Maybelline Color Whisper Oh La Lilac Swatches Review

Maybelline Color Whisper - Oh La Lilac 90 Swatches
Maybelline Color Whisper - Oh La Lilac 90 Review

Color Whisper 90 Oh La Lilac Maybelline (there’s a ton of options in this line and lots of pretty colors)

I love collecting bright lipsticks and crazy colors, but for some reasons (well, the school and job reasons), I never have the courage or time to wear these bright colors.  I love tinted lip balms, slight stains, or anything that is a build-able, day-appropriate color. So when I saw Maybelline released the Color Whisper line, I was more than excited - I was even more excited when I bought Oh La Lilac and realized how beautiful it looked.

According to the site, these lipsticks are pure color pigments suspended in a weightless gel with no heavy waxes or oils.  And let me tell you…the product definitely doesn’t feel heavy or shiny or smearing-y or sticky or anything - just a pretty, no fuss color.  This review is for the Maybelline Oh La Lilac 90 color but I’ll be going back to purchase more - I found these Color Whispers at my local CVS but most colors were sold out.  Before I go on with the review, I’ll confess I’m obsessed with the looks from J.Crew and have always wondered how the models have that flushed, barely there lip color - well, I’m thinking Maybelline sneaked them these color whispers because these products achieve the J.Crew perfect-tinted lip look.

Photo Credit: J Crew Spring 2012 collection - J Crew lipsticks (don’t tell me these aren’t whispers )
Packaging is small and easy to carry - product cap matches the color

Miranda’s Notes:

Pros: The Color Whispers are the perfect balance between those extra heavy lip butters and light lip balms.  I’ll probably go as far as saying they remind me of the YSL Volupte Sheer Candy - the lipstick is soft, has a slight shine, the color payoff increases with application, and the product moisturizes.  All the colors work perfectly for pale skin and there is a wide range - plus, I can say I’m wearing lilac lipstick without actually feeling afraid of wearing it.  Color Whispers have no scent or taste so for those with sensitive needs, it’s another plus.  I adore the colors available, the way it feels, and the packaging so I highly recommend Maybelline Color Whispers - may I remind you all that Valentine’s day with all the pretty pinks and purples is coming up?

Cons: Because of its softness, the product lasts only about 2 hours, but application is easy and not even the short wear can out-do the pretty look created by these lipsticks.  As you can see from the pictures, the actual stick color is much softer on the lips, so if you consider buying, be sure to see swatches first as the product may show as lighter.

Grade: 5/5

Color Whispers are flattering on everyone as the color isn’t too bold to distract
Depending on light, Oh La Lilac shows a a cool pink or soft purple pastel
Maybelline Oh La Lilac Swatches - increased application intensifies color


  • Maria Veronica

    I’m crazy for the packaging, and the color on these are too cute! Can’t wait for them to be released in Singapore (fingers crossed they do soon!)


  • Corelay

    pinky! I love it!

    Corelay xoxo

  • Emma Leeds

    These are so pretty!!! Jealous of you US gals!

  • reiadm

    I love the color! Thanks for the review. As always - another great post! Reia from

  • Beauty Bird

    This looks and sounds lovely! They’re not in the UK yet but hopefully will be soon!xx

  • NIKA

    Oh that looks great:) Hope to see this stick in UK and other near european countries soon:) Bye, NIKA

  • PrettyGloss

    A little too light for me skin tone but this sure is a pretty color.
    I so want to get a few lipsticks from this range and do a post.

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  • K.

    Such a pretty color! I really want to try these, I’m personally a big fan of softer lipsticks! xoxo

  • Glitter Me Pink

    These look really good and I love that colour!! xx

  • Chantel

    Pretty lip color, looks great on you!

  • OPI Addict

    This looks beautiful on your lips!

  • Coco

    That’s gorgeous! I need it xx

  • Annick

    Gorgeous! Lilac really suits your skintone! I’ll definitely have to check those out when they arrive in Canada!

  • Katy

    Such a gorgeous colour!! x

  • ♥ Sara || Pretty In Pink || Beauty || Fashion || Music || UK ♥

    I’ve never seen these before!

  • Brittney D

    This is so pretty! I have to go get this:)

  • swinnie

    This would definitely not work with my skin colour haha but such lovely packaging!

  • Lauren

    This looks lovely! Such a pretty spring colour and I love the packaging. x

    • Miranda M.

      I agree, can’t wait for spring when I wear this

  • Simera H

    This is such a pretty color. I think I need to pick it up now. lol

    • Miranda M.

      haha that’s what I thought when I got home and tried it..I need more!