Pastel Nail Polish and Pastel Nails - Spring Nails Trends

Pastel Nail Polish and Pastel Nails - Spring Pastel Nails

Nothing says spring like pastel nails and pastel nail art.  Reading some of your lovely comments on our giveaway, which you can still enter here, I noticed most of you mentioning incorporating pastels in your beauty routine. I’m actually obsessed with pastels and was looking forward to these posts - that’s right, I have two posts of my favorite pastel nail polish collections from this season.  My sister wasn’t too keen on having two posts broken up in Part 1 and Part 2 but pastels need lots of love hehe (I also have a pretty pastels Pinterest board which you can follow here).  I am hoping these posts will guide you in the search for that perfect pastel color!
While colors may be similar, not all pastels are created equal (in a good way)! Some colors have shimmer, others are creme based, some have speckled finish, and others include different shades suited for different skin tones. I’ve swatched and tried polishes from all of these collections (except Models Own) but be sure to research close-up swatches and reviews.   Ready for pastel nail polish extravaganza? Let’s get started!
Zoya Lovely Collection 2013 (Photo Credit: Zoya Facebook Official)

Zoya Lovely 2013 Collection contains six different colors, three of which have shimmer and an almost frosty finish.  The yellow color, Jacqueline  is mostly white based so if yellow is not your favorite, this polish looks neutral and natural.  The texture of the shimmers is a bit runny, but after three coats, the colors become opaque. If you want pastels with a bit of bling, this should be your pick!

Shimmery finish pastels (Photo Credit: Zoya Facebook Official)
Butter London Sweetie Shop Pastel Collection (Photo Credit: Butter London Facebook Official)
Butter London has a great reputation for quality polishes with long wear.  When I tried the Butter London Sweetie Shop Bespoke Collection, the colors were absolutely beautiful, rich, and bright.  My favorite was Fiver which is an icy mint green color with blue undertones. The collection also includes a nude pastel color, so if you need some color-detox, be sure to grab Cuppa. The polishes have a creme finish so three coats are needed to even out the colors (as a note, these lasted the longest on my nails and the wear is incredible).
Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection (Photo Credit: Models Own Facebook Official)
Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection features five pastel colors with a twist - the polish is scented according to a fruit.  This brand is difficult to find in the United States but having read reviews of the collection, I am intrigued and wish I could swatch the polishes. The colors are strawberry pink, apple green, banana yellow, blueberry blue, and grape lilac with equally adorable names - Strawberry Tart, Banana Split, Apple Pie, Blueberry Muffin, and Grape Juice.  In a neat and different twist, the bottle caps have a Scratch n Sniff sticker where you could smell the different scents. Nothing says spring like fresh fruits and bright colors!
Julep Smoky Pastels for Sephora (Photo Credit: Sephora)
If you’re looking for more understated pastel colors, the Sephora Julep Smoky Pastels are the best pick.  This collection includes a pearly pink, Mimi, and a light periwinkle, Rebecca.  Having swatched these, I can confirm that the formula is not that opaque and you probably need more than three coats to achieve the smoky pastel look - however, the end effect is a lovely muted pastel palette that is most definitely work-place worthy.
Estee Lauder Heavy Petals Paris Pastels (Photo Credit: Estee Lauder)
The Estee Lauder Heavy Petals 2013 Collection features five jewel tones that somehow translate as pastel colors.  Unlike other white-based pastel nail polishes, these Estee Lauder colors are bright and unique.  The pistachio green polish, Absinthe, also has yellow undertones and is a different shade from anything I own.  The formula is a bit thick and streaky, but a top coat sets everything into place.  The Heavy Petals collection is inspired by Paris during spring time and Paris blooms, so be sure to grab these if you’re looking for whimsical shades that make a statement.
Reader Recommendations:  The upcoming post, Pastel Nail Polish Part 2, will focus on drugstore pastel nail polish collections. Do you have a favorite pastel color that you always reach for?
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