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Ipsy Monthly Subscription Glam Bag - May 2013 "Spring Fling"

Ipsy Glam Bag Review - Ipsy May Review 
"Spring Fling" Ipsy May bag - cute chevron make up bag in orange, blue and teal. Card includes company information and corresponding deals on back
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Mackenzie's Notes:

For my birthday this year my boyfriend surprised me with a lovely three month subscription to Ipsy, a monthly beauty bag subscription which curates 5 deluxe and full sized beauty products (ranging from skin care, perfume, makeup, etc) to give beauty enthusiasts the opportunity to discover and try out new companies and products.  Ipsy, formerly known as MyGlam, was founded by Michelle Phan and other YouTube beauty gurus; after having a rocky start as MyGlam, Ipsy seems to have become a great subscription service with great products, an amazing value and wonderful customer service.

I have enjoyed having this service and chose to continue being subscribed to them as I have been a very happy customer!  I wanted to share with you the most recent bag in May 2013, "Spring Fling", since I was so happy with it and have officially become an Ipsy fan.  I will include mini reviews of the products and the prices for each.

You can subscribe to Ipsy monthly for $10 (excluding tax depending on your state), yearly or gift three months; your bag will be delivered to your front step free of charge.  It is easy to sign up and an introductory beauty quiz will decide what products you receive in your future bags.  You can visit the Ipsy website to learn more and click on our referral link here to sign up if you wish (when two people sign up we will get a bonus item in our next bag).  Hope this helped and I highly recommend this subscription service!

Ipsy May 2013 "Spring Fling" TOTAL - $51.49

All products included in the May 2013 Spring Fling bag (pretty bow excluded!) Pacifica Roll on perfume, Mirabella Sheer Colour Lipstick, NuMe Hair Serum, Yaby Concealer, Zoya Neely polish
Zoya polish - Neely Swatch - two coats applied, no topcoat
Zoya "Neely" - $8 (0.5 oz, full size) - Zoya Neely Swatch

I have never tried a Zoya polish, and I was so excited when this full size polish in "Neely" was included in my bag.  Zoya Neely is an antique mint color (leaning more green with hints of blue) from their Lovely Spring 2013 collectionFormula was opaque in two coats, had great shine, good consistency, but I thought the brush was a bit on the narrow side, making application a bit difficult.  All in all, love this Zoya polish for summer!

Mirabella Colour Sheer in "Daydream" - applied 3-4 coats for this opacity
Mirabella Colour Sheer "Daydream" - $22 (0.11 oz, full size)

The Mirabella Colour Sheer lipstick in "Daydream" is a lip product with a sheer, moisturizing formula based on mango butter which retails for $22 on  The color is truly sheer, and is a cool pink tone with some slight shimmer.  I enjoy the formula and sturdy packaging, but the color is a bit too cool toned and frosty for my skin tone.  Also for the price, I wish the lipstick had more pigmentation.

Yaby concealer in "Honey" - swatch on left, blended out on right
Yaby Concealer "Honey" - $4.85 (3.50 g, full size)

The Yaby concealer in Honey was the third item included.  As you can tell it is yellow based and too dark for my skin tone for a concealer.  I though the color would cancel out the blue in my under eye circles but it was just too dark even for that.  The formula seems quite pigmented (medium to full coverage) and is a matte finish and feels silky to the touch.

Pacifica perfume "Island Vanilla" - size of the perfume and roller ball, very user friendly and convenient
Pacifica Perfume "Island Vanilla" - $12 (.33 oz, full size)

This Pacifica roll on perfume has notes of vanilla, honey-jasmine, and a touch of fruitiness against a base of tea.  I usually can't wear perfume as it is too overpowering, but I love this scent!  The roll on allows you to control how much to wear and where to apply it.  Also it's a great size for traveling or  to throw in your purse, and 100% vegan.

NuMe Finishing Serum for 'polishing' hair
NuMe Finishing Serum - $4.79 (.33 oz, sample size)

This is a very generous sample size of a hair serum which is meant to condition and add shine to hair.  Packaging is nice as it comes with a dropper to apply to hands and then apply to hair.  Silky to the touch jelly consistency, but I need to use it more to test its abilities!

Reader's Recommendations: Have any of you tried this Ipsy subscription service, and how has your experience been so far?  Are you subscribed to any other service that you love? Let me know in the comments!


  1. You know ... the concealer that I got looks like it could suit you and vice versa. That's crazy that yours is much much too dark. I wonder if they do take into account our selection of skin tone.

    1.'s a shame because it seems like a nice formula! And I don't know..maybe they clump us in very large categories but who knows lol I'm excited for next month and I hope we both get awesome stuff again

  2. I almost subscribed to Ipsy, but decided to go for Beauty Box Five instead. I have to say though, this month's box seems really awesome!

    1. Oo I've heard some good things about that one too! Curious to see what you get ;)

  3. i love Ipsy! been subscribed with them since Oct2012 and they haven't disappointed me. There's always a full size sample in every bag and the bags would always be worth more than $10!

    1. That's so true! I think the bags are quite diverse so I've been happy every time too :) it's just such a nice little surprise every month!

  4. I'm so jealous of you're bag! I feel like all around on all the bags I've seen so far the concealer hasn't matched anyones skin tone. Mine was wayyyyy to dark for my skin tone.

  5. The Zoya nail polish looks gorgeous :-)


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