Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Swatches and Review

Naked2 is a pretty large palette, but constructed very well. It has a metal outside and the cover snaps closed, very secure
Mackenzie’s Notes:

My sister surprised me this Christmas with Urban Decay’s Naked 2 eye shadow palette.  If you are not familiar with this palette, it is marketed as a sequel to their Naked 1 palette.  The first palette Urban Decay released had more warm shades (golden) while the Naked 2 consists of more cooler toned colors; but they each include complimentary colors and are versatile palettes.  I’m glad my sister got me the Naked 2 because I have a warm skin tone, and golds and coppers can be too much for me.  There are 12 separate shadows (each 0.05 oz), a small Lip Junkie lip gloss in “Naked” and a double ended Shadow/Crease Brush. She purchased it for $50.00 from Macy’s and it’s also available in store and online at Sephora. I have read tons of reviews on it and people have raved about it - did it live up to all the hype?

I will include a product review, an explanation of all the shadows and a look that I came up with using this palette only!

Format of the shadows is great since my brushes fit well; I also enjoy the visible names of the shadows
Palette has a large mirror, and the hinge is sturdy, keeping the top open; you can easily lay it flat or close it if you wish
This is a synthetic brush and it’s pretty stiff, but still very comfortable. I love the fluffier end, great for blending!


Pros: I truly enjoy the colors in the Naked 2 palette and they are very easy to work with; whatever level you are, I think the way these colors were curated helps in achieving flawless looks every time.  Very buttery and pigmented formula from Urban Decay (except maybe Foxy, but that has its own purpose!). Wonderful bargain for the price, you get several medium tones, three/four highlights and four crease colors; usually, palettes only give you really dark or too light colors, without including the  medium range.  The packaging is sturdy, the mirror useful and it is easy to keep the case clean. The brush included was useful too!
Cons: I wish they included an eye primer instead of the lip gloss, as it would have suited the idea of an eye palette better; many people can buy a lip gloss easily, while an eye primer is something more difficult to purchase and find. While it is a great bargain, I am still going to complain about the price, as $50 is still pricey! I am a matte finish lover, and I wish they would have included another matte crease color, something like a darker chocolate brown.
Grade: 5/5
Beautiful pigmentation and some versatile finishes. 3 Mattes, 2 Chunky Glittery shades, and the rest Metallic/Pearl
Urban Decay Naked 2 (first 6 colors)

1.  Foxy -Warm, off white, matte color. Light pigmentation, I usually mix it with “Bootycall” for a less intense highlight.
2.  Half Baked - Gold color, metallic finish. Great pigmentation, would be beautiful as a lid color or bold eyeliner.
3.  Bootycall - Pink/peach toned white color, pearl finish. Great pigmentation, my go to for inner corner highlight.
4.  Chopper - Penny color, metallic finish with chunky golden sparkles.
5.  Tease - Plummy brown matte color, medium/heavy color payoff. It’s my go to crease color.
6.  Snakebite - Dark bronze with a golden shimmer, metallic sheen.  Interesting color, great pigmentation.

I didn’t realize I included “Snakebite” twice and missed “Blackout”; sorry lovelies, but I hope you can imagine it

7.  Suspect - Champagne, taupish bronze color, metallic finish. Love it as a lid color!
8.  Pistol -  Warm bluish, grey color, metallic finish. Wonderful pigmentation, good  on the lid for when you want a silver smokey eye!
9.  Verve - Medium tone, silver color with some warm undertones. Great pigmentation, use it for a pop of brightness on your lid.
10.  YDK -  Medium/dark warm champagne metallic color with chunky rosey silver sparkle. I use this on my lid since it’s a lovely color for smokey yet natural looks.
11.  Busted - Dark, warm plum color, metallic finish.  Another crease color I use frequently! heavy pigmentation, great as eyeliner also for lighter skin tones.
12.  Blackout -  The most beautiful, heavy pigmented matte black. I use this as a crease color for dramatic looks or I wet the brush and use it as eyeliner.

The look I created today with my new Naked 2! Can’t wait to show you more looks in the future

Readers’ Recommendations:  Have you bought this palette and how did you like it? What do you think I should invest in next? I’m thinking of spicing things up with a more colorful selection. Also, send me your links with the looks you created using the Naked 2, would love to see all the possibilities!

Stay Pretty, Mackenzie M.

  • Kendal Weston

    I must be one of the only bloggers who hasn’t tried Naked 2, and the shades are gorgeous! Love your blog xx

  • Poppy Smith

    My Dad bought me this palette for christmas, what an absolute star! It’s brilliant isn’t it. I definitely prefer it to the Naked. Suspect and Chopper are the two shades I like the most :)
    Poppy @ lets drive far away x

  • Elle Sees

    i got this when it came out and i most reach for it in the winter months! but i love it.

