Own Refining Moisture Night Cream - Own Renewing Anti Aging Review

April 13, 2021

Own Anti Aging Night Cream - Review

FTC Disclosure: product sent for consideration, opinions are all our own.  
Own Skin Health - Refining Moisture Nigh Cream available at Ulta #OWNAtUlta
Miranda's Notes: 

As you'll probably see from my previous post history, I love discovering and experimenting with new skincare products - everything from scrubs, exfoliators, lotions, serums, creams, and treatment lotions.    After reviewing the Own Anti Aging eye cream, and absolutely loving it, I was looking forward to testing the Own Renewing and Refining Night Cream.  Just as our bodies rest and recharge while sleeping, our skin is best treated and renewed at night.  I may skimp out on beauty routines throughout the day, but I always remember to focus on skin care at night.
Own products contain anti aging natural benefits and are cruelty-free
Pros: As I mentioned in my previous Own review, which you can read here, the Own line has a great mission statement to combat anti aging and care for skin with natural products and no bad chemicals. Own has several affordable skin health products that can fit different needs (and is accessible by being currently sold at Ulta).  The Own Renewing Cream is a refining moisture night cream that hydrates, enhances collagen levels, improves moisture retention, and boosts metabolism for softer and  smoother skin.  I definitely noticed softer skin and a brighter complexion - the Own night cream absorbs easily but there is a gel-like texture after applying.  I wasn't bothered by this but some may find it a bit oily - I've been using Own several nights in a row and no spots appeared.  The Own Renewing cream feels rich, luxurious, and is a great skin "treat" in the evening.  As a bonus, products from Own contain no fragrance, no parabens, and no sulfates.

Cons: Because this is an anti-aging treatment, the ingredients work to tighten skin - as with the Own Eye Cream, there was a tingling feeling and I could feel the Own Refining Cream working.  If you have sensitive skin, this effect may be irritating so I recommend testing the cream first.  I found the packaging simple and beautiful, but the jar application may not be sanitary.  Overall, I enjoyed the benefits of the Own Renewing Cream and look forward to the continued use results - I will update this post and the eye cream review in the next few days.

Grade: 4/5
The cream contains CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) technology, a plant-based ingredient 
The Own cream is soft and moisturizing  with a gel-like texture once applied (as a quick note, that awesome dark rich nail color is Essie Luxedo)
Ingredients and results with 8 weeks use

FTC Disclosure: product sent for consideration, opinions are all our own.  


  1. Night creams are an essential part of my skincare. This looks like a quality product worth trying.

    PrettyGloss - beauty, makeup & a lil life

  2. I might have to order this one, it looks very promising--and I love that it's free of harsh chemicals!! Your nail color is awesome, btw!

  3. Absolutely fabulous product!

  4. I feel like the Olive Night Creme from Made from Earth is noticably changing my skin.