Valentine’s Day Manicure and Nail Art

Valentine’s Day Manicure, Valentine’s Day Nail Art - Polka Dot Nail Art, Lace Nail Art, Cheetah Nail Art, Heart Nail Art
Valentine’s Day flirty nails
Kept some elements similar but mixed some up slightly for a funner effect

 Mackenzie’s Notes:

This was the design that Sephora (@Sephora) chose to feature on their social media sites (check it out on Instagram) out of all the entries for their Valentine’s Day inspired manicures at #SephoraVday.  I was beyond excited and especially giddy when I saw all the lovely comments! Since many of you liked it and because several people asked at work, I thought I would share with you a tutorial on how to achieve this flirty and easy manicure. It took me about 30 minutes, a steady hand and a small budget.   Thank you again Sephora and our lovely followers and supporters for your likes and sweet comments!

I have always been a fan of nail art and what better opportunity to embrace it and flaunt it than Valentine’s Day.  I think nail art is a really fun and enjoyable thing to do and wear; I wanted to show that fun and flirty aspect in this manicure by using girly colors, adorable prints and having mismatched yet cohesive designs for the nails. I will include a tutorial on how to achieve a polka dot nail art design, a lace nail art design, a cheetah nail art print and a heart nail art drawing.

For the Nail art I used Kiss’s Nail Art polish in White and Sinful Color’s nail art polish in Black.  I topped everything off with a coat of Seche Vite, and after 6 days, my nails are chip free and still look great. I wanted to use true pink colors, a lighter and darker shade.  Cool toned pinks look good against my warm skin tone but feel free to use more coraly pinks, reds, purples etc as long as you have two similar hues, with one being darker than the other. If you don’t want to mismatch the patterns, you could pick a pattern or two and arrange those together for another cute yet more toned down work appropriate look.

Regardless, have a blast, pretty nails are a girl’s best accessory!

Pink fur and pink nails - all you need is some chocolate
Tutorial on how to achieve the manicure:
 Polka Dots Nail Art Tutorial 
1. Paint your thumb and pinky (left hand), as well as your thumb, ring and index finger (right hand) with a bright pink. Paint your remaining nails with a light pink color.
2. Using Kiss Nail Art polish, begin dotting the nails painted in the darker polish. Keep your brush filled with polish, as this will ensure your polish to be wet and your dots to be even.  Remember to disperse the dots in a ‘fill in the blank’ manner - after painting one row, the second row should fall BETWEEN the dots above. Keep your hand steady by resting it on a surface and use a pivoting motion to go up and down while dotting the nails.

 Lace Nail Art Tutorial 

1. Using the Kiss Nail Art white polish, draw three diagonal lines at the top of both middle finger nails (make sure these aren’t too low on the nail as you don’t want your pattern to touch your cuticle once done; this should look like a lace overlay at the end). Cross the diagonal lines to form a grid.
2. Create three scallops and fill them in with a three pointed linear design. Use your brush to apply dots following the tops of the scallops in an even manner.
3. Draw two more scallops at the opposite corner of the nail. Fill them in with the three pointed linear design and finish off with dotting the outline of the scallops. This bottom pattern is the same as the top, minus the grid pattern.

Cheetah Nail Art Tutorial 

1.  Using a pink nail polish, dot polish randomly on your ring finger (left hand) and pinky (right hand).  Don’t make these too big, as more spots give the look of cheetah spots more effectively.
2. Using Sinful Color’s Nail art polish in black, surround the spots on two sides with a parenthesis and a dot at the bottom or top, as if bridging the parentheses. Disperse loose ‘wriggly’ dots between the larger spots you just painted.

Hearts Nail Art Tutorial 

1. Cut out a heart shape out of painter’s tape or scotch tape and place on your index fingers (heart tip painting towards your smile lines and away from your cuticles).
2. Cover with alternate polish colors (depending on your base color) and remove tape to reveal your heart drawing!
3. Apply one coat of Seche Vite to all your nails to blend the designs seamlessly to your base polish.

And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and Happy Valentines’ Day!

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