Revlon Lip Butter Limited Edition - Revlon Juicy Papaya Swatch and Review

Revlon Lip Butter Juicy Papaya Swatch, Revlon Lip Butter Sweet Tart Swatch, Revlon Lip Butter Creamsicle Swatch, Revlon Lip Butter Cupcake Swatch

Revlon Lip Butter Swatches and Reviews: Cupcake, Juicy Papaya, Sweet Tart, Creamsicle (left to right)

What can be said about Revlon Lip Butters that hasn’t already been said? Well, I’m adding to the “lip butter dialogue” by reviewing and swatching my Revlon lip butter collection.  I ended up buying several of these products since they were first introduced by Revlon, but these four colors are my favorite lip butters (“buttahhas” if you fancy a more colloquial aka hilarious pronunciation).  I was also excited to try the Revlon Limited Edition Juicy Papaya lip butter from the Pacific Coast Collection by Gucci Westman.  This Limited Edition collection, which includes nail polish and blush sticks, is available at CVS, Ulta, and Target (yep, you can also read this as “Tarjhett”).

Revlon has had some wonderful lip products recently, see my extensive collection here, and these new Limited Edition butters do not disappoint.  Given the unique formula and wide range of options, my top Revlon lip butter picks include bright and happy colors - Revlon Cupcake is a sweetheart pink perfect for everyday, Revlon Sweet Tart is a bright pinkish red best suited for a weekend date night, Revlon Creamsicle is the ideal nude lip with a touch of glossiness, and Revlon Juicy Papaya is an orange-toned coral that adds just a touch of “spring.”

These Revlon colors work for fair skin and are perfect for every day wear (plus your lips get moisturized)

Miranda’s Notes: 

Pros: Revlon Limited Edition Juicy Papaya lip butter is a coral color with orange undertones - depending on your natural lip color, Juicy Papaya can also be bright orange or a warm pink (in the swatches below, I am wearing a bit of concealer in order to show the true color of the lip butter).  Based on research and several blog posts, I can confirm that the Limited Edition lip butter formula appears to be different from the permanent line - Revlon Juicy Papaya is sheerer and less sticky and glossy.  I actually find the new formula better and more forgiving on the lips as it doesn’t settle in fine lines and it doesn’t leave streaks.  Juicy Papaya is similar to other coral colors from the main line, but because of the ability to build up the color, Juicy Papaya is more unique and can be used for different looks.  From the lovely packaging to the beautiful color and moisturizing formula, Juicy Papaya is a “must have” Revlon lip butter.

Cons: Revlon Juicy Papaya differs in texture from other lip butters and it is much more sheer - it takes approximately three applications to build up to tube color. Because of this, Juicy Papaya tends to wear off quicker and does not last more than an hour.  Longevity isn’t that much of an issue for me because I can just re-apply, this lip butter color is that pretty!

Grade: 4.5/5

Lip butters (also known as buttahhas hehe) are glossy and have a lip gloss finish 
Revlon Juicy Papaya swatch and Revlon Sweet Tart swatch

Revlon lip butter swatches - Cupcake (a lovely birthday gift from my sister, she knows I love pink!), Juicy Papaya, Sweet Tart, and Creamsicle

Stay Pretty, Miranda M. 

  • sodaba2055

    did you use a lip concealer before applying these ? I have the juicy papaya and it doesnt look like the way yours does :( I guess i have super pigmented lips.

  • Susan T.

    Love Sweet Tart!

  • zabe

    Hi! Just found your blog - love it! I picked up the Revlon Juicy Papaya at Target yesterday - it’s beautiful - but I didn’t buy the other three in the new Spring Pacific Coast Lip Butter Collection: Wild Watermelon, Sorbet and Pink Lemonade - love to see a review of them as well!

  • zabe

    Hi! Just found your blog - love it! Great review but I noticed that Revlon lists their New Spring Colorburst Lip Butter Pacific Coast Collection as: Juicy Papaya, Pink Lemonade, Sorbet, Wild Watermelon. Can you do a review of the other three - please :)

  • Kate

    I love the look of your blog! Thanks for the review on the lip butter. I think the Juicy Papaya looked great. I want to try it out for summer.

  • Keia Lee

    I never know what brand or type of lipstick to buy. This post is very helpful!
    Thanks :)
    Keia Lee from

  • Eseosa ‘X

    Your blog is gorgeous

  • Aimee P

    I really want to get them all! I keep reading about them and falling more in love. :)
    xoxo Aimee

  • Lisa

    Love these butters. I’ve a couple myself, and am nearly always tempted to buy more.

    The Sweet Tart looks fantabuloso on you, my dear! Great review.

  • NicNacks Nails

    This post makes me want to go ut and buy all colors right now!
    Nice swatches!

  • Chantel

    Gorgeous colors! I want them all lol…

  • Betzy’s Makeup

    Great shades

  • nathalie, red head.

    Ohh *-* really nice packaging and colors!

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  • lie-ying

    Thanks for the the review! I love juicy papaya

  • b-look

    Amazing colors!!! Love them! :)

  • Hannah Louisa

    Juicy Papaya is so pretty! It looks great on you :)
    I didn’t find that my lip butter lasted that long either but I liked it so much I didn’t mind reapplying it regularly haha xxz