Spring Eye Makeup Looks and Runway Trends - Miranda’s Favorites

Spring is upon us and still so far away - it’s currently snowing in DC and my sister confirmed it’s raining in New York City so …yay for spring.  Because I have a ton of work to do for school (defense procurement regulations aren’t reading themselves!), naturally, I decided to look at New York Fashion Week and Spring Ready to Wear collections to get some beauty inspiration. I picked six spring eye makeup looks I truly liked and look forward to trying.  If you have a chance, definitely search for runway makeup photos because everything is absolutely creative - true, you may not wear the floating eyeliner a la Michael Kors, but a girl can get some ideas.

Also, let’s preface this by saying I have no fashion sense or fashion intuition (is that a thing?) whatsoever.  My closet is all black and white basics with some dresses thrown in - so I will refrain from saying how the look is influenced by the clothes or how the patterns match the texture of the *insert fashion-y word here*.

Beauty, I can talk, so below is my favorite eye makeup for spring as well as possible way of recreating these runway looks.  For spring makeup, I chose natural looks with nude lips and simple eye shadow or eyeliner that follows the eye shape.

Photo Credit: and New York Fashion Week  - both sources include more looks if you wish to see other designers
Favorite Spring Eye Makeup Looks:
1. Chloe Spring 2013 RTW - I love the use of a bolder copper eye shadow to emphasize eye shape and frame the face - perfect for those spring patio parties. 
2. Derek Lam New York Fashion Week - Spring 2013 RTW - We can’t always wear eyeliner, so a pastel eye shadow can enhance eye color without looking over the top. 
3. Valentino Spring 2013 RTW - I picked this look because in all the Valentino runway pictures - the models’ eyes were bright and I couldn’t figure out how that could be with so little makeup.  After a bit of research, I found that the makeup artist used translucent eye shadow and shimmery brow highlighting with a white under-eye liner. 
4. Altuzarra Spring 2013 RTW - I’d like to wear colorful eyeliner but have to keep in mind that bright blue and gold aren’t exactly school and office appropriate. Altuzarra runway models had a thick liner line (that almost looks like eye shadow) - the detail included shows that the liner is actually a deep purple, so I found a way of adding some color without looking like I’m headed to an 80’s party. 
5. Vera Wang Spring 2013 RTW - As all the other looks, a brown eye shadow applied softly can make all the difference - for spring makeup, less is more.  
6. Phillip Lim Spring 2013 RTW - Similar to the Valentino makeup look, Phillip Lim models had under eyes lined with a white pencil - but for some added pizzaz (this sounds like a fashion word right?) the makeup artist halfway lined with a dark pencil.  
For this spring, I look forward to a glowing, fresh face look that also emphasizes the eyes in a natural way (and I can totally do it, because it’s in style!). 
Stay Pretty, Miranda M.


  • Martha Woods

    Nice picks! I love your inspirations.

  • Elle Sees

    those are sooo pretty! so many inspirations :)
    PS: It’s GIVEAWAY WEEK on the blog :)

  • Limes Smiles

    It seems the trend is minimal makeup looks gorgeous though!


    • Miranda M.

      absolutely, it’s perfect transition to bright summer looks!

  • Chantel

    I can’t wait for spring! I love to wear bright makeup during spring.

    • Miranda M.

      tell me about it…it keeps being freezing here haha I know anything bright and sunny will be lovely

  • Melissa B

    Hmm, my favorites would have to be n.4 and 5. I love the use of just a little color in an everyday day look.

    • Miranda M.

      I agree a bit of color makes the day brighter hehe my sister actually said I picked too naturals of looks so it does depend on each person’s adventurous tendencies :)