    • Miranda M.

      that’s great! I don’t know how I waited so long haha

  • mintyessence

    I love this review and product although I don’t own one. I’m thinking of getting the Naked basics. Its seems good.
    (currently a giveaway running)


    • Miranda M.

      sounds good to me haha plus it’s a better price and soft on the wallet haha


    Love NAKED, and they are also cruelty free too!

    • Miranda M.

      oh true! UD makes some great products

  • Amy

    Fab swatches! I really need to use this more, I find myself reaching for Bootycall as a highlight shade every day but the rest just get ignored! I love YDK so I’m going to have a play about with it tomorrow I think :) xx

    • Miranda M.

      those are some of my favorite shades too!! so versatile :)

  • De Mons

    Heyyy 😉 nice review, very comprehensive! I don’t have this palette, but looks like it’s a very good product.

    • Miranda M.

      thank you!

  • Betzy’s Makeup

    I still need to add this to my collection

    • Miranda M.

      hope you do, it’s a great palette!

  • JoaneP @ The Convenient Beauty

    If Naked 2 came out before Naked 1, I’d grab it instead. I feel it’ll be redundant to own both. Lovely look you did today and great swatches!

    • Miranda M.

      I could see that, especially when they are so pricey, maybe you could swap with someone?

  • Ashley Elizabeth

    The Naked palettes have to be two of the top palettes ever. They both have such pretty tones! The look you created is absolutely beautiful! I look forward to seeing more looks you come up with while playing with this palette! …enjoy! :)

    - Ashley Elizabeth
    ( )

    • Miranda M.

      Thanks so much, I can’t wait to try more looks!

  • reiadm

    Another great post and I love the pictures and information! (Your nails look great also!) Thanks! Reia from

    • Miranda M.

      Thank you Reia!

  • swinnie

    How did you apply the eyeshadow to make it the way yours looks?

    • Mackenzie M.

      I think the trick was drawing a cat eye and smoking it out a little bit; to make it more natural and sexy :) I used a flat angled brush to draw it on (using Blackout, wet) and a blending brush to blend it out at the end.

      Hope that helps xo

  • lolakate

    ahhh the colours are just divine xx

    • Miranda M.

      they really are!

  • Tales of a pale face

    I love this palette - since i bought it a few months ago i haven’t stopped using it. It’s £36 in the uk which is pricey, but i really think that it’s worth it! x

    • Miranda M.

      agree! it’s worth the money if we use it everyday

  • Lauren

    I’m hoping to get the vice palette this year but naked is definitely making its way onto my wish list! Awesome review x

    • Miranda M.

      ohh vice has really pretty colors I may consider it too for going out

  • PrettyGloss

    I like the fact that there is variety in shades in this palette. Really worth purchasing.

    Thanks for the review.

    PrettyGloss - makeup, beauty & a lil gibberish

    • Miranda M.

      yup, it’s pricey but worth it! lots of options

  • Lacey

    Hey Mackenzie! What shadows did you use for this look? I want to recreate it :)

    • Mackenzie M.

      How lovely of course! 1) Foxy+ Bootycall inner eye corner 2) YDK all over the lid 3) Tease as crease and outer ‘V’ 4) Tiny hint of Busted in the outer V for depth and also used it to line my lower lash line to the middle. 5)A pop of Verve in the center of the eyelid to make the look a bit cooler 6) Used Blackout wet to draw a cat eye and line the bottom lash line slightly more. I blended the cat eye out just a tad to make it softer.

      Excited to see what you come up with! it truly is such a nice palette though right? Every night I google “naked 2 eye looks” haha seems so versatile xo

  • Stacey Kane

    I got both Naked and Naked2 for Christmas and I prefer the Naked 2 much more :) I agree about including an eye primer though, it would have been a lot better than the mini lipgloss. For a brighter palette I have my eye on the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box, or you could get the Vice palette but its a lot more expensive. Great review x

    • Mackenzie M.

      thanks! I looked that Vice palette up, looks beautiful! thanks for the tips :) It’d be nice to have a pop of color, the blues, plums I’ll swatch it next time i get the chance! thanks for stopping by xo!

  • Simera H

    This is such an amazing palette. I agree with you about including a primer it just makes more sense.

    • Mackenzie M.

      I know right?? haha I’ve heard a lot about their primer but idk about shelling all that money for it since Elf has the 1$ ones

      Thanks for commenting! :)