colors in your daily makeup routine.  I enjoy mixing the red and golden shade to achieve a beautiful red toned blush and creating an ombre eyeshadow makeup look with the individual colors.  Stila recommends you apply the pigments with your finger or a sponge tip applicator,  and doesn’t recommend wetting the pigments.  If the shadows get mixed together, swirl a fluffy brush over them and this will restore the colors back to their original intact state.

I will include my opinions on this product and an eyeshadow look I created using Stila’s Countless Color Pigment in Acoustic.  I definitely had fun with this product and despite its cons, I will continue using it and enjoying it.

The Stila Pigments colors are divided relatively equally, but I recommend you check each compact’s colors as they are all originals
The colors you can achieve using this Stila Acoustic compact (wearing Gel Polish IBD in Juliet)
Pros:  I enjoy the colors in the Stila Countless Color Pigments collection, as they are very fun and cool, and I especially enjoy the fact that I have three coordinating shades in one compact place.  This Countless Color collection contains a variety of colors, including several neutrals and more colorful colors.  The packaging is simple and easy to carry and I enjoy the idea of mixing the shades to achieve various colors.  I also enjoyed having the chance to use the pigments as eye shadows and also blush (or bronzer if I’m feeling bold).  I’m glad Stila included a variety of finishes in each compact to keep the looks dimensional.  This specific color combination is lovely, as it is understated enough to wear to work and during the day but with a subtle kick of sexy that people will notice.
Cons: Unfortunately, I expected the Stila Countless Color Pigments to be very pigmented or pigmented enough to show up well, but I was disappointed in their saturation.  I am afraid this will not be up to par for many of you lovely ladies (especially for this high price), as you might have other dupes to substitute for these colors.  The packaging is small, so each color is relatively small and hard to access in its pure state, especially in the recommended ways.  I wish I could use a brush to pick up the colors and wet them for extra pigmentation and efficiency, and it is a bit annoying and cumbersome since I can’t do that.
Grade: 3/5
A pretty simple look I wore to work and received many compliments on it!
Stila swatches on eye primer: (L) All shades mixed, Gold shadow, Gold mixed with Red, Red, Red mixed with Brown, Brown, Brown mixed with Gold
After mixing the shadows, you can swirl a brush to return the pigments back to their original state (This wastes a bit of product but I rarely have to do this)
Reader’s Recommendations: Have you tried this product, and how do you use it? Do you recommend any colors that I should try?
Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M.


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    This looks stunning!! Your eyes look fantastic :)
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    Gorgeous colour, very unique!

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    Gorgeous and your eyes look amazing!

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    That is awfully pretty…I want :)

  • Krystal Caracol

    Oh this is so interesting, I think I need at least one in my life! :)

    • Miranda M.

      haha you should try some - there were some beautiful emerald and royal blue colors would love to see some looks with those!

  • Chantel

    Beautiful makeup look!

    • Miranda M.

      Thank you Chantel!! Just a quick note, we love when you comment :)

  • Rin [FrostyMint]

    I’m even more colour shy. It looks quite pigmented to me in the photos.

    • Miranda M.

      I’ve used a primer to show the swatches but I’m more used to the pigmentation in Urban Decay hehe. I know, we have to be more courageous with color!

  • Arielle

    That is so pretty in the pan. I also like the eye look you created!

    • Miranda M.

      Thank you! Stila had truly creative packaging and presentation with this one

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    It looks so pretty in the pan! Love the eye look you made with it :) xx

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    That’s so cool that there are so many different colors you can get from it!

  • Bailey- I Know All the Words

    I would have thought the red would be ‘too red’ but the brown tones really balance it out nicely. Looks great on you!

    • Mackenzie M.

      The red is pretty great, such an elegant yet flirty accent color; and thank you!

  • Coco

    It looks gorgeous on the pan and on your eyes! So tempting x

    • Mackenzie M.

      Thank you! I’ve been enjoying it :) I say go swatch them and see if you could incorporate them in your daily make up look, they are quite fun